Miley Cyrus Covers The Smiths: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Photo by: Sayre Berman
Behind the wagging tongue and bouncy blonde hair is the unfathomable sadness of a soul desperate for love.

Miley Cyrus and Morrissey are basically the same person. One is a lyrical genius shrouded in sexual mystery who speaks on behalf of intellectualism, animal rights, and sordid youths, defying borders and generations. The other is famous for a butt that resembles uncooked turkeys, being naked, and sticking her tongue out.

When Morrissey was 23, he was "celibate." When Miley puts on a Michael Jordan jersey, she's rumored to have sex with Mike Will Made It. They both have signature hair styles. They both have rabid fan bases. They both love to annoy the opposition.

The likeness is striking. And now they both given it their all on stage, singing "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out."

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Justin Bieber's Miami Beach Arrest Report and Mug Shot: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Miami-Dade Corrections

"Why the fuck are you doing this?"

That's what Justin Bieber whined when a Miami Beach Police Department officer halted the 19-year-old pop star and his homies' impromptu, early-morning street-racing escapades along Pine Tree Drive.

According to the MBPD's arrest report, Bieber had "a flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and an odor of alcohol on his breath." He was arrested, failed a sobriety test, and given a Breathalyzer as well as a so-called "drug evaluation."

The Biebz's misdemeanor charges include resisting arrest without violence, DUI, driving with an expired Georgia driver's license, and being a douche.

Check the cut for the full report.

UPDATE Was Justin Bieber's drunkenness exaggerated by Miami Beach Police?Read the MBPD spokesperson's response.

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Drake and A$AP Rocky's Miami Vice Ripoff: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


When lil' rappers like Drizzy Drake go to sleep at night, of what do they dream?

A Miami Vice-slash-Scarface world in which they are outlaw heroes with a mansion, an armory stocked with illegal machine guns, a closet full of suits and t-shirts, and an ethnically ambiguous girlfriend who needs to be rescued.

Of course, Drake is rich and famous enough to buy his wildest fantasies now. So instead of music videos, he's making elaborately art directed, meta-awesome, seven-minute versions of his best (wet?) dreams, as based on '80s TV shows and movies.

Just check the cut for an extremely detailed breakdown of Drizzy and A$AP's Miami Vice ripoff.

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Miley Cyrus, America's Worst Twerker: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


America. We're on the brink of war, just moments from disaster, shaking up and down, side to side, hanging out the bottom of some nude-colored shorts.

No, we're not talking about Syria. We're talking about Cyrus -- Miley Cyrus. And while the President fumbles with words and foreign relations, the nation finds itself distracted by the greatest ratchet white-girl story that the world has ever known.

From delusions of grandeur to twerking, from nude swings to rap debuts, Miley Cyrus is the hottest mess Disney has ever produced.

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Flo Rida Makes Crappy Music With Lasers: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


"Have you ever dreamed of being a star?"

Who's asking? Flo Rida! He wants to make your dreams come true, and he's not going to do it with the exciting new BeamzByFlo, "the future of interactive music."

What is it? Probably the cheapest piece of plastic crap turned musical instrument since Guitar Hero, with about the same level of playability. It is four red laser beams stretched across two black plastic bars, and you play it like an asshole to hear shitty covers of pop hits.

It comes with a 30-day free trial and a heaping pile of regret. Let's watch the infomercial.

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Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber "Twerk": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Study this face, for pretty soon, we'll never see it again.

Poor Miley Cyrus. The former Disney princess finally has her moment in the spotlight, and turns out, she's a one-trick pony. We're starting to think she just shows up at parties and gets to doing the single awkward thing she can. Well, she's probably pretty good at bummin' lines, but we don't actually have any proof of that one.

Yet the last thing we need is more proof that this scrawny gringa thinks she's a ratchet dancer, but for the millionth time in two days, that's what she's given us. Oh, and hey, Justin Bieber is getting in on the action too.

Are you ready for the saddest example of black culture appropriation since Riff Raff? OK, let's dive in.

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Trina's "Ass Fat": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


Trina is Da Baddest Bitch. And that's the way it's been ever since her career first took off in the late '90s.

But it's a decade and a half later. And the 34 year old's got some stiff competition, what with all these bodacious youngins hitting the charts.

In an age when ass shots are plentiful and every stripper has a surgically enhanced donk bigger than the next, Miami's Diamond Princess had to hit the beat and remind these freaks who indeed has the "Ass Fat" to make a player throw his cash.

For serious, "you don't know nann ho," and we're going to break it down for you.

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The-Dream's Banned "Pussy" Porn Vid:
An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


R.I.P., feminism, for we bury it on this day.

The-Dream released a pornographic music video less than 24 hours ago. And almost immediately, it was pulled from YouTube for breaking the nudity rules. Thankfully, there's Vimeo for all our prurient needs.

The clip for single "Pussy," featuring Big Sean and Pusha T, shows some stripper touching herself, getting jizzed on by massage oil, and simulating sex with The-Dream's forthcoming CD. Let's check it out.

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Azealia Banks's "No Problems" Video, Shot at Ultra 2013: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

How weird was it to wake up this past weekend and not immediately jump on the Metrorail bound for Ultra Music Festival?

After two consecutive weeks of fist-pumping, (almost) naked raver bros, nipple pasties, and Molly, the earliest stages of rave withdrawal were starting to creep into our central nervous system.

But thank God for Azealia Banks, who just debuted the music video for her Angel Haze dis track, "No Problems." Aside from being a gnarly club banger, the video is also a look back at Ultra Music Festival, 'cause the whole thing was shot during Miami's biggest dance party.

Check out the extremely detailed breakdown after the cut.

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Cassidy Teaches to "Stroke 'Em Condom Style": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Boom! You're pregnant! Or worse!
Yo, listen up. Cassidy has a public service announcement, and it's mad serious and relevant to your lifes.

When you see a hot-ass mami and she's shakin' her jelly, you've got to get in it. But you can't be lovin' them guts raw, dawg. Like Snoop said: "Ain't no pussy good enough to get burned while I'm up in it."

Some of y'all be sleepin' in the goodie trap. Some of y'all think it's just a game. So Cassidy is reminding you that freakin' be serious business, and he's doing it "Condom Style."

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