Fashion Freakouts From Fourth of July 2014 on South Beach

Photo by George Martinez

Things sure aren't perfect here in the land of the free, but we're still happy to bravely drink our weight in alcohol and wear almost nothing on the Fourth of July ... Because isn't that the whole point?

Our founding fathers celebrated life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And so shall we.

Here are ten fashion freakouts from Fourth of July on South Beach.

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Fashion Freakouts at Urban Beach Week 2014

Photo by George Martinez

Maybe you spent the past three days hidden in your bedroom, sleeping and watching Cosmos for fear of the insanity that was South Beach during Memorial Day weekend's belovedly named Urban Beach Week.

Of course, if you missed out on all the fashionable highlights, all the protruding bubble butts, all the gold chains and bucket hats, but our trusty photographers hit the streets and captured it all.

Here are ten fashion freakouts at Urban Beach Week 2014 in Miami.

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Holy Ship!!! 2014's Ten Craziest Raver Costumes

Photo by Ian Witlen

Crazy costumes have always been a big part of the electronic music party scene. But these days, you're nobody unless you're pretending to be somebody you're really not.

Perhaps it's the sense of anonymity that comes with a disguise. Or maybe it's because every single one of you is an attention-starved child. Whatever the case, we commend your creativity, your ingenuity, and most importantly, your near-nudity.

Here are our favorite funky fashionistas from Holy Ship!!!

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Fashion Freakouts From Halloween in Miami

Photo by Jipsy
Check out Crossfade's full 45-photo slideshow from the Halloween Sundowner 2013 at Vizcaya.

Happy Halloween, Miami!

All of the city's horny black cats are prowling the streets and dressed to the 9 lives. Long before tonight, the 305 has been raging in costumes glorious enough to make the professionals jealous.

You guys really went all out this year. So we've compiled some of our favorite pre-All Hollows' Eve party outfits into one big festively creepy-sexy collection.

These are Crossfade's top ten Fashion Freakouts from Halloween in Miami so far. Keep 'em coming!

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Fashion Freakouts at Sensation: Ocean of White in Miami

Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 80-photo slideshow from Sensation: Ocean of White at American Airlines Arena.

How many different ways can you wear white?

It's not the most exciting color in the crayon box, but get tens of thousands of ravers together in the same brilliant monochrome, and you've got an experience that's anything but bland.

Sure, Sensation: Ocean of White's got a strict all-white dress code. But when working with a one-dimensional palette, texture and accessories are key. Fanciful animal costumes or themed outfits are a sure way to make the best dressed list.

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Miley Cyrus' Top Ten Fashion Freakouts


Love her, hate her, pretend to be indifferent, it doesn't matter. Nothing can stop the Miley Cyrus media train -- especially when she commits so wholeheartedly to stepping outside dressed like a dominatrix from the Arctic circle.

Cyrus is either America's next great fashion icon or just a drunk, post-teen wreck like we all were at 20. The difference is paparazzi didn't follow us around when we were half-naked drinking whiskey out of a bottle in public.

Here are Crossfade's top ten Miley Cyrus fashion freakouts, since that awesome day when she cut all her hair off and became a woman.

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Fashion Freakouts at Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 (NSFW)

Photo by: Nate "Igor" Smith

The annual Gathering of the Juggalos is about 30-percent music festival, 20-percent drug-running racket, and 40-percent community organization. But all that other shit aside, it's 100-percent titty central.

Like, there are basically a whole bunch of titties. You got big titties, small titties, saggy titties, pierced titties, painted titties, alert titties, some titties that are about to nod off on the drug bridge ... But we digress.

We've collected some of those titties for you here. But we also want to highlight some of the other major fashion moments at the Gathering. And spoiler alert: This is a beautiful freak show.

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Fashion Freakouts at Marilyn Manson in Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman

Oh my goth! A dark shroud hath descended upon the sun-drenched beaches of Miami, and it is quite horrifically wonderful.

The sexy witches and the androgynous masses flocked in droves to the Marilyn Manson concert, robed in their most sinister attire. Many a breast was plumped up, many a waist synched to near-deadly proportions. Hair came in all manner of unnatural hues, shoes doubled as weapons, and eye-liner was everywhere.

Of course, some people looked like they stepped out of our middle school closets, but indeed, what else do you wear to a spooky kid concert? Fashion Freak-Out, indeed.

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Ten Best American Flag Bikinis From Fourth of July 2013 on South Beach

Photo by Jipsy

Oh, America the beautiful.

After 237 years of freedom and fireworks, you still shine on, a beacon of hope for all the world to see. And we, your beautiful people, continue to raise our glasses and our flag-manicured fingers to the sky every Fourth of July.

Being a United States citizen comes with certain unalienable rights. Like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Oh, and the freedom to turn our nation's flag into something with which to cover your expensive, fake tits.

We all look down on burning a flag, and you shouldn't step on it. But wearing it as a bikini is strongly encouraged.

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Fashion Freakouts at Memorial Day Weekend 2013 in Miami

Photo by Jacob Katel

Oh, Urban Beach Week. You came and left so quickly. We're still coughing up your kush clouds, and they still taste like purple.

We can't get the image of your bubble-butt constricted by ill-fitting neon fishnets and your glorious bikini gut out of our minds. We only want to smoke our Swishers from your gold-ringed, yellow-nailed fingers. But alas, you have left us wanting.

Actually, we still have these great photos. Check the cut for Crossfade's top ten Fashion Freakouts at Memorial Day weekend 2013 in Miami.

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