Audio Junkie's Independence Bash 2014 Lineup and Set Times

Courtesy of Jellyfish Brothers
The Jellyfish Brothers wearing the face of America's spirit animal in honor of Independence Day.

Hark! What's up with that ear-shredding distortion and the scream of a thousand bald eagles?

It's America's birthday. And though sexy, expensive pool parties are a thing that could be done in Miami on this glorious Fourth of July ...

Well, we here at Crossfade would also suggest Audio Junkie's third annual Independence Bash, AKA three whole days of "fun and barbecue and good music" for free.

From the Jellyfish Brothers to Rat Bastard, Holly Hunt, 60 other bands, and a dozen vendors ... Just check the cut for the full lineup and set times.

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Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 in Miami This Weekend

Photo by Alex Markow
Celebrate the Fourth like these ladies.

Happy Birthday, 'Murica!

In honor of 238 years of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," we're gonna exercise our right to party and celebrate the Fourth of July with the ten best things to do under $10 this weekend, from Audio Junkie's three-day Independence Day Bash at Gramps to the Red, White, and You pool throw down at the Surfcomber.

Long live the Land of the Free!

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Miami's Fourth of July 2014: Ten Best Parties

Photo by George Martinez

Can you smell that, Miami? The freedom! That's America! That's the red, white, and blue! Fourth of July is just around the corner, and we have a patriotic responsibility to celebrate America's birthday the right way.

Let's face it, there are few cities in the U.S. that compare to the 305 when it comes to partying. But if you haven't already made Independence Day plans, don't worry -- we've got you covered.

From poolside ragers to megaclub throwdowns, here are Miami's ten best Fourth of July parties.

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Audio Junkie's Independence Bash: "Fun and Barbecue and Good Music"

Photo by Jesse Meadows/Courtesy of Audio Junkie

The Audio Junkie concept is simple: "a journal that captures a culture immersed and obsessed with audio."

But it's also complex enough to keep the project's masterminds, Greg and Eddy Alvarez, talking at the same time.

And when not finishing one another's statements, they tap into nearly identical sentiments, like twins.

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Ten Best American Flag Bikinis From Fourth of July 2013 on South Beach

Photo by Jipsy

Oh, America the beautiful.

After 237 years of freedom and fireworks, you still shine on, a beacon of hope for all the world to see. And we, your beautiful people, continue to raise our glasses and our flag-manicured fingers to the sky every Fourth of July.

Being a United States citizen comes with certain unalienable rights. Like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Oh, and the freedom to turn our nation's flag into something with which to cover your expensive, fake tits.

We all look down on burning a flag, and you shouldn't step on it. But wearing it as a bikini is strongly encouraged.

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Fourth of July 2013: Ten Best Music-Related Things To Do Under $10

Photo by Adolfo Ferro via
Welcome to America where you can smoke a cigar, look at Playboy, and go for a swim wearing a fur jacket all at the same time.

America just celebrated its 237th year of Independence! And since it's a holiday weekend, you just might be celebrating freedom from the restraints of your cubicle!

Even though you're at liberty to do whatever the hell it is you wanna do, we're pretty sure you wouldn't wanna blow all of your hard-earned cash on freedom bashes and booze.

Here are Crossfade's ten best music-related things to do under $10 this weekend.

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Brickell Independence Fest: Booze, Bikinis, and America's Birthday at Finnegan's River

Photo by Rolando Jimenez Photography via Finnegan's River Facebook page

The United States of America is about to turn 237 years old, triggering a wave of quirky traditions like the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition in Coney Island and inappropriate groping at backyard barbecues across the nation.

In a city as sexy as Miami, however, the celebration's a little different.

Just as the founding fathers dreamed, the Big Mango will observe the Fourth of July with a ton of booze, teeny bikinis, and heavy bass drops at the inaugural Brickell Independence Music and Arts Festival Pool Party at Finnegan's River this weekend.

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Fourth of July 2013: Five Best Rap Parties in Miami

French Montana is bringing his whole block with him to Miami.

Fourth of July celebrations are a great American tradition. But you know what else is? Rap music.

Hip-hop started in these streets. No other country can claim rights to the birth of history's greatest and most influential genre of music. And so what if it started in New York City, Miami has embraced rap with all her heart, and we've got some of the best Fourth of July rap parties to prove it.

If you're looking for a little bump and grind, some gangsta lean, some good sticky-icky, these are the Fourth of July hangouts for you.

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Fourth of July 2013: Six Best Parties on South Beach This Week

Happy Birthday, America!

Welcome to Miami. The land of the free and the home of nonstop partying.

And since it's Independence Day, SoBe will be exploding with world-class artists, constant twerking, and hard-core fist-pumping.

Check the cut for Crossfade's six best parties on South Beach this week.

God bless the USA!

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Fourth of July 2013: Four Best Yacht Parties in Miami

Photo by George Martinez

So you're gearing up for this Independence Day and you want to live it up as only a true Miamian can do. You better take this party from red and white to blue and hit the ocean, because there are some top-notch cruise parties, just perfect for the occasion.

Whether you're looking for something with family fun or maybe an afterhours adult-only vibe, we've got the details on all the maritime mayhem. And trust us, there's no better way to appreciate fireworks than a Biscayne Bay view.

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