Niko Javan Talks Trench EP and "Yoppin' My Own Path"

Photo by Natalie Reyes

Niko Javan be going through some changes.

"I'm letting out my inner James Blake, but I don't wanna act like I'm not a fucking clown," the Miami music producer and member of O'Grime says.

This "inner James Blake" is expressed beautifully on his new Trench EP, featuring vocals from The Loft and two distinctly different atmospheric tracks.

The multi-talented Javan also set the songs to a music video, which is essentially just a moving painting. But as he points out, "If you're high, I don't think it matters."

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Robb Bank$ Drops New Mixtape, T/H/A City: "People Aren't Going to Get It"


Everyone in this world is ruled by two emotions -- fear and love. They can keep you in check or drive you insane. But without them, you wouldn't even know you're alive.

Artists and musicians are no different, though it seems songwriters are more inclined to pen anthems in love's honor than dig into the dark and nasty shit, mostly because it sells better.

Of course, Robb Bank$ isn't too concerned with making people feel comfortable. For his new mixtape, T/H/A City, the rapper turned his attention to all that's menacing and horrible.

Last night, we here at Crossfade talked with Bank$ about love and fear and other shit at his private listening party for this latest tape.

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Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Given Miami "Cumbia Remix" by Afro Kumbe/Locos Por Juana

Miami's Afro Kumbé/Locos Por Juana has given Daft Punk a gaúcho robot makeover.

Like 94 percent of the world's population that listens to music, the guys of experimental cumbia collective Locos Por Juana cannot get Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" out of their heads.

"Personally, I fell in love with Nile Rodgers' guitar," says Locos Por Juana guitarist Mark Kondrat. "The funky guitar, the Daft Punk kick drum, the electronic vibe, that whole marriage was amazing to me."

So, when the Grammy-nominated Miami musicians hit the road earlier this year for a summer tour, "Get Lucky," with a cumbia twist, became part of their live set.

And now, it's part of the Afro Kumbé (the group's electro side project) catalog. You can download the track for free via SoundCloud.

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Joint Custody Talks Florida EDM, Drops Exclusive DJ Mix for Crossfade


Tampa may be a small town compared to Miami.

But thanks to local resident DJ Three, his longstanding Snatch club night, and his esteemed Hallucination Limited label, T-Town definitely holds its own when it comes to underground electronic dance music.

One of the talented acts to come up under the label and Three's mentoring is DJ-production duo Joint Custody, AKA Matt Dillon and Joe Morgan.

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Other Electricities Talks Eternal Peasant Remixes by South African and South Florida Artists

Eternal Peasant is a cross-continental collaborative compilation.
What do you get when you cross South African sonics with South Florida sound waves?

The question is not a joke, riddle, Zen koan, or pickup line. It's the inquiry at the heart of Eternal Peasant Remixes, a new compilation from Miami's only global indie record label, Other Electricities.

It all started when O.E.'s founder and curator, Emile Milgrim, was introduced to the music of South African electro-acoustic sound sculptor João Orecchia. After releasing Orecchia's 2009 album, Hands and Feet, the collaboration continued with the solo artist's recently assembled Motél Mari project.

One cross-cultural exchange led to another, and now Other Electricities has assembled an EP's worth of Motél Mari tracks remixed by producers from South Florida and vice versa. We reached out to Milgrim via email to learn more about the project.

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The Hoxton's Grand Opening Party: Booze, Cat Shell, and a Visit from the Mayor

The Hoxton via Facebook
Look! It's an urban beach house in the middle of Brickell!
The Hoxton has been the biggest buzz to hit Brickell since last year's St. Patty's Day block party, ironically enough on the same day and spot where the Lucky Clover celebrated its grand opening.

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Brenton Brown on Wack Rappers: "I've Grown Tired of the Illiteracy and Boring Lyrics"

Brenton Brown Affair.jpg
For the last year and a half, Brenton Brown has been having an affair. But now it's time to come clean.

"Honestly, I'm excited," he says, obviously relieved. "I couldn't be more happy that it's actually out."

No, Brenton hasn't broken any hearts. He's in love with a girl named music, and the offspring of this indiscretion is Affair, a bossin' 19-track mixtape that's full of flavorful flows, undeniable swag, and stay-in-your-head punch lines.

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Shake Miami's Get Low Crew Drops Free Three-Year Anniversary Compilation Album

GetLow-F with Florida.jpg
Miami can trace its royal bass lineage all the way back to '80s booty clappers like Maggotron and the 2 Live Crew, if not earlier.

Does the '70s disco-funk groovage of Miamians KC and the Sunshine Band count as booty bass music? They did pen the 1976 hit "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty".

In any case, Miami is undoubtedly the City of Bass. But in the last three years, we've also become a veritable cosmopolitan bass megalopolis, privy to a cross-pollination of diverse transatlantic bass sounds from dubstep and moombahton to future bass.

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SomeJerk Talks Moombahton Over Miami and Gives Away Free EP

Moombah what? Moombahton!

We here at Crossfade have been geeking over this quirky style of tropical bass music all year. And locals like DJ-producer SomeJerk and the good folks at (((SHAKE))) are giving us plenty of reason to with their monthly Moombahton Over Miami party at the Vagabond.

Plus, the moombah scene is getting big enough that it earned its own heavyweight WMC party last March, Miami Moombahton Massive, with none other than Diplo and his label Mad Decent as co-sponsors.

As the foremost local producer of the genre, SomeJerk is definitely an authority on moombahton. So we decided to pick his brain and find out what exactly this sound is all about ahead of his Friday debut performance at Space with 12th Planet, DJ Laz, Juan Basshead and others.

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J. Nics's SNAS: The Product Free Download, Plus Release Party at Bardot Tonight

See Crossfade's interview: "J. Nics on Miami Rap, The Tribute, and The Product: 'Southern Niggas Ain't Slow.'"

It's always great to see a hard-working local artist's hustle blossom into much-deserved national attention, and that's definitely what's happening right now with rapper J. Nics.

The Miami Gardens-raised MC adds another notch to his resume with SNAS: The Product, his most complete project to date, which dropped yesterday via

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