New Times Looking For an Assistant Web Editor

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Miami New Times and New Times Broward Palm Beach have an immediate opening for an assistant web editor. This position combines journalism with social media marketing and analytical data management to increase the audience for New Times on its desktop and mobile applications.

The assistant web editor assigns and edits photo slideshows, works with freelancers, and collaborates with blog editors. The assistant web editor works closely alongside the web editor and editor-in-chief in the planning and execution of all online coverage.

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Arcade Fire: More Tickets Released for Little Haiti Show

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"Dress up and come party with us!"

That's an excited invitation from Win Butler, Arcade Fire, and a weird bunny rabbit to this week's Reflektor concerts in Miami.

Of course, you (probably) don't have tickets. And that means you're screwed harder than a cottontail at the peak of mating season.

Oh, wait ... Win, the crew, and Rhythm Foundation just released a final batch of tickets to Thursday's show at the Little Haiti Culture Center, you lucky bunny.

UPDATE These last Arcade Fire tickets are all sold out.

UPDATE #2 Arcade Fire is reportedly returning to Miami for two nights in April 2014.

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Uncle Sam's Music Moves to New South Beach Location

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For 22 years, Uncle Sam's Music has been one of the best record stores in South Florida, a place where you can buy a used CD, a new record, and a bag of incense, a pipe, and a t-shirt to go with it.

After nearly a quarter century, though, shop owner Lisa Teger Zhen has packed up shop and moved two blocks south to Uncle Sam's new location at 939 Washington Ave.

It's the same great store, with a bright new look. Here's what the shop's founder has to say about selling wax, the old dirty floors, and kids buying records.

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Five Reasons Why The Killers Don't Suck

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Every hipster millennial had their Killers moment.

These kids vehemently yelled "Mr. Brightside" in the shower, and then on the bus to school (since it was 2004, and Discmans were still in), they packed an extra set of Duracells for a habitual Hot Fuss morning sesh.

Over the years though, overweening frontman Brandon Flowers (he called the Bravery a fake band and deemed Green Day's American Idiot 'anti-American) and company have been praised and vilified for their glossy faux-Brit New Wave Duran Duran theatrics. And the band's journey into Bruce Springsteen's small town tropes on 2006's Sam's Town didn't bode well either -- though Flowers called it "one of the best albums in the past 20 years." Sheesh. Don't mess with The Boss.

The Killers released two other records (Day & Age, Battle Born), but they're pretty forgettable. Over a 12-year career, though, the Sin City rockers have sold 20 million albums worldwide, and are still touring hardcore. So we here at Crossfade give you five reasons the Killers don't suck.

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Life in Color Announces Music Festival at Guinness International Championship Cup


When you're getting ready to throw your first music festival in the heart of the city that raised you, it's important to make a big impression. But how big Is big? Try reaching out to 67,000 people during the height of the International Champions Cup final between Chelsea and Real Madrid, and that ought to do it.

These days, Life in Color is exactly that big. They've come a long way from those first Dayglow days six years ago, and now, they're bringing the first-ever Life in Color music festival to Sun Life Stadium December 27. Are you prepared?

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DJ Carnage on Haters: "Some People Just Have a Stick Up Their Ass"


DJ Carnage -- he's "just chilling, eating food, watching Netflix," doing whatever.

You might have heard his breakout Bang! EP. Or you might have heard about how he pissed off a bunch of agro commenters by saying he was over trap. Or you might have killing it at Ultra Music Festival or Tomorrowland.

Ultimately, though, despite the hype and occasional controversy, Carnage just wants to have a good time. And he's seriously stoked about playing his first show at Mansion on South Beach. So last week, we here at Crossfade chatted with him, talking SoBe, EDM, burrito utopias, chill moms, and bringing that big-room energy no matter what.

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Juanes Judging Dewars' Dewarista Talent Competition at the Stage Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman

It's hard out there for a musician. Just ask the "King of Miami Pop," Robert Elias.

"It's been somewhere between fun and neurotic," laughs Elias. "It's lots of hard work, but I feel like I'm kind of starting to get to a really interesting place in my career."

Aside from having released his debut English album, Magic City, last year, promoting his latest single and music video "How Does It Feel," and performing at your fave local hot spots, Elias has just been named a finalist in Dewars' Dewarista talent competition, featuring judge and Latin music superstar Juanes.

"I'm superpumped," says Elias.

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New Times' Iron Fork 2013 Band Lineup: Juke, Aaron Lebos Reality, Steve Acho

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Scarf awesome bites and guzzle fine booze with Juke and New Times' Iron Fork.

Dinner without music.

It lacks what the French call ambiance.

That's why we here at New Times always pair our Iron Fork fiesta (AKA "Miami's most hotly anticipated culinary event") with some tasty local tunes.

And this year, we've ordered up a trio platter of pop-rock, Latin funk, and dirty blues.

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Air Supply and So Much "Love" Coming to Fillmore Miami Beach on July 13


We've all been there -- nervously flipping through a back issue of Better Homes and Gardens while silently praying that a power outage (or the apocalypse) strikes before some woman named Heidi or Joan or Colleen calls your name and says those eight dreadful words: "The dentist is ready to see you now."

But then the adult-contemporary pop of Air Supply comes washing over you.

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Miley Cyrus Twerking on South Beach With Calvin Harris and Y100's Mackapalooza 2013


Remember when Miley Cyrus was just a lil' buck-toothed, aw-shucks, Southern-fried Disney princess?

Well, erase that shit from your mind. 'Cause Hannah Montana has been dead since 2011. And Ms. Cyrus has grown up into a twerking, penis cake-loving, side boob-flashing, porn star-smooching, 20-year-old Glamazon from some not-so-distant NC17-rated future.

Just look at the vid for Miley's new single, "We Won't Stop." There's gold grills, "twerk" spelled out in Spaghetti-Os, and lots of shameless ass-flexin' ... She's basically become Rihanna's whitebread bad girl twin.

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