DJ Roliboy on Miami Bass: Disco Dave Played Slow-Down Music Before DJ Screw

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Courtesy of DJ Roliboy

In the great traditions of DJ Uncle Al, Disco Dave, and Milton "Butterball" Smith, DJ Roliboy is a Miami street DJ known for dropping tremendo bass.

He was posted at the Graffé Cafe in Wynwood during Art Basel Miami Beach throwing his "Rollin Balls 7.8: Booty Monster" mix straight onto N. Miami Ave. off some old-school big-box speakers that were stopping traffic.

With 2015 almost here, Roliboy has a new album on deck. Here's what he had to say about Miami bass, the origins of slow-down music, and making Baja Panties tapes.

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Iggy Azalea Announces Great Escape Tour, Coming to Miami in 2015

Courtesy of Def Jam
Iggy Azalea: "High heels, somethin' worth a half a ticket on my wrist."

Feelin' "Fancy"?

We thought so. After all, everyone's favorite Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, just announced her Great Escape tour. She's hitting 24 North American cities in 47 days. And obvi, she's coming to Miami.

With her "swagger on super," Iggy will prance and hump from Fresno, California, to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, then Boston, Brooklyn, Philly, D.C., and Baltimore before bringing her "Fancy" show to our own American Airlines Arena on May 16.

Just check the cut for Iggy Azalea's Great Escape tour dates.

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King of Diamonds: Ten Best Rap References to Miami's Most Notorious Strip Club

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Photo by Derrick G.
Drake, Birdman and 2 Chainz at King of Diamonds.

When it comes to rap music, King of Diamonds is like guns, weed, and sex. It's everywhere.

Atlanta might be Strip City, but KOD is the king of strip clubs, and rightfully so. Almost every rapper, from 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane to Lil B and Nelly, has mentioned this Miami nudie mecca in a song or two. Or three. Or four.

This summer, New York City investors bought the club for over $6 million, which sounds about right. After all, they weren't just buying a gentleman's club. They were buying the keys to the castle.

Given the club's notoriety, we here at Crossfade decided to do the dirty work of digging up the ten best rap references to King of Diamonds. And if there's anything to be learned from this list of songs, it's that being told "you could work at KOD" is, in fact, a compliment and your chances are very high, especially if you are a rapper, of finding love in da club.

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Miami's Five Best Concerts This Week

Photo by Chris Carter/ra-haus

Ever had those days when you wake up and know that the next 24 hours are gonna be epic?

Yeah, they rarely ever happen on a Monday, but today is an exception. That's because there's lots of pretty good music to look forward to this week, starting with the Black Keys at the BB&T Center tonight.

But don't worry, even if you can't make it to the show, there's still time to check out the five best concerts in SoFla this week.

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TDE Meets Jet Life in Miami: Isaiah Rashad, Young Roddy, and Hidden Ruby Live

Photo by Rob Portal
Isaiah Rashad takes a moment before performing "Modest" live in the 305.

The sun had just gone down. We walked into downtown Miami's Mekka Nightclub. And to our surprise, Top Dawg Entertainment's own Isaiah Rashad was doing his sound check.

"This sounds good, but turn the beat down a little bit so that you can hear me better," the Chattanooga, Tennesse-bred rapper instructed. "Does that sound good to y'all?"

He was playing "Modest" from his latest project, Cilvia Demo. And even during warmups, Rashad radiates sheer skill and raw enthusiasm.

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The Weeknd and Nervo Playing NYE 2015 Concert at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach


Poppy electronic tunes and "seductively tainted love songs" don't really go hand-in-hand.

But in Miami, anything goes... Especially 'round New Year's Eve.

That's why supermodel-turned-DJ twins Nervo and XO recording artist The Weeknd are throwing one of the biggest NYE 2015 ragers, poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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A Very Miami Christmas: Win Free Tickets!

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Photo by: Daniel de las Casas

Screw being merry.

This holiday season, we're getting very Miami, and what's more Miami than a show with !Mayday!, Afrobeta, and Artime? The only thing that could make such an evening even more authentically 305 would be getting in for free.

Well, we're making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's been naughty or nice. And if you're nice enough to participate in our fun but naughty enough to be "very Miami," you could win two tickets to A Very Miami Christmas and be the merriest of all.

Check the cut for contest instructions.

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Gunplay: "I'm Not Scared of Success Now"

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Gunplay approaches a medium height Hispanic male who has jus taken a bump of coke. He disrespectfully places a finger in front of Gunplay's face suggesting for him to hold on. Not one to take the disrespect lightly, Gunplay pulls out a gun from his waist and shoots the man in the head.

Though Gunplay has a live wire, pop-off-at-any-time reputation, this night the rapper is just rehearsing scenes at Florida Film House for an upcoming movie entitled ""

The last couple of years for the Maybach Music rapper has been a roller coaster to say the least. And even after tree successful singles, "Rollin'," "Bible On The Dash" and "Aiight," Gunplay's Living Legend album has yet to hit shelves.

Gunplay took sometime out of rehearsal to talk to Crossfade about 2014, the delay for Living Legend, "The Field: Miami" and why local acts can't get on Miami radio stations.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith/
If you're broke and you don't care, put your hands up!

Feeling the broke effects of all that Holiday shopping, and it's barely even mid-December?

You're not alone. And while you may have wasted all your money on space cat socks to give to your buddies on Christmas, that doesn't mean you have to pay for it now by spending your entire weekend binge watching ¿Que Pasa USA? on Netflix.

You live in the party oasis of Miami. So gather your pennies and check out this weekend's ten under $10 party guide.

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Big Freedia Talks Bounce, Bad Twerkers, and All Things "Asstastic"

Photo by Koury Angelo
Big Freedia: "Queen Diva, Late-Night Creepa."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Miley Cyrus gets a lot of credit for bringing twerk to the masses. But Diplo told ladies to "Express Yourself" before pop's most ratchet princess ever cranked up that booty. And hell, the Ying Yang Twins sang "Whistle While You Twerk" in 2000. Still, no one's got a thang on bounce music's queen diva, NoLa's own Late-Night Creepa, Big Freedia.

A gay male born Freddie Ross who "answer[s] to either 'he' or 'she," Freedia may not be the original, but she and her raw dance crew have become global ambassadors of bounce, bringing the New Orleans-bred brand of party rap to clubs on every continent. And this week, she's returning to Miami for a real twerk throwdown.

Between writing a book, recording an album, and filming the fourth season of her successful reality show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, airing on the Fuse network, she's one busy gal. But Freedia did take the time to chat with us about all things "asstastic."

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