Modern Love A/V Show: "Taking Techno Out of the Club and Into the Art Space"

Andy Stott headlines Modern Love this weekend.

Miami's electronic music scene has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. But some of its local movers and shakers feel our city has yet to embrace the music's artistic potential outside the context of nightlife.

"It's important for the music to be separated from the club," SAFE's Diego Martinelli tells Crossfade. "Nightlife has nothing to do with music, if you ask me. This goes farther than just aiming to dispel the notion that all electronic music is about raving and dancing. Miami lags very far behind in this respect, and most people here still see electronic music as a mostly homogenous genre -- things could not be further from actuality. Electronic music is as hyper-specific as most other art forms, and it has a rich and beautiful history."

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Six Best Club Parties in Miami This Week

Categories: Guides, Nightlife

Photo by George Martinez/
In the 305, we party like this every day.

When you live in the Magic City, you don't have to wait for the weekend to go buck wild and party like a frat kid.

Don't believe us?

Just check out the six best club bashes to crash this week, from Fabolous at Story to David Guetta at LIV to Nick Monaco at the Garret. Now go and get your party on.

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Llamabeats' George Spits: "Everybody Dies, But This Music Doesn't Have To"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Llamabeats' Master Fader, The What's Good, and George Spits.

In Miami's over-saturated megaclub market, it's difficult for homegrown bands to stand out.

But the Llamabeats dudes drew local hype from the moment that they burst onto the 305 music scene. And by the time their debut album, Como Se Llama, was released, George Spits, The What's Good, and MF Jose had cemented their place on South Florida's groove circuit.

Recently, Spits dropped a solo effort, Hoodlum, which is also being billed as a Llamabeats product. So we here at Crossfade caught up with him to talk about the new album, getting the fuck out of Miami, and the future of Llamabeats.

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Shake 108 FM: New Non-Profit, Local Radio Station Launches in Miami

Courtesy of Peter Stebbins
Shake 108 FM's Peter Stebbins. Say gracias to him for a radio station that isn't trash.

If you're scanning the FM dial and miraculously land on a song that doesn't suck, chances are you've found Miami's newest low-power radio station, 107.9, AKA Shake 108. For that, you can thank Miami native Peter Stebbins.

The 44-year-old first thought to start his own station years ago, after returning from a brief stint living in Atlanta and realizing how bad South Florida radio is. "When I first looked into opening my own station, I found that it's pretty much impossible," Stebbins remembers. "You need about $20 million to start a Y100. I didn't have $20 million."

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Ice Billion Berg Slams 99 Jamz' Pay-for-Plays: "They Don't Support Local Music at All"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


With no label and no overground radio backing him, Miami's Ice Billion Berg has rallied the support of close to 100,000 dedicated fans, mostly in the Gunshine State alone.

Thanks to high-caliber wordplay, slamming Magic City beats, a new studio, and a dedication to the grind, his latest mixtape, Damage Is Done, is smashing speakers from Florida City to Tallahassee.

Here's what Billion had to say about his Live House Life, smokin' loud, and putting his baby's mother on a track.

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South Beach's Five Best Bars

Categories: Lists

Photo by Monica McGivern

South Beach likes to think she real fancy.

Everyone's always talking about the megaclubs and the expensive cars. But there's just as much world-class bar action to be had, no fancy shoes required.

Whether you're looking for cheap drinks with a bit of billiards, a hip place to catch a good show, or simply chasing a damn fine cocktail ... Here are South Beach's five best bars.

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Lady Casa, Queen of the Ravers, Spreads EDM's PLUR Message

Categories: Longreads

Photo by Danh Le/
Lady Casa
Lady Casa is perhaps the country's most famous raver and something like a cult leader to her tens of thousands of fans. When the Miami native makes a pilgrimage to Los Angeles and hosts an event on Venice Beach the day after seeing DJ Armin van Buuren, it quickly turns into a mob scene.

Not far from the guy who walks on glass and an Italian tour group, hundreds of ravers wait for hours in a snaking line to get Lady Casa's autograph, hear her wisdom, and, most important, hug her. The event is billed as her 26th birthday party, as well as a benefit for local animal shelters.

"I'm so nervous right now!" says an awkward 20-something when he finally reaches the front. "You're awesome," she responds, writing a personalized note for him on a decal. She ends it, "Namaste, Lady Casa."

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Banks: "Being a Goddess Is Being Fragile at Times, Strong at Times"

Photo by Williams Hirakawa

In just a year, singer-songwriter Banks has gone from relative unknown, producing music behind closed doors, to underground favorite and rising star.

Her first live performances ever were opening a national tour with the Weeknd. Now she's about to hit the road for her first headlining tour, in support of debut album, Goddess.

She's making a stop at Grand Central this weekend. So we here at Crossfade caught up with the soft-spoken artist to learn more about her ever-evolving sense of self and how goddesses are sometimes vulnerable even when they are strong.

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Win Free Tickets for Death Angel and High on Fire at Grand Central Miami

Let Death Angel drag your ass into a pit of hellfire and brutal fun.


In 126 hours, the streets of downtown Miami will be quaking with the apocalyptic axe thunder of Bay Area thrash destroyers Death Angel and Oakland metalheads High on Fire.

Lots of people pay good money to have their guts rumbled (and possibly emptied) by this kind of fast, furious, and sometimes sludgy sonic phenomena. But thanks to the DA dudes, the men of HOF, and the fine folks at Grand Central, you just might get to rage, headbang, and crap your pants for free this weekend.

Just check the cut to win free tix for Death Angel and High on Fire in Miami.

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David Bowie Is Documentary: "The One Thing We Tried to Get At, the Man Is a Paradox"

Categories: Interviews

Photo by Masayoshi Sukita (© Sukita/The David Bowie Archive 2012)
Bowie in a Kansai Yamamoto costume for the Aladdin Sane tour, 1973.

It's the kind of forward-thinking experience David Bowie himself might have predicted. Just for one day, in theaters across the country, a movie about a museum exhibition (featuring the rocker's groundbreaking albums, outlandish costumes, and clips from his artistic videos) will briefly tantalize the world -- and be gone.

Screening only on September 23, the Hamish Hamilton-directed documentary David Bowie Is, serves, above all, as a reminder of Bowie's artistry, his creativity, his fearlessness. If you've forgotten why you loved Ziggy or that eerie experimenter bunking in Berlin, this thrilling bit of cinema will surely lure you back.

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