DJ YNot's Juicy Thursdays: A Dose of Classic Hip-Hop for Downtown Miami

Courtesy of DJ YNot
DJ YNot, digging the crates.

Stop lettin' your tape rock till it pops. There's a new place in town to get a dose of classic hip-hop.

Every Thursday, DJ YNot is taking over downtown Miami's Therapy with Juicy, a night of real hip-hop from the edge of the golden era, played through a good sound system, in a room where the b-boys have enough dance floor to let loose while the ladies drink free till midnight.

The night just kicked off. But YNot's got a plan.

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Giraffage on Making Music for Himself: "Fuck What People Think"

Photo by: Grady Brannan

When we saw Giraffage open for Porter Robinson's Worlds tour in October, we were completely blown away. Sure, we were familiar with the San Fran producer's quirky-yet-sexy style, but it's a whole lot different seeing someone rock a 2,000-plus venue when, up until then, they've basically played darkened clubs.

Giraffage's Charlie Yin agrees, and he learned a lot on that tour -- from having the confidence to make music on his own terms, to how to handle such a large crowd -- and he's been applying those lessons to everything he's touched since.

He won a lot of hearts on that journey. He even signed a deal with Fool's Gold Records. Now, he prepares to head out on a headlining venue tour of his own, with a stop at Grand Central Saturday, January 17. It's not quite the size of Worlds, but it's a really good first step.

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305 Fest: Four Days, Five Venues, 57 Bands

Photo by Ronnie Rivera

Miami's always had good punk rock, even when the rest of the U.S. didn't know it.

Our city's punk scene has been world class since the mid '70s and the Magic City's actually developed a sound of its own, steeped in tropical sludge and sun-bleached scuzz.

That's why 305 Fest has been able to ramble on for about a decade now, in one incarnation or another, putting forth an annual deluge of homegrown bands peppered with out-of-towners.

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Jose El Rey Retrospective: "It Was A Little Like Being Possessed"

Courtesy of Jose Flores

"Back in 2006, I had no band, no car, and a lot of free time," says Miami musician Jose Flores.

"So I was doing hundreds of home recordings. I always thought freestyle and Miami bass were these fun and lost genres. I noticed that the simpler, funny bass-heavy jams were getting the best reactions from my friends.

"I thought, What kind of guy would sing these songs? And I pictured a wetter, hairier version of myself on vocals, and I named him José El Rey."

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Steve Bug Talks 15 Years of Poker Flat: "Something With Soul, Rather Timeless"

Photo by Mirjam Knickriem

The German capital of Berlin still sets the tone for underground electronic dance music on the wider global scene. And celebrated DJ-producer and Poker Flat Recordings boss Steve Bug has been at the helm of Berlin house and techno for two decades now.

With 15 years' worth of formidable chart-topping releases and a star-studded artist roster that includes such international luminaries as Trentemøller, Martin Buttrich, and Josh Wink, the Poker Flat label remains a touchstone for quality sounds as forward-thinking as they are classic.

"In the beginning, we simply wanted to create a platform for me and my friends to release music that we like," Steve Bug tells Crossfade about launching Poker Flat in 1999.

"Soon, the artist roster grew and the family became bigger. Nowadays, we still release music that we like, and I'm good friends with most of the artists, it's just that I met them through their music first."

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A-Trak on Learning from Kanye West, Fool's Gold, and Life #AfterEDM

Photo by Matthew Williams

Email interviews are often terrible. So we were disheartened when A-Trak was too busy touring Europe and filming a new music video to speak by phone. But it turns out the Montreal man is just as good a penpal as he is a DJ.

In his chosen career, A-Trak's a legend. He won the DMC World DJ Championships at 15. He spent four years as Kanye West's official mix master. And now he's a dance and hip-hop star who's also the face of Fool's Gold Records. Oh, and would you ever guess he was a physics major?

This weekend, Mr. Trak's bringing his wildly successful Fool's Gold Day Off party back for Art Basel Miami Beach week, along with heavy hitters Danny Brown and DJ Mustard. So just to get you all riled up, we here at Crossfade got inside his brain on everything from Kanye to hip-hop, the art of mixing, being a label boss, his latest album, and life #AfterEDM.

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Black Sunday 305 Motorcycle Swap: "The Miami Bike Scene Just Gets Bigger and Bigger"

Photo by George Martinez/

It'll be a long time till Miami becomes synonymous with motorcycle culture. But as it stands, the Dirty South's largest city is rapidly on its way to forging an identity within the two-wheeled lifestyle. And this Sunday, Will Call will host the third Black Sunday Vintage Motorcycle Swap and it is proving to be the biggest one yet and a marquee event in South Florida's biking community.

There are local shops and entities like Metal 305 and 76hundred Vintage. Then Donkey Barn Motorcycles is another shop in town, with the always colorful Nicky Bowe in tow.

We here at Crossfade had a chance to discuss the upcoming event and a little bit of motorcycle culture in South Florida.

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Toro y Moi's Chaz Bundick on Les Sins and Kanye "Pushing Me to Get Darker, Weirder"

Photo by Andrew Paynter
Les Sins, AKA Chaz Bundick, AKA Toro y Moi.

Chaz Bundick doesn't really need another moniker. As Toro y Moi, he's released three albums to plenty of critical acclaim and fan adoration.

Still, he is looking forward to introducing the world to his latest alter ego, Les Sins.

"There's some sonic difference," Bundick says. "I don't know if I would like to take Toro stuff as dark or heavy [as Les Sins]. What I like about it, it's just different as of right now."

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Le Baron's Basel Pop-Up Celebrates Ten Years: "Not Looking for the Normal VIP"

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Basking in the glow of Le Baron's iconic red-hot top hat.

It's Art Basel Miami Beach's de facto VIP room. And in its ten-year history, Le Baron has served as the clubhouse for creative types.

But even though celebrities like Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pharrell Williams have made cameos at the hot spot, star sightings are not why throngs of people clamor at the door, hoping to get in.

"You know, most of the places are meant for people who have money or cars, or who are famous on TV or whatever," says André Saraiva, co-founder of Le Baron. "I make a place for the artists I like and people who create. They are the people who get in and make Baron their home. Then the rest can come, of course. I'm not looking for the normal VIP. That's not what I'm interested in."

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Danny Brown on Rap: "People Get Celebrated for the Bad Shit, Moreso Than the Good Shit"

Photo by Josh Wehle

These days, iconically quirky Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown rhymes about sadness, drugs, cats, Cool Ranch Doritos-smelling poonanny, and other such stuff.

You'll get the chance to join in on the fun during this year's Art Basel Miami Beach, as part of Fool's Gold Day Off.

Danny will be taking the stage with A-Trak and DJ Mustard, among others. And we here at Crossfade were able to catch up with Danny in preparation for this momentous occasion.

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