Uchi's Cyborgs Party at Electric Pickle: "Bring Your Own Laser Beams"

Photo by Carlos Moñino
Cyborgs can be sexy too.

Dress-up is officially cool again. So is being a sci-fi geek.

In our opinion, that stuff never went out of style. But even if you're not a nerd for robots, the latest nightlife endeavor from sexy, dark DJ Uchi will get you bleepin' and bloopin' like a vintage automaton on the fritz.

It's called Cyborgs. And it's good, old-fashioned fun meets space-age house and techno.

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35 Years of Churchill's Fest: "A Celebration of the Old, the New, and the Future"

Photo by Monica McGivern
Here's to another 35 at Churchill's Pub.

The year was 1979. The Clash kicked off its first American tour, AC/DC released Highway to Hell, and Churchill's Pub opened its doors for the first time.

While the Clash called it quits and the AC/DC dudes have long passed their glory days, Little Haiti's live music gem, in spite of recent changes in ownership, is still thriving.

"The only thing that's really changed is we're more structured," insists Nayra Serrano, Churchill's current booking manager and the woman behind Idle Hands Productions.

"It's cleaner now, but that feeling of that diamond-in-the-rough place, that welcoming vibe, it's still there."

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Amos Larkins II on Learning the Music Biz by Breaking Into TK Records' Studio

Photo by Anthony Larkins
Amos Larkins II playing bass in the Sunnyview Records studio.

"Bass Rock Express" was the first international Miami bass hit, and it opened the floodgates for the rush of quad-heavy records that followed.

The song was produced, engineered, arranged, and vocalized by Amos Larkins II for MC ADE, and executive produced by William "Billy" Hines on 4-Sight Records in 1985. Amos produced it under the pseudonym Leon Green to mask his identity from radio program directors who saw his credits on too many slabs to put on the air. By then, he was already an established regional hitmaker.

But his start in the record business came between stacks of Blowfly's nudie magazines at the TK Records Hialeah compound. Here's what Larkins himself has to say about his earliest days in the industry.

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Railroad Blues Opening in Downtown Miami: "There's Not Gonna Be Any Shit Music"


Every serious music lover dreams of opening a live-music bar.

The chance to program and design your own venue, every week, six days out of seven, is the life. Sure, it can be tough, but fellow fans will recognize the quality and appreciate your vision.

That's what Steam Miami owner Russ Bruce is betting on with Railroad Blues, a new NE 14th Street speakeasy-style venue and drinking spot, celebrating its no-charge soft opening this weekend.

C'mon, the first one is always free.

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Wood Tavern Owner's Bizerq Breathes New Life Into Former Soho Lounge Space

Photo by Jose D. Duran
Bizerq and Wood Tavern owner Cesar Morales.

Walking up the familiar stairwell of what was once Soho Lounge, there are now the sounds of hammers and electrical saws. Reaching the building's second level, it looks like Bizerq -- the newest nightclub in mainland Miami -- has a long way to go.

To say the space is in the white box stage would be generous. There's exposed framing, plumbing, and wiring everywhere. The concrete floors are cracked, making it a precarious journey as the tour continues.

But in two weeks time, according to Cesar Morales, the 36-year-old proprietor of Wood Tavern, the venue will be ready.

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Natalia Jimenez on Feminism and Latin Music: "We're Gonna Push More Than Men"

Photo by Omar Cruz

From singing and playing her guitar on the streets and in the subway stations of Madrid to Grammy-winning success, Natalia Jiménez has been living the dream.

"It was pretty cool when you're 15 and you've got nothing to lose," laughs Jiménez as she recalls her teenage metro days. "I would just go out, take my guitar and little tamborsitos, and play like a hippie. People would throw money at me. I would walk away with like $150 in coins. It was a good deal, you know?"

Sure, la cantante "met a lot of weird people" during that time, but her exposure to such diverse crowds was a glimpse of what her future would be as an international music icon, both with Spanish pop rock crew la 5ª Estación and now as a solo artist.

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Sir Michael Rocks Gets All "Respect Nature" and "Be Yourself" on Debut Solo Album Banco


You can't buy an all-over Nascar t-shirt with a picture of Chief Keef talking into a fat stack of Benjamins like it's a cellphone, but you might see one on Sir Michael Rocks as he rolls through Kendall.

The Chicago-bred rapper made the shirt himself, and he did actually sell a few through his apparel site, Exotic Gourmet. Unfortunately, Chief Keef is no longer available, but you can get shirts covered in video game controllers, old Nickelodeon cartoon logos, or one with Ekans and baseball bats.

Some people might find his style a bit odd, but Sir Michael Rocks doesn't care anymore.

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Ciel Eau Pool Party at Fifty at the Viceroy: "A Little Bit of Ibiza in Miami"

Via facebook.com/cieleauevents
Welcome to Ciel Eau.

Impeccable sound, killer views of the Magic City, and "water in the sky" ... That's what you'll find 50 stories above sea level at Ciel Eau.

"It's actually pronounced cielo," explains Alex Butler, the musical mastermind behind this Sunday pool party. "Its literal translation is 'water in the sky.' It's French. The venue, Fifty at the Viceroy Hotel, lends itself to that name -- it's the only rooftop in Miami that has that panoramic view."

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Steam Miami: "It's Very Interactive. We Embrace All Fetishes"

Photo by Laurie Charles
Anthony Moretti and Russ Bruce are ready to release some Steam.

"As water boils and changes form, you'll come here one way and leave another."

That whole transformational nightclub experience is what industry vets Russ Bruce and Anthony Moretti hope to create when they open the Magic City's first performance-driven party hall, Steam Miami on August 14.

From the industrial steam pipe that releases puffs of smoke onto NE 14th Street to "secret rooms," a metal-beaded curtained catwalk that circulates the club, and giant chains that hang from the ceiling, everything about Steam encompasses an element of surprise.

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Sunday Dance Nation at ARTcade: "What House Music Was Like Ten Years Ago"

Courtesy of Edison Farrow
Ah, the '80s ... A time when underground house music revolutionize the club scene and Pac-Man was the coolest game you could get your hands on.

SoBe's "nerd sanctuary" ARTcade is bringin' it all back with Soul Logic's Sunday Dance Nation.

"It's like what house music was ten years ago," explains resident DJ Jared Coetzee. "That's the motivation behind it."

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