Miami Bass' Ten Best Producers and Musicians

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Joe Stone, writer/producer of L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom."

Miami is the undisputed world heavyweight champion of bass, and the globe's leading progenitor of trunk rattle, rear-view shake, and total body thump.

The genre is a direct descendent of Pretty Tony's freestyle productions, and Henry Stone's earlier indie R&B. It's the single hardest electronic boom in the universe, and we're proud.

Joe Stone, son of kingpin Henry, helped bring that hard-knock Miami bass baby into the world. And alongside a talented bevvy of behind-the-scenes players from Orlando to the MIA, he was there turning knobs and flipping switches to drop the first extended 808 kick that set it all off.

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Miami's Ten Best Female DJs

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Laura of Miami.

Some men like to get on social media and complain about how easy it is to succeed as a female DJ.

It's as if having tits means you must have special powers, although the implication is actually that women don't have to be good to land gigs. Wow, fellas, listen to yourselves once in a while.

We here at Crossfade wish to dispel those kinds of comically sexist myths. And that's why we're celebrating Miami's ten best female DJs.

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Miami's Five Best New Dance Clubs

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Photo by Alex Markow

"When one club closes, another one opens."

That seems to be the Golden Rule when it comes to Miami's fickle nightlife scene. Just take a look at the past 12 months.

Within the last year alone, the Magic City has lost several party gems, and with it, some of our favorite weekly bashes, DJs, and hangout spots. But at the same time, new clubs have risen from the ashes of the fallen.

While nothing can replace the forgotten memories and drunken shenanigans that took place at these nightlife havens, there are new (and by new we mean late 2013 and beyond) clubs to be excited about.

Here are Miami's five best new dance clubs.

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Miami's Ten Best Uncategorizable Bands of All Time

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Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
Rat Bastard: Totally uncategorizable.

South Florida has long been a creative refuge for varied musical genres that have grown with little outside influence and a decidedly Floridian twist. This can be seen in our punk rock, metal, rap, and jazz.

Another of the better aspects of Miami's music scene has always been the relative freedom with which musicians of different genres will share a bill. Anyone remember that time the Crumbs split a night with drum 'n' bass artist Egg Foo Young?

If this town had the nation's ear like New York City or Los Angeles, these ten best uncategorizable bands would've been household names by now.

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Rap's Top Ten Weird-Awesome Fashion Icons

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Hip-hop and fashion have always gone together like suits and ties. Ironically, though, rappers who wear suits and ties belong to the most boring slice of rap's style spectrum, right next to dudes in baggy pants and plain white tees.

It's about being flashy. It's not about being like everyone else. Sometimes, it's about having a lot of money. And sometimes, it's about looking fly despite being broke.

Some rappers are blessed with a more sophisticated fashion sense than others, and though they may attract the ridicule of basic bitches, they are the ones that future generations will remember most fondly. Today, we celebrate those brave souls who dare to push the boundaries and be themselves to the fullest.

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Five Worst Things About Clubbing in Miami

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Welcome to Miami, where anything and everything becomes an excuse to party.

We 305ers are creatures of the night by nature. There's no denying it. Any day of the week, no matter what time, something is popping off in this beautiful city of ours. That's why people from all over the world come dance at our nightclubs and get drunk on our beaches.

So why is it that native Miamians often end up wishing they'd just stayed home watching Netflix and eating pizza? 

Here are the five worst things about going out in Miami.

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Rap's Ten Best Songs About Big Butts

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Photo by Alex Markow

What is every rapper's favorite body part? C'mon, that's an easy one.

More MCs have put their mind to the big butt issue than there are scientists working on curing cancer. And obviously, in rap music, the bigger the booty, the better.

Modern asses are reaching colossal proportions, but not all of the best butt songs are new. Let's take a walk down memory lane and honor some of the greatest music about asses ever.

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The Five People You Meet in Wynwood

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Photo by Monica McGivern

At times, Wynwood feels like the Miami frontier. It's new, it's vibrant, it's exciting -- but wait, is it really new? Actually, it may just be kind of new to you.

Look, it's not South Beach, but it is quickly shaping up to be the "new South Beach." Whether or not you like the plans for mega-development, despite what qualms you may have with skyrocketing rents and an influx of artistically minded carpet baggers, Wynwood has become the home of some familiar faces.

Here are the people, old and new, that you meet in Miami's hippest district.

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Miami's Five Best Punk Record Labels of All Time

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The '80s and '90s were a fun time for punk rock in South Florida. And though there wasn't a major publishing house putting out every single local album recorded, we were fortunate enough to have a few individuals who took it upon themselves to scrounge up some dough, enter into dubious arrangements with bands and recording studios, and buy adverts in fanzines across the U.S. to help ensure that at least a handful of their product would sell.

So in the spirit of record hunting, crate crashing, and rediscovering music, here are Miami's five best punk record labels of all time.

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22 Richest Pop Stars of 2014

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Photo Courtesy Parkwood Entertainment

Pop stars. They're so rich it makes our brain hurt. The rest of us toil day in and day out for a yearly salary that these pretty-faced bastards would spend on shoes. Still, we all want to watch these guys live the lives that we never will, which in turn funds the whole spectacle.

Oh well. Things aren't going to change today, especially considering Forbes' latest list of highest earners. Don't you want to see who has more money than God? We know you do.

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