Miami's Ten Best Rockabilly Bands of All Time

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Steve Alaimo and the Redcoats.

There is more to Miami's music scene than meets the eye. But surely, no one thinks, Rockabilly!, when the Magic City is mentioned. What a damn shame, because our city's seen its fair share of quality rockabilly acts.

Modern Miami certainly betrays its Southern roots and rockabilly thrived here between the '50s and '60s with local talent and labels. Even the King of Hunch, Hasil Adkins himself, had some of his wacked-out seven-inch platters released by Miami labels.

While not all-inclusive, here are Miami's ten best rockabilly acts.

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III Points 2014: Winners & Losers

Photo by Alex Markow

Looking back at last weekend, the second-ever III Points was a real big winner.

It was bigger and more ambitious than its predecessor. Attendance was up -- way up. The move to Soho Studios was the right one. And between Shake Shack, La Latina, and Panther Coffee providing festival-goers with food and drink, there was no reason to ever leave the grounds. (And unlike almost any other festival, III Points 2014 had a very liberal in-and-out policy -- which is a good thing, if you ask me.)

Still some people and things were "winning" bigger than others. And, well, there were some losers in this batch too. So let's look back at III Points and break it down for you.

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The 10 People Who Won't Make It in Miami

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Photo by George Martinez
The Dolphins new quarterback? He definitely ain't gonna make it.

Someone once said, "You go to New York to become someone, you go to L.A. when you are someone, and you go to Miami when you want to be someone else."

We like to think we're somebody, but it would totally make sense if we found out we had been someone else our whole life. It takes a certain kind of special to make Miami work. You can't have too many hangups. You've got to be OK with tacky and classy being approximately the same thing. You've got to be chill and kind of a bitch all the time. It takes practice.

Some people will just never get it right, and that's fine. For them, there's New York or L.A. or whatever.

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Ten of Miami's Oldest Bars

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Photo by George Martinez/
Tobacco Road, keeping it real since 1912.

You can tell a lot about a city by its bar scene.

Just take a look at Miami. The Magic City may be home to some of the flashiest uhntz-uhntz powerhouses in the country, but the 305 wouldn't be the nightlife mecca of the south if it wasn't for the vision set by our thirsty founding fathers and their love of beer.

In honor of our hardcore party rep, here are ten of Miami's oldest bars that have kept their doors open throughout the years, dating from the 1980s and beyond.

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Roller Disco: Five Absolutely Essential Jams, According to DJ Danny Krivit


Party people old enough to remember Miami's roller disco days should be stoked to know that the 305 has a new party on wheels.

Roller Disco at Grand Central may be just a monthly party, but with some of disco music's most legendary DJs headlining, it might be the single best excuse to party all month if you do nothing else.

Nicky Siano of Studio 54 fame helped kick off the party during the summer, and October's installment presents none other than Danny Krivit, beloved veteran of the seminal NYC disco scene alongside Siano and other legends like Larry Levan and François Kevorkian.

Ahead of the party, we couldn't pass up a chance to peek into Krivit's DJ bag and five of his all-time favorite roller disco jams.

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Miami's Five Best Nightlife Neighborhoods

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Photo by Ian Witlen

Sometimes, we like to argue that Miami isn't just a party town. We've got more to offer the world than just a great vacation get-away, and it's time the people of America took notice.

This however, is not one of those times.

You're damn right Miami is one of the best party cities in the country. We may not be as physically large as New York or Los Angeles, but we merge cultures and flavors with the best of the them. We have a storied history of music and nightlife, and we're welcoming of people from all angles, but is it possible to say which party hood is the best? We're going to try.

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South Beach's Five Best Bars

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Photo by Monica McGivern

South Beach likes to think she real fancy.

Everyone's always talking about the megaclubs and the expensive cars. But there's just as much world-class bar action to be had, no fancy shoes required.

Whether you're looking for cheap drinks with a bit of billiards, a hip place to catch a good show, or simply chasing a damn fine cocktail ... Here are South Beach's five best bars.

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Death Angel's Ten Best Songs, According to Guitarist Ted Aguilar


Thrash will never die, and the crushing force of Death Angel will make sure of it.

These Bay Area masters of heavy riffing, speed, and power will arrive in Miami to unleash the beast at Grand Central for a Motörhead's MotörBoat Cruise pre-party.

Before Ted Aguilar joined Death Angel as a guitar player, he was a fan who went to every show he could, starting when he was a kid in the '80s. So we caught up with the dude himself for his ten favorite Death Angel songs of all time.

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Miami's Five Best Dance Promoters

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Photo by: George Martinez
Just look at how much fun these darn kids are having.

You may take for granted that Miami is a great dance music mecca, but there's a lot of work that goes into it. Big-name DJs don't just decide to come to town. They've got to be invited, and then provided for and paid and all that backstage business shit. Same with the underground acts, and in that case, you've really got to know your shit, and know your audience.

It's hard to make it in the Magic City, and it's often a thankless game. It's about time we took a moment to celebrate those promotional groups keeping the 305 in the list of must-see dance hubs. Thanks for all the good times, bruhs.

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Rap's Five Best Lyrics About Miami

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Photo by Sergio Monsalve

It's no secret that rappers love to talk about Miami. 

Even though we don't boast as many famous MCs as New York City or Los Angeles, the 305 is definitely on the list of hip-hop hot spots to throw into your raps.

Oftentimes, MIA shout-outs feel gimmicky. Too easy. Mentioning Miami for the sake of being trendy. But sometimes, lines can hit close to home. And rappers actually manage to capture the spirit of the Magic City in their rhymes. 

Here are the five best rap lyrics about Miami.

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