Murs and ¡Mayday! Talk ¡Mursday!: "We Like to Dice It Up"


What do you get when you combine a veteran rapper from L.A. with a hip-hop group from Miami? Nothing less than the celebration of sound known as ¡Mursday!

The creative relationship between Murs and ¡Mayday! goes back to the band's first album, Take Me to Your Leader, which featured Murs on the track "Hardcore Bitches."

"When we first worked on a song together there was good chemistry between us," says ¡Mayday! emcee Wrekonize. "And after that, we talked back and forth about making more music. He tweeted us semi-seriously that we should make an album. He was joking, but the fans picked up on it, and it caught fire. That's when the idea of ¡Mursday! really hit the road."

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Meet the XYZA Collective, Miami's 12-Member Electronic Music Crew

Photo by Alexandra Noghaven
XYZA's The Gamma Bot.

An industrial-sized fan, huge enough to cool off hell, whirred across from Jerry, AKA the Gamma Bot. About to perform some awesome '90s R&B-influenced electronic tracks, the guy's glorious mane was not even mussed by the manmade gusts.

Originally he and the other members of XYZA (pronounced zi-zuh) were planning to play their III Points Festival showcase outside. But after lugging equipment to Wood Tavern in this heat, they opted to stay indoors.

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Blowfly's Tour Diary: Crisis, Aftermath, and Hanging With Nardwuar and 2 Live Crew


There are very few people in the world who will pick you up and take both you and your singer, who live 25 miles apart, to an airport 45 miles away before the crack of dawn. Thankfully, my parents, both notorious early risers, are down for the cause. It doesn't hurt that I have taken both of them to the airport hundreds of times at similarly ungodly hours over the last 25 years or so.

It's still pitch black out when they pull up to my house in South Miami. I get in the driver's seat and speed up the Palmetto Expressway to Miami Gardens to Blowfly's house that's in danger of being sold by the Miami-Dade tax collector in four weeks.

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The Fly Boys Talk "All About That Ass," Meghan Trainor Parody

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," has touched millions, including Miami's own the Fly Boys, who decided to make their own version, called "All About That Ass."

It's a dirty, explicit, and triple-x-filled sex romp that will either make you laugh or cringe.

We caught up with the group's Dino Fly to find out all about the crazy track. Here's what he had to say about growing up with hookers, hitchhiking to Miami, and getting the Blowfly seal of approval.

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Brown Sub's D-Mac on Working With Jermaine Dupri: "Relentless Work Ethic"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

via D-Mac on twitter

D-Mac aims to be the first rapper out of Miami's notorious Brown-Sub section of Liberty City to make a global impact in music.

And the new video for his track "Mind State" off his Destiny mixtape makes it perfectly clear that he will settle for nothing less.

He is the grandson of William McKenzie, one of Miami's most respected high school band leaders, and has been writing and playing music all his life. He also has the support of Jermaine Dupri. Here's what D-Mac had to say about putting on for his city, struggles, and motivation.

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RIP Orlando Sanchez, Esteemed Miami Music Lover and Churchill's Pub Fixture, Dead at 35

Courtesy of Chuck Livid
One of Miami's nicest guys, Orlando Sanchez (right), with's Chuck Livid at Churchill's Pub.

The news of some folks' death has a way of sounding initially like a bad joke -- something so seemingly impossible, it just couldn't be true.

One such unbelievable occurrence was the passing of local musician, music lover and Churchill's Pub fixture Orlando Sanchez.

When news of his death spread this weekend, it was with disbelief, as if it might be some terrible prank perpetrated upon his friends by a macabre jokester. Or shit, maybe even by the man himself.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. In the morning hours of September 27, Orlando Sanchez died of a heart attack. He was 35 years old.

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Jesse Perez Talks "Still Slangin' That D" Video: All About Porn Stars and Pastelitos

Still from the video "Still Slangin' That D," directed by Matthew Hoyos

Porn stars, tiny motel rooms, pastelitos, and booty bass.

Hell yeah, Jesse Perez is "Still Slangin' That D," and he gives you an up-close-and-personal look at the life of a booty gangster in his first-ever music video for the single off Kama Sucia: The Art of Slangin' D.

Filmed in the wee hours of the morning by his buddy Matthew Hoyos, starring Bang Bros. faves Luna Star and Alby Rydes, it's pretty much the most Miami thing you'll see all week.

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2 Live Crew: Behind the Scenes at Circle House Studios in North Miami

Photo by Jacob Katel
2 Live Crew doing "Pop That Pussy" at Circle House.

Yesterday at Circle House, a girl fainted just from being in the same room as 2 Live Crew. She fell while standing up as the guys were interviewed by DJ Mad Links. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt, and she didn't break anything, so the fellas kep it moving.

For Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis, it was just another day in a career full of dramatic reactions to their music and their presence.

And with new album "Turn Me On" set to drop in January, they're promoting with a string of new video blogs that started shooting this week. Here are some photos from the action.

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E. Banga on Being a Female Rapper in Miami


If you attended last year's MIA Jamfest, a MicXChange or a WakeUpWynwood event, chances are you've noticed E. Banga -- and perhaps because her 4'11" height may have given the impression she may have given the bouncer a fake ID.

But if you are now reading about her for the first time, you may be thinking, "Who the hell is she? She hasn't even released a project." And you'd be right. She hasn't.

But equipped with a stockpile of singles, freestyles, and an upcoming EP, Banga is one of the few budding female emcees in Miami.

Crossfade hung out with the North Miami rapper to talk about that impending debut release, her feature on Amber Monique's "Picture Me Rollin'," writing for others, and doing it all while being a mother to her 5-year-old daughter.

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Little Beaver on "Party Down": "Drugs, Beautiful Women, and Life Was Carefree"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Photo by Jacob Katel
Willie "Little Beaver" Hale and Henry Stone, 2013.

Jay Z once cut Little Beaver a $60,000 check to sample "Party Life" for the movie American Gangster.

The artist also known as Willie Hale is a Miami guitarist so legendary that Jaco Pastorius, called the greatest electric bass player of all time, used to hang out at the TK Records studio in Hialeah, just to watch him play.

Beaver's got a new album out on Henry Stone Music this month, called Henry Stone's Best Of Little Beaver, so we caught up with the man himself to find out what inspired one of his most classic tunes, the 1974 hit, "Party Down."

Here's what he had to say about gettin' high, shakin' hips, and the rhythm of Brazil.

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