Miami's Rolling Loud Music Festival: "Why Don't We Have an Ultra for Hip-Hop?"

Schoolboy Q be like: "Why isn't there an all-day rap festival in Miami?"

The 305's music scene is blowing up. It's not just about Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival anymore. And it's not just about dance music.

"Why is Ultra the only show in Miami with multiple stages, and it's all EDM?" asks Tariq Cherif, cofounder of Dope Entertainment. "Why don't we have that for hip-hop?"

Come Saturday, February 28, we may no longer be able to ask that question, because these local promoters are turning up the volume with Rolling Loud, an all-day rap festival at Soho Studios featuring performances from Schoolboy Q, Juicy J, A$AP Ferg, Action Bronson, and others.

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Push Fridays at Steam Miami: "Downtown for the Locals"

Oscar G and Lazaro Casanova pushin' it at Steam Miami's Push Fridays.

The work week can be tough. It can be boring. And just when you're ready to let loose, the weekend can be expensive, especially when you live in Miami and suffer from a bass addiction.

Thankfully, there's a new surge of locals-only parties on the downtown club scene, and Push Fridays at Steam Miami is your DWNTN dealer movin' homegrown beats, live art, tasty noms, and solid drink specials.

So far, Push, produced in conjunction with Humans Alike, has booked local faves like Oscar G and Harry Romero, but they do bring talent from the wider world too. The vibe is a blend of house subgenres and techno. But it's not so much about any particular sound as the vibe.

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Rene Lecour Talks Amigo Skate Cuba's 2015 Trip to the Island: "Five Years Strong"

Photo by Chris Miller for

Rene Lecour and Amigo Skate Cuba have sent over 1,000 skateboard wheels rolling through Havana, and now they're going back to donate more.

Born five years ago when Kaya Lecour convinced his dad to take a skate trip to Cuba, Amigo Skate and its crew's mission has grown into a yearly pilgrimage, delivering skateboards to an island with no skateshops. They also bring art supplies.

In February, they're flying back to Havana. And so far, they've got 20 volunteers and they're always looking for more. They're throwing a benefit show January 31 at Churchill's Pub too.

Here's what founder Rene Lecour has to say about marble, concrete, and doing it for the love.

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Rat Bastard Talks International Noise Conference 2015

Photo by Jason Finkbeiner

If you step into the South Beach apartment-turned-recording-studio of local underground music aficionado Frank Falestra, better known by his ubiquitous stage name, Rat Bastard, you've got to come prepared.

From the sundry rock posters, guitars and paraphernalia dotting the walls, to the full rack of records and the ceiling-high stacks of amps, Rat's been tirelessly playing and cataloguing music for damn near his whole existence. He can talk at a rapid clip about his latest musical ongoings, be it a Matador labelhead buying a tape of a recent recording project (local one-woman band Smut), or Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame stopping by to record a couple one-off ditties for his girlfriend.

We at New Times sat down with the ever-industrious Bastard for a chat about his upcoming yearly experimental fest, the International Noise Conference.

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Stitches Joins eBay, Selling "STITCHES DONK" for $12,600

Still from Stitches' "Brick in Yo' Face"
Stitches: Viral sensation, brick broker, used-car salesman.

What's Miami native, "Brick in Yo' Face" rapper, internet celebrity, and self-proclaimed cocaine king Stitches do when he's gotta fund a reup?

Apparently, he joins eBay, lists his "STITCHES DONK," and waits for the bidders to bring a briefcase full of donk dollars to his "threshold." (That's Stitches speak for door.)

He may "love sellin' blow!" And "make drug money, fool, don't need a rap check, never." But it seems he wouldn't mind about $12,600 in cold, hard, used-car cash.

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Lazaro Casanova, Miami's House Hustler: "I Can Never Complain About Having Too Much Work"

Photo by Adolfo Ferro
Lazaro Casanova: Work hard, party harder.

How can a man be everywhere and nowhere all at once? Ask dance music professional Lazaro Casanova.

He holds down several jobs. He plays club gigs every week. But "I sometimes get into these music hermit holes," Casanova says. "I sit here and I get so caught up in work, I hardly go outside."

When he does finally leave home, it's usually during the nighttime hours for his Futro monthly at Bardot with Miami house legend Oscar G. Soon, he'll also be making a monthly scene at Steam. And he's always got a few other local and national engagements too. But for hours every day, he's stuck indoors, helping to run G's Murk Records and his own petFood label while mastering tracks, writing originals, editing remixes, and otherwise staring meticulously into a screen.

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Miami's Stephanie Acevedo Signs to Lil Wayne's Young Money Label

Categories: Local Music, News

Courtesy of Young Money
Stephanie Acevedo, crawling through the surf for her debut Young Money music video.

Sure, Lil Wayne may be seeking a divorce from his daddy, Birdman, who runs the Cash Money record label to which Weezy's been signed since he was 9 years old.

But just because he ain't no longer "Stuntin' Like His Daddy"... That doesn't doesn't mean the "Lollipop" rapper's gonna quit repping his Young Money label, the imprint on Cash Money that he founded in 2005.

So far, YM has produced superstars Drake and Nicky Minaj. (And yeah, shamefully consorted with Paris Hilton too.) But Wayne's latest signee... Miami's Stephanie Acevedo.

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Cocodrills Talks Exclusive Residency Deal with Space Miami: "We Feel Honored, Humbled"


A lot of kids have dreams, and we're all told to shoot for the stars, but the unfortunate reality is a lot of us get lost along the way.

Well, the Cocodrills guys must have found some magic map, because they never wavered or wandered while reaching for the sky. After years of hard work and looking up, they finally landed in Space -- and on the Terrace, no less.

Starting this weekend, as part of a new exclusive residency, these homegrown dance music stars, Adam Cruz and Christian Diaz, will be spending at least two Saturdays a month taking control of the decks at the legendary downtown Miami nightclub.

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Kat Dahlia Talks Debut Album, My Garden:
"It's Mainly Just About Human Emotions"

Photo by Rankin
Miami's Kat Dahlia.

It's been a tumultuous three years for Miami singer-songwriter Kat Dahlia.

In 2012, the fledgling recording artist and former waitress signed a recording contract with Epic Records. A year later, she released her first single, the piano-laced hit "Gangsta," which ranked 47th on Billboard's Hop R&B Songs of 2013 list and has garnered more than 15 million views on YouTube so far.

That summer, Dahlia got pulled over for a DUI, but that hardly affected her career. And in 2014, Complex ranked her debut album, My Garden, as the year's 46th most anticipated album while she made plans for her first national tour.

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Hazardis Soundz Talks Hip-Hop and How to Save the Culture

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Courtesy of Hazardis Soundz
N.O.R.E. and Hazardis Soundz.

True hip-hop will never die. But if the people want to rescue real rap music, they're gonna have to fight.

That's what Miramar producer Hazardis Soundz is doing with his latest mixtape, Save the Culture, which is a battle cry of lethal verses, head-cracking beats, and OG rappers from the underground.

Here's what he has to say about fighting Iggy Azalea, going back 15 years with Gunplay, and becoming N.O.R.E.'s engineer.

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