My Deer Talks "Story" and "367 Ideas for Songs"

Photo by Carlos Monino
My Deer's Jo Viscaino and Yannick J. Calleiro.

"I'm like Willy Wonka with his chocolate factory, always coming up with ideas," My Deer's Jo Viscaino says. "I just checked my phone and I have 367 recordings saved of ideas for songs."

To some completing 367 songs might seem an outlandish ambition, but as many a fortune cookie have declared, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Just such a step is what Viscaino and My Deer will be celebrating Saturday night with the release of their debut single "Story."

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DJ YNot's Juicy Thursdays: A Dose of Classic Hip-Hop for Downtown Miami

Courtesy of DJ YNot
DJ YNot, digging the crates.

Stop lettin' your tape rock till it pops. There's a new place in town to get a dose of classic hip-hop.

Every Thursday, DJ YNot is taking over downtown Miami's Therapy with Juicy, a night of real hip-hop from the edge of the golden era, played through a good sound system, in a room where the b-boys have enough dance floor to let loose while the ladies drink free till midnight.

The night just kicked off. But YNot's got a plan.

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Mr. Entertainment Talks Book of Guinnesses and "Punk Rock 'Diarrhea'"

Photo by
Mr. Entertainment (born Steven Toth) and his Pookiesmacking punk pals.

If you like songs about cocaine, marijuana, liquor stores, tropical diseases, and booty shaking, then Last Testament: Book of Guinnesses by Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers is the rock album for you.

Making fun of life and politics since 1999, these South Florida miscreants are louder than ever, with a full-length 12-inch vinyl record coming out in 2015 on their own label.

They're also playing this Friday at Churchill's Pub, paying tribute to the life of the late Dan Hosker and raising money for spinal injury survivor Priya Ray from Kreamy 'Lectric Santa.

Here's what Mr. Entertainment had to say about independent records, stoner creations, and diarrhea.

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Miami's Best Albums, EPs, and Singles of 2014

Categories: Lists, Local Music

Photo by Marco Torres
Miami, where the streets rumble with dirty house, street rap, metal, indie, punk rock, and EDM.

Welcome to the 305. The city that vibes. And shakes ass. And shreds.

Too often, jetsetters and Midwestern tourists land on the sandy white shores of South Beach seeking only uhntz-uhntz and a trip to the VIP. And sure, we love that stuff too.

But the locals know Miami is also about that dirty house music, raw street rap, sludge metal, indie tuneage, punk rock, and tripped-out EDM. We pop booties one night. And we headbang the next. That's the real Dade County.

Here are Miami's ten best albums, EPs, and singles of 2014.

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DJ Roliboy on Miami Bass: Disco Dave Played Slow-Down Music Before DJ Screw

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Courtesy of DJ Roliboy

In the great traditions of DJ Uncle Al, Disco Dave, and Milton "Butterball" Smith, DJ Roliboy is a Miami street DJ known for dropping tremendo bass.

He was posted at the Graffé Cafe in Wynwood during Art Basel Miami Beach throwing his "Rollin Balls 7.8: Booty Monster" mix straight onto N. Miami Ave. off some old-school big-box speakers that were stopping traffic.

With 2015 almost here, Roliboy has a new album on deck. Here's what he had to say about Miami bass, the origins of slow-down music, and making Baja Panties tapes.

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Gunplay: "I'm Not Scared of Success Now"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


Gunplay approaches a medium height Hispanic male who has jus taken a bump of coke. He disrespectfully places a finger in front of Gunplay's face suggesting for him to hold on. Not one to take the disrespect lightly, Gunplay pulls out a gun from his waist and shoots the man in the head.

Though Gunplay has a live wire, pop-off-at-any-time reputation, this night the rapper is just rehearsing scenes at Florida Film House for an upcoming movie entitled ""

The last couple of years for the Maybach Music rapper has been a roller coaster to say the least. And even after tree successful singles, "Rollin'," "Bible On The Dash" and "Aiight," Gunplay's Living Legend album has yet to hit shelves.

Gunplay took sometime out of rehearsal to talk to Crossfade about 2014, the delay for Living Legend, "The Field: Miami" and why local acts can't get on Miami radio stations.

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305 Fest: Four Days, Five Venues, 57 Bands

Photo by Ronnie Rivera

Miami's always had good punk rock, even when the rest of the U.S. didn't know it.

Our city's punk scene has been world class since the mid '70s and the Magic City's actually developed a sound of its own, steeped in tropical sludge and sun-bleached scuzz.

That's why 305 Fest has been able to ramble on for about a decade now, in one incarnation or another, putting forth an annual deluge of homegrown bands peppered with out-of-towners.

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Khaotic, Overtown Rapper's Basel 2014 Art Piece Started Blockwide "Boola!" Chant

Photos by Jacob Katel
Khaotic Killz Basel

Khaotic is an Overtown rapper who collaborated with a Hungarian abstract artist named MSL for "Khaotic Killz Basel," a mobile pop-up art performance.

They put a painting on a Benz and staged impromptu street performaces of Khaotic's new single "Dime Piece" while parked on the busiest block in Wynwood.

Up and down NW Second Ave., people cheered and smiled and stared. They took photos, yelled "Boola!," and enjoyed the shindiggin'. Here's what it looked like and what the people had to say about it.

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Jose El Rey Retrospective: "It Was A Little Like Being Possessed"

Courtesy of Jose Flores

"Back in 2006, I had no band, no car, and a lot of free time," says Miami musician Jose Flores.

"So I was doing hundreds of home recordings. I always thought freestyle and Miami bass were these fun and lost genres. I noticed that the simpler, funny bass-heavy jams were getting the best reactions from my friends.

"I thought, What kind of guy would sing these songs? And I pictured a wetter, hairier version of myself on vocals, and I named him José El Rey."

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Novy Græy of {in-boxes} on Spirituality and the Creation of a Personal Musical Mythos

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Sean Banton, compliments of Novy Græy

Novy Græy is an enthusiastic young man, talented and spiritual. While emerging with Quarter Horses as an intricate, self-described "Gospel Noir" outfit, he's also been the main driving force behind the technical and experimental project {in-boxes}.

We had a chance for a lengthy discussion about spirituality, music and the creation of a personal mythology with the former Bear Nine member and the result was a layered and rich conversation that mirrors his musicality.

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