Blowfly's Save the Funky House Party: "Take Care of Our Local Legend"

Photo by John Sevigny

Blowfly is so old that hieroglyphics on Egyptian pyramids show him and Cleopatra having oral sex. Legend has it that's where he wrote the lyrics to his classic "Girl Let Me Cum in Your Mouth."

Both Snoop Dogg and the RZA have cited his profound influence on the world of music. And Canada's cult media personality Nardwuar is another massive fan.

For those who don't know the history: Blowfly's alter ego, Clarence Reid, is a soul, funk, and R&B pioneer who started his career with Deep City, Florida's first black-owned record label.

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DJ Craze's "New Slaves Routine" Video Proves Real DJs Aren't "Professional iPod Controllers"

Categories: Local Music, Video

Photo by Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore

Don't you just hate it when dumb TV funnymen joke about DJs being nothing but "professional iPod controllers"?

Just because a few lazy douchebags get paid millions to fist-pump, mix overplayed tracks, and strike Christ poses ... It doesn't mean that "DJing is easy,"

And the 305's own DJ Craze, a three-time solo world DMC champ and Slow Roast Records boss, is here to show that #RealDJing is dope as shit.

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Kill "Pitbullshit," Fake DJs in New Video Game

Still from Dr. Kucho's Ghosts 'n DJs video game trailer

Does Pitbull's "Timber" make you wanna murder? Are you effin' fed up with fake DJs like Paris Hilton getting paid $1 million per night?

Time to play Ghosts 'n DJs, a new, retro video game from a Spanish electronic music producer named Dr. Kuch.

The mission... Rid mankind of all the pop and EDM hacks who "came to take over the world and punish our ears to death."

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Jeremy Kolosine on South Florida Synth Punk and 8-Bit Operators' Depeche Mode Tribute

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Courtesy of Jeremy Kolosine
Jeremy Kolosine, master of minimalism.

In the late '70s, California bands like the Screamers and the Unit were creating what we currently refer to as synth punk.

Meanwhile, South Florida -- often maligned for its geographical and cultural isolation -- was witness to the creation of a similar (if not more refined) sound through the work of British transplant Jeremy Kolosine and his band Futurisk.

Once an innovator, always an innovator, Kolosine is now known for his deep explorations into the minimalist nuances of digital sound. As ringleader of the 8-bit Operators, he has released a series of highly acclaimed tribute albums, the latest of which is in honor of Depeche Mode.

We here at Crossfade recently had a chance to discuss his long, storied career.

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Tobacco Road: A Seven-Part, 102-Year History

Categories: Local Music, News

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Legend has it that Miami was just 15 years old when the city's mayor lost its first liquor license in an illegal poker game with a Miccosukee card shark.

Now, 102 years later, that document has been to hell and back, and Tobacco Road is proof.

The joint has been a reckless, lawless haven for liquor-fueled revelry since its inception, and suffice to say, the record keeping wasn't the joint's top priority. So we've taken the pieces of real history that we could find and patched together a look at the life and death of Tobacco Road.

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Miami's Webbz on His Medicinal EP and Grinding on When "You Want to Quit"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


Since 2006 Miami's Webbz has worked with Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and Gunplay.

And though he's always proud of his friends' triumphs, it can still get a little frustrating when everyone around you seems to be enjoying great success. Especially if you're still considered "an up-and-comer."

But even if he's not getting major radio play and millions of dollars yet, Webbz remains a player on Miami's hip-hop and rap scene, which just might be about to blow up, as evidenced by the 305 Live showcase at this month's A3C Festival in Atlanta.

Recently, Crossfade sat down with Webbz over some Flanigan's to talk about his new Medicinal EP, cliques in Miami, working with Cam'ron, and grinding on when "you want to quit."

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Mattress Giant Jingle Gets X-Rated 305 Remix: "Looking for That Ooh-Aah Feel"

Courtesy of Niko Javan
Double cup + Mattress Giant = Deepest sleep ever.


Whether you were a kid sitting down to cartoon time or a middle-aged perv prowling late-night TV for phone-sex ads ...

We all just couldn't stop singing that orgasmic Mattress Giant jingle: "If you're looking for that ooh-ahh feel, come to Mattress Giant/When you want that ooh-ahh deal, we've got the best price/For that ooh-ahh bed, it's only at Mattress Giant."

The Miami-founded chain store went defunct in 2012. But now that "ooh-ahh" shit's got an X-rated remix, thanks to the 305's Niko Javan.

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DJ Khaled Checks Into Miami Hospital

Categories: Local Music, News

A now-deleted selfie of Khaled receiving oxygen therapy.

Suffering From Success is a lifelong condition.

And last night DJ Khaled checked into Aventura Hospital because, as the title track off his most recent album explains, "The price of fame, shit real."

Though the actual cause of the big man's visit remains a mystery, his stay might have been related to the perils of being "We the Best!"

But probably it just had to do with high blood pressure.

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Murs and ¡Mayday! Talk ¡Mursday!: "We Like to Dice It Up"


What do you get when you combine a veteran rapper from L.A. with a hip-hop group from Miami? Nothing less than the celebration of sound known as ¡Mursday!

The creative relationship between Murs and ¡Mayday! goes back to the band's first album, Take Me to Your Leader, which featured Murs on the track "Hardcore Bitches."

"When we first worked on a song together there was good chemistry between us," says ¡Mayday! emcee Wrekonize. "And after that, we talked back and forth about making more music. He tweeted us semi-seriously that we should make an album. He was joking, but the fans picked up on it, and it caught fire. That's when the idea of ¡Mursday! really hit the road."

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Meet the XYZA Collective, Miami's 12-Member Electronic Music Crew

Photo by Alexandra Noghaven
XYZA's The Gamma Bot.

An industrial-sized fan, huge enough to cool off hell, whirred across from Jerry, AKA the Gamma Bot. About to perform some awesome '90s R&B-influenced electronic tracks, the guy's glorious mane was not even mussed by the manmade gusts.

Originally he and the other members of XYZA (pronounced zi-zuh) were planning to play their III Points Festival showcase outside. But after lugging equipment to Wood Tavern in this heat, they opted to stay indoors.

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