Kat Dahlia Talks Debut Album, My Garden:
"It's Mainly Just About Human Emotions"

Photo by Rankin
Miami's Kat Dahlia.

It's been a tumultuous three years for Miami singer-songwriter Kat Dahlia.

In 2012, the fledgling recording artist and former waitress signed a recording contract with Epic Records. A year later, she released her first single, the piano-laced hit "Gangsta," which ranked 47th on Billboard's Hop R&B Songs of 2013 list and has garnered more than 15 million views on YouTube so far.

That summer, Dahlia got pulled over for a DUI, but that hardly affected her career. And in 2014, Complex ranked her debut album, My Garden, as the year's 46th most anticipated album while she made plans for her first national tour.

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Hazardis Soundz Talks Hip-Hop and How to Save the Culture

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Courtesy of Hazardis Soundz
N.O.R.E. and Hazardis Soundz.

True hip-hop will never die. But if the people want to rescue real rap music, they're gonna have to fight.

That's what Miramar producer Hazardis Soundz is doing with his latest mixtape, Save the Culture, which is a battle cry of lethal verses, head-cracking beats, and OG rappers from the underground.

Here's what he has to say about fighting Iggy Azalea, going back 15 years with Gunplay, and becoming N.O.R.E.'s engineer.

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Grey 8s on Starting as a Church Band: "They Looked Down on Us Listening to Black Sabbath"

Courtesy of Grey 8s
Grey 8s' Andres Bedoya, Danny Burns, and László Piringer.

"If you add up the numbers in 2015, you get eight," says Danny Burns, singer, guitarist, songwriter, and numerologist for Miami garage rock band Grey 8s, when asked about his plans for the upcoming year.

The group began in Dania, where Burns and drummer Andres Bedoya formed the foundation of a church band. According to the guitarist, it didn't take long for them to realize their musical tastes and religion might not be a holy union.

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Cherry Pop Saturdays at Sidebar: "Not About Hype, Just Good Music and Fun"

Courtesy of Sidebar
A typically risque Cherry Pop party poster.

Saturday night in Miami is flashy, glitzy, glamorous, and quite often expensive. So what is a party kid to do when your wallet is low and your mood is chill? Can't you just hit a club, have a drink, and listen to some dope tunes without going all out?

Sidebar thinks you should, and with Cherry Pop Saturdays, you can.

"It's not so much about hype," says Raul Sanchez, co-owner of the Brickell hangout and one of the minds behind the Cherry Pop project. "I think that's what's been my mantra with any parties or anything I've been associated with, just good music and fun."

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Torche Talks New Album, Restarter: "It's About the Demise of Humankind"

Photo by Janette Valentine
Torche's Jonathan Nuñez, Andrew Elstner, Steve Brooks, and Rick Smith.

Torche is a kickass rock band. These guys riff, shred, and open portals of feedback into annihilating dimensions of brutality. But they do so while maintaining a welcoming, accessible tone that's drawn legions of fans and won over critics, all around the world.

Their new album, Restarter, is slated to drop on Relapse next month. And it promises a post-apocalyptic vision of the future in which machines kill people.

"Some of the album is about the demise of humankind," says bass player Jonathan Nuñez, "and computers taking over everything."

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Rick Ross Gets Miami Heat Face Tattoo

Via instagram.com/RichForever

The Bawse got that Fuego fever.

After four straight trips to the NBA Finals and two championships, our Miami Heat (or el Miami Fuego, as the team is known during the National Basketball Association's annual Noches Latinas) has gotten off to a lackluster start for this 2014-15 season.

We lost LeBron to the Cleveland Steamers. And so far, we've posted a losing 15-20 record.

Still, Rick Ross is a lifer. And he just got a Miami Heat face tattoo to prove it.

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RIP Noel "King Sporty" Williams, Miami Reggae Pioneer and "Buffalo Soldier" Writer

Long live the King. He was 71 years old.

When King Sporty died, Rihanna cried.

The man who wrote "Buffalo Soldier" with Bob Marley in a smoke-filled studio in Hialeah flew to the other side on Monday, January 5 in a Miami hospital at the age of 71.

With roots in Jamaica's Trenchtown music scene that wholly informed hip-hop, pioneering forays into electronic dance music, and an indomitable funk, the man born Noel G. Williams led a life in music that affected millions. And he did much of it from his longtime home in Allapattah, where he was also a mini real estate tycoon.

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Darren "DJ Spin" Rudnick Talks Uncle Luke and Producing Pitbull's First Record

Courtesy of DJ Spin
Uncle Luke and Darren "DJ Spin" Rudnick backstage at LIV last year.

Darren "DJ Spin" Rudnick produced "Scarred," "It's Your Birthday," and "Raise the Roof."
And he was just 12 years old when he first saw 2 Live Crew in concert at the Miami Baseball Stadium.

He'd known the group's music since age 11, when a buddy from school showed him the "Throw the D" dance while walking down the street on the way home from school.

By 15, he was producing his own tracks and touring around the country as the DJ for the group Young & Restless ("Poison Ivy"). At 17, he found himself in Luke Records, where Fresh Kid Ice gave him a shot to prove himself. That led to producing Pitbull's first record. Here's what DJ Spin has to say about it, in his own words.

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Six New Year's 2015 Resolutions for Miami's Music Scene

Categories: Lists, Local Music

Photo by Alex Markow

Wow. Much year. Many new.

Miami turned a corner in 2014. The Heat may have failed to three-peat, but there's a certain positivity in the subtropical air that can't be denied. Even as some of our most treasured music and nightlife establishments disappear into the abyss of time, there are lots of things to be excited about.

But wait just a minute... Let's not get carried away with the woo-hoo-ing. We all have some work to do in 2015. So here are our friendly annual suggestions for a better scene.

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Electric Kingdom Live on WVUM Turns 20

Photo by Monica McGivern
Everyone, including Miami's own DJ Hottpants, has visited the Electric Kingdom.

Electronic music is the sound of the future, so it makes sense that one of WVUM's longest-running weekly radio programs is Electric Kingdom Live.

"Most specialty shows are focused on a specific genre, but Electric Kingdom is focused on a format," says Kunal Chohan, 20. He currently hosts the 20-year University of Miami program, having inherited it a year ago from his predecessor, Ashley G. He's also the WVUM station manager and a pre-med student.

"Electronic music in general has been evolving steadily this entire time, so the shows been evolving with it," he continues. "It is where the future is. It's where all the technology and development is going towards, and it's where a lot of musicians are moving their focus. The format has just remained so fresh that the show's remained relevant."

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