Shake 108 FM: New Non-Profit, Local Radio Station Launches in Miami

Courtesy of Peter Stebbins
Shake 108 FM's Peter Stebbins. Say gracias to him for a radio station that isn't trash.

If you're scanning the FM dial and miraculously land on a song that doesn't suck, chances are you've found Miami's newest low-power radio station, 107.9, AKA Shake 108. For that, you can thank Miami native Peter Stebbins.

The 44-year-old first thought to start his own station years ago, after returning from a brief stint living in Atlanta and realizing how bad South Florida radio is. "When I first looked into opening my own station, I found that it's pretty much impossible," Stebbins remembers. "You need about $20 million to start a Y100. I didn't have $20 million."

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Ice Billion Berg Slams 99 Jamz' Pay-for-Plays: "They Don't Support Local Music at All"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


With no label and no overground radio backing him, Miami's Ice Billion Berg has rallied the support of close to 100,000 dedicated fans, mostly in the Gunshine State alone.

Thanks to high-caliber wordplay, slamming Magic City beats, a new studio, and a dedication to the grind, his latest mixtape, Damage Is Done, is smashing speakers from Florida City to Tallahassee.

Here's what Billion had to say about his Live House Life, smokin' loud, and putting his baby's mother on a track.

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Nicole Salgar Launches the Louis Salgar Fund: "It's Something I Know He Would've Wanted"


"He was superfunny. He was full of conviction. He was so talented."

Three months ago, on the afternoon of Monday, June 23, 2014, Nicole Salgar lost her 29-year-old brother, Louis, a well-known Miami punk musician and bartender, when he was fatally shot in his own home by an intruder who'd randomly decided to rob 8551 NE Eighth Court in search of money for food and drugs.

But instead of cash, the burglar found a gun. And tragically, Louis returned to his residence before the thief had left. There was a confrontation. Salgar was wounded. And he died. Two and a half weeks later, a 51-year-old convicted felon named Raul Reinosa was arrested for the murder.

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Miami's Minimax Events: "We're Trying to Do Things to Set Us Apart"

Photo by Luke Christopher

As director of Minimax Events, Matthew Ohashi has helped book more than 200 international acts to play major Miami clubs, from Mansion to the Delano, Electric Pickle to Treehouse.

It's a thrill to bring high-quality dance music entertainment to discerning Miami crowds. But if Ohashi's being honest, the same old nightlife song and dance can get a little boring. That's why he and the Minimax crew have begun working on a new type of nightlife experience, focusing on fun and interesting concepts, then programming the music to fit the vibe.

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Miami's Five Best Dance Promoters

Categories: Lists, Local Music

Photo by: George Martinez
Just look at how much fun these darn kids are having.

You may take for granted that Miami is a great dance music mecca, but there's a lot of work that goes into it. Big-name DJs don't just decide to come to town. They've got to be invited, and then provided for and paid and all that backstage business shit. Same with the underground acts, and in that case, you've really got to know your shit, and know your audience.

It's hard to make it in the Magic City, and it's often a thankless game. It's about time we took a moment to celebrate those promotional groups keeping the 305 in the list of must-see dance hubs. Thanks for all the good times, bruhs.

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Bizerk on Working With RedLyte and Sound Movement: "We Should Call It The Stoner Tour"

Sound Movement rapper Bizerk.

Florida is America's reggae music capital.

More island-music talent resides in the Sunshine State than anywhere besides Jamaica.

From the Panhandle to the gumbo pot of Miami, local riddim rockers Sound Movement prove it with every easy-skankin' riff. Here is what the band's rapper Bizerk has to say about working with RedLyte, crowds in Coco Beach, and hitting Cali.

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Tuff Gnarl's Evening of Rock and Debauch: "We'll See How the New Churchill's Holds Up"

Photo by Neil Cohen and Carla X party harder than you.

As a child, turning a year old means your parents will throw some party that you'll never remember.

But when a music and culture blog reaches the end of its first 365 days, the occasion should be commemorated with an Evening of Rock 'n' Roll and Debauch. So that's exactly what is planning for Churchill's Pub on Saturday, September 20.

"It's going to be interesting to say the least," says founder and longtime Miami punk-scene figure Chuck Livid. "We'll see how the new Churchill's holds up."

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Iggy Pop, Usually Shirtless, Designs Clothing Line

Photo by Mick Rock
Mr. Pop's barechested glamour shot for his fashion gig with Sailor Jerry.

The man appears to be allergic to any article of clothing that covers his taut, tan sexagenarian chest.

And yet, Iggy Pop, the 67-year-old rock god, punk pioneer, and Miami resident, who's spent much of the last six decades going shirtless, is gonna be designing a clothing line.

Teaming up with Sailor Jerry, the spiced rum and lifestyle brand based on the work of the late old-school tattoo artist Norman Collins, Mr. Pop will be this year's creative director for the so-called Flash Collection. And his debut contribution: "an iconic denim vest."

Sleeveless and not quite a shirt ... So it doesn't break any of Iggy's personal sartorial rules.

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SpaceGhostPurpp's Website Got Hacked by an 11-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Shark

Categories: Local Music, News

Photo by Stian Roenning
Yes, SGP is beefin' with a preteen.

Here at Crossfade, we have mad love for SpaceGhostPurrp, but not everyone shares our feelings.

In fact, some offhand remarks about bad rap music have got 11-year-old rapper Lil Shark feelin' more than just some type of way. The whitest kid in hip-hop not only put out a less-than-scathing diss track freestyle, he hacked SGP's website.

These darn kids and their computers, amirite?

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2 Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice on Getting Arrested "Just 'Cause the Album Was Deemed Obscene"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

2 Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice, waving hello.

Fresh Kid Ice is the only member of 2 Live Crew to appear on every 2 Live Crew album.

He's one of three founding members who got together in a dorm room at an Air Force base in Riverside, California, started rocking shows in Miami, moved permanently to the 305, and took sexplicit bass music around the world.

Now 2 Live Crew is back with a new album, Turn Me On, that features cameos by Trick Daddy, Trina, E-40, Too Short, Insane Clown Posse, and production from Pretty Tony and Mannie Fresh.

Here's what Fresh Kid Ice had to say about booty bass, performing on top of speakers, and getting arrested for making music.

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