Ben Wash Drops Debut Album, Snob Rock: "Rebellious Punk Geared Toward a Dance Club"

Miami producer and King's Head Records boss Ben Wash.

Ben Wash couldn't be anything further from a snob.

Talking with him, he's affable and surprisingly energetic, especially considering we're calling him in the midst of a busy visit to California, where he's promoting his debut full-length album, Snob Rock.

"It's something I kind of throw around," Wash says when asked about the album's title. "It's more of a rebellious, punk sound geared toward a dance club."

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South Florida's PBG, Pretty Boy Gangsta from Loaf Of Bread Records

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

via PBG and Loaf Of Bread Records
PBG is stuck on go, with his foot on the gas.

Going from dirty clothes to filthy rich isn't easy, but Fort Myers' Pretty Boy Gangsta has done it by traversing Alligator Alley to Miami for more than a decade.

The rapper whose brother built the label and studio that made Plies famous is about to star in his own MTV music video.

Working with his own Loaf of Bread Records, local superproducers Cool N Dre, PBG has set the stage for a new era in representing South Florida in mainstream gangsta rap. Here's what he had to say about unity in the community, expensive trees, and being locked up with T.I.

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Haochi Waves Releases Peggy: "She Lives Inside of All of Us"

Photo by Teajay Smith
The gals and guy of Haochi Waves.

Haochi Waves has been living up to the second part of its name for some time now.

From the ashes of Pretty Please, husband-and-wife creators Juan Oña and Ana Farina Mackliff reemerged, joined again by Didi Aragon. And now they're poised to release their latest band's first full-length album, Peggy.

In anticipation of this debut slab, we here at Crossfade spoke with drummer Juan Oña about the band, legal ordeals, and what's in the future.

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Interpol's Sam Fogarino: "Miami Is Where I Learned How to Do What I Do"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Christy Bush
Sam Fogarino, the drummer for Interpol and former Miami music scenester.

Before Sam Forgarino provided the beat for Interpol, one of the biggest (and best) indie-rock bands of the past decade, he was a fixture of our city's punk scene.

As a member of one of the area's most underrated bands ever, the Holy Terrors, Fogarino has deep musical roots in Miami. His local experiences were transformative, and the man credits some specific South Florida relationships for his success.

We here at Crossfade spoke with the drummer and songwriter about how the Holy Terrors' Rob Elba, Rat Bastard, Churchill's Pub, and Miami "showed me the way."

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Blowfly's Top Ten Contributions to Music

Categories: Lists, Local Music

Yo momma's favorite filthy rapper, Blowfly.

Blowfly, otherwise known as Clarence Reid, is more than just the world's first recorded rapper, a smooth-singing soul crooner, and a sex prophet for profit. He is living proof of Miami's global relevance to the world of music.

And there are not many people who know Blowfly as well as manager, drummer, and number-one fan Tom Bowker. He has both traveled the world with Mr. Fly as a touring musician and incurred his wrath over pizza.

So in preparation for this weekend's Save the Funky House Party, here are Blowfly's top ten contributions to music, according to Bowker.

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Jeopardy! and Alex Trebek Dis Miami's Ice "Billion" Berg as "Not a Successful Rapper"

Two actors and a successful rapper. Win $200 if you can tell which is which.

Ice "Billion" Berg is "so fucking fly" that he "can stand on the ceiling." And though standing on the ceiling is not one of the listed Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, given that Berg is going to buy your bitch and start claiming your daughter -- never mind that all his whips are from across the border -- it's tough to suggest that Berg is not successful.

And yet Monday night's Jeopardy! included the category "Not a Successful Rapper" in which three rapper names were supplied and contestants had to identify the one out-of-place or made-up name from the list. The $200 clue (one-fifth of a "stack," for our readers using the metric system) was "Ice Cube, Ice Berg, Ice T."

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Niko Javan Talks Trench EP and "Yoppin' My Own Path"

Photo by Natalie Reyes

Niko Javan be going through some changes.

"I'm letting out my inner James Blake, but I don't wanna act like I'm not a fucking clown," the Miami music producer and member of O'Grime says.

This "inner James Blake" is expressed beautifully on his new Trench EP, featuring vocals from The Loft and two distinctly different atmospheric tracks.

The multi-talented Javan also set the songs to a music video, which is essentially just a moving painting. But as he points out, "If you're high, I don't think it matters."

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Blowfly's Save the Funky House Party: "Take Care of Our Local Legend"

Photo by John Sevigny

Blowfly is so old that hieroglyphics on Egyptian pyramids show him and Cleopatra having oral sex. Legend has it that's where he wrote the lyrics to his classic "Girl Let Me Cum in Your Mouth."

Both Snoop Dogg and the RZA have cited his profound influence on the world of music. And Canada's cult media personality Nardwuar is another massive fan.

For those who don't know the history: Blowfly's alter ego, Clarence Reid, is a soul, funk, and R&B pioneer who started his career with Deep City, Florida's first black-owned record label.

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DJ Craze's "New Slaves Routine" Video Proves Real DJs Aren't "Professional iPod Controllers"

Categories: Local Music, Video

Photo by Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore

Don't you just hate it when dumb TV funnymen joke about DJs being nothing but "professional iPod controllers"?

Just because a few lazy douchebags get paid millions to fist-pump, mix overplayed tracks, and strike Christ poses ... It doesn't mean that "DJing is easy,"

And the 305's own DJ Craze, a three-time solo world DMC champ and Slow Roast Records boss, is here to show that #RealDJing is dope as shit.

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Kill "Pitbullshit," Fake DJs in New Video Game

Still from Dr. Kucho's Ghosts 'n DJs video game trailer

Does Pitbull's "Timber" make you wanna murder? Are you effin' fed up with fake DJs like Paris Hilton getting paid $1 million per night?

Time to play Ghosts 'n DJs, a new, retro video game from a Spanish electronic music producer named Dr. Kuch.

The mission... Rid mankind of all the pop and EDM hacks who "came to take over the world and punish our ears to death."

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