Pepe Billete's Christmas: Naked Cubanitas, Fake Rick Ross, and Yolis, AKA Cuban Molly

Pepe Billete says: "¡Feliz Navidad, comemierdas!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... The Holidays are all about family and delving into the true spirit of the season.

But Crossfade and Pepe Billete are not fooled by any of that swill. We know that it's all about the party and la jodedera. In his latest offering through Escoria Films, Señor Billetazo introduces the latest reject from Jim Henson's creature shop, the Pookie Monster.

Madge can look for Molly all she fucking wants, but if the good Cubanitos and Cubanitas wanna get it together this Christmas season, it's all about the Yolis and Pepe, el Pookie, and La Tia Cuca have got it for you with this latest magical bilingual ditty.

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La Chusmería Continues With the Cuban Interpretation of Rick Ross

Chusma vs. Rick Ross
Yesterday, we brought you a trailblazing (and clearly drunken) Cuban riff on a video by those alternative rock retreads Live.

But the real gem is this dude's take on a Rick Ross song. And it's not for the faint of heart. In the video, el Cubanito rips the glorified ghetto-ness to shreds. I believe this guy could fight a gorilla. Regardless of which, I ask you put the PC (political correctness) on the backburner and get a good laugh from this track that, like the Teflon Don himself, could've only come out of Miami.

Enjoy the video after the jump. And English speakers, go grab the nearest Latino for translating help.

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Marimbero's YouTube Riff on Live: Only in Miami... and That's a Good Thing!

It's chusma time with Live!
Last week's local YouTube sensation was a marimbero who took it upon himself to reinterpret a couple of choice musical numbers, including a video by '90s alt-rock retreads Live.

The lively running commentary features gags on arrebatos, primos who don't shut up, and the headache after a good party -- not to mention haircuts, hairdos, and bitches who don't stop with the cellphone-calling. "Estos pantalones no me sirven!" It kinda sounds like a party I attended five or six years ago, the only difference being we had some juicy Caja China pork to munch on.

Check out the video after the jump.

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The Sultry Sounds of Nicole Henry at MOCA Tonight

We must not put wax in our ears. We must answer the siren's call. We will gladly steer our boats into the rocky hell she promises. There is nothing wrong with going down into a watery grave when her chant is so sweet, so inviting, and so resplendent.

Nicole Henry is an enchantress. A siren, a banshee, a goddess. For all the years and players that made this town a jazz Mecca, we've been the ones at fault for letting it go the wayside.

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Mad About Miami: Artist Shepard Fairey is Coming Back for Basel

Categories: Mad About Miami
Shepard Fairey
Click here to read past installments of our occasional Crossfade series, Mad About Miami, in which celebs dish on their favorite local spots. 

Shepard Fairey, the man responsible for iconic imagery such as "Obey Giant" and Obama's "Hope" poster, made quite a splash during last year's Art Basel, especially when he got on the decks at The Red Room. And as the LA imagist tells New Times, this year his presence is sure to splash even larger.

We caught up with one of the art world's busiest operative on the eve of the release of Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change (Abrams $22.50), a collection of some of the best art work done on behalf of our current president before he became so. The book, which Fairey co-curated with Evolutionary Media Group's Jennifer Gross, follows loosely on the heels of the 20th anniversary deluxe hardcover edition of his own OBEY: Supply & Demand (Gingko Press $59.95), a five-and-a-half pound retrospective that spans the man's entire career to date.

But we're here to hear about the MIA, and this is what Fairey had to say on that subject:

New Times: Wasn't that you spinning at the Shore Club during last year's Art Basel?

Shepard: Yeah, I was there. I deejayed at the Red Room.
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Mad About Miami: Moby Loves White Room Most (And the Carl Cox Tent at Ultra)

Being a Miami native, I'm always curious to hear what folks think about my hometown. And, as you might suspect, I'm not afraid to ask. When it's bold-faced name folks, I get even more curious. Not that their thoughts are any more or any less important than those of plain text folks, mind you; but that their thoughts do seem to get around more. And they're much more likely to have an impact too.

So here is  what I hope will be the first in an occasional series called Mad About Miami, where I ask some bold-faced names to come clean about Miami. And it is with great good pleasure that I begin with no less a name than Moby.

Here we go now, after the jump -- and get a free MP3 from Moby, too. More »

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