South Florida Grindcore Supergroup 440 Debuts at Fox's Sherron Inn October 15

440's Angelo Santa Lucia is part of a vast legacy of brutality.
Someone needs to sit down and finally sketch out the ultimate South Florida punk rock family tree. Because, we're willing to say at any given moment in the past, say, 10 years of Miami punk and hardcore, each sub-scene (Friday night mohawk, oogle, hardcore boy, hardcore boi, etc.) has had 10 to 15 people behind 100 bands.

Now we're not complaining. Because over and over again in different pairings pursuing different styles, the classics never go out of style. And 440 is the latest installment of a South Florida legacy of brutality dating back to the early 2000s when an underage punk populace (that hadn't yet figured out how to sneak into Churchill's) began throwing house parties in the middle of Kendall and warehouse shows in Allappattah.

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Your Nirvana Nostalgia Fix: Beached Miami's Complete Nevermind Miami Covers Compilation

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Nevermind y Mee-yah-mee.
​Crossfade is sick and fucking tired of Nirvana. If we never have to read about Nevermind, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," smutty pixxx of Francis Bean Cobain, or anything else pertaining to the 20th anniversary of punk's third (or fourth) death, it couldn't be too goddamn soon.

But as the the anniversary gongs are still clanging, we are spiritually obligated to make the final celebratory lap. And what better way than Beached Miami's recently completed, album-length Nevermind covers compilation featuring some of South Florida's best and brightest.

Stream the album in its entirety after the jump.

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Free Music: South Florida Spitter J'lynn's "To the Top"

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Photo by Sneek Peek
From Brooklyn to the Sunshine State, rapper J'lynn Irving, who simply goes by J'lynn, splits his time between New York City and the South Florida suburbs.

Three years ago, J'lynn moved to SoFla with his mom and started working on his rap career. Influenced by fellow New Yorkers like Jay-Z, Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan, dude started sampling beats and spitting rhymes that juxtaposed his big city background with his newfound life in the 'burbs.

Currently, the 18-year-old is holed up at a Pompano studio laying down tracks for his debut mixtape, Lynn and Learn.

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Score Morningwar's "Education of Force" Off The Front Room EP

MORNINGWAR_band pic.jpg
For all we know, you may already be a huge fan of these local cats. But then again, you may not. And we'd be remiss if we failed to introduce you.

So, Crossfade reader, meet Morningwar, a hard-rocking indie-prog outfit that only got together in October 2009. Nothing if not ambitious, this crew released its debut The Front Room EP only nine months later in June 2010. And the band's already in the midst of recording material for a new album, as well as planning a fall tour.

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Score "Ride/Friendship" by Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt at Sweat Records Tonight

Via Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt's Facebook page
Tonight's in-store show at Sweat Records, brought to you by the people behind the Death to the Sun series, presents rowdier fare than usual.

Original headliners, the ominously named Brooklyn duo Unstoppable Death Machines, have canceled. but there's still plenty of weirdness.

To wit, touring circus Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, nominally a band, is actally something closer to a performance art troupe.

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"The Precursor" Off Serum's Upcoming Album P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda)

Like a drill sergeant!
I get a lot of complaints (or suggestions) that I don't promote local hip-hop enough. And I apologize.

But as a matter of fact, I've really been enjoying the local stuff recently. So much so, that outside of my usual appreciation for old-school rap (say '83 through '94), the only hip-hop I've been spinning is stuff that's made right here in our own community.

Just take Serum's "Precursor," a cut with a gruff delivery, like a fucking drill sergeant who delivers the goods.

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Displace the Bullshit With Orion's "Tru To Self"

Admittedly, dear readers, I've never been the savviest of hip-hop scribes. Nah, it would be a sham to claim so. I was born out of my father's Bossa Nova and my mother's disco. I smashed my head on the punk rock and tempered it with metal.

Music is love. A love that can't be denied. A love one must follow into the sick depths of dashiki eclectic nuances. And if one comes through unscathed, then one has earned the right to purchase wax.

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Download Radioboxer's "Go Home" Off New Album Magic City Ruse

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We don't have to tell you. There's nothing we dig here at Crossfade more than seeing local bands do their thing. And do it big.

One such band: Radioboxer. The bipolar power poppers' precocious debut album Radio Drama made some serious noise around town. And the set-to-drop follow-up Magic City Ruse is bringing the thunder again.

So in honor of the release (and in a personal dedication to some rabid commenter named fuck radioboxer who seems to thoroughly enjoy Radioboxer and can't to get enough coverage), the band has offered up this track off the new record.

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XBand's Pleasures of Life EP Is a Hardcore Mystery

Pleasures of Life EP
(Yomamas Records)

Here's a piece of Northwestern Florida punk rock that I happened upon while trolling the internet. It is a happy crossover of thrash and hardcore with some hard rock touches.

It sounds really good on paper. And what really makes it endearing and kind of hip is the lo-fi recording of it all.

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Mr. Pauer's "Cumbión Del Sur" Off New Album Soundtrack

​More than anything, local fans of groovy global sounds probably know Toto Gonzalez (AKA Mr. Pauer) for his behind-the-scenes activities.

After founding the Fabrikalink newsletter and promotions arm more than a decade ago, he's served as a curator for all kinds of multilingual and interesting happening in Miami.

And as a DJ, Mr. Pauer is known for equally cross-cultural, exuberant sets, which draw heavily from both his background in Venezuela and his more recent years exploring indie culture in the States.

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