WMC and MMW 2014's Ten Best EDM Cruises

Photo by Ian Witlen

Sure, you could spend your entire Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week in landlocked clubs.

You could also rage away the next ten days with thousands of like-minded PLUR junkies in fluorescent bikinis, pink tutus, and neon shades at South Beach's never-ending pool parties.

But why not don a kandi mask, "Keep Calm and Rave On" muscle tee, and LED lifesaver in the middle of beat-freaking Biscayne Bay! All aboard the party boat!

Here are the ten best EDM cruises during WMC and MMW 2014.

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Moody Blues' John Lodge on Rock Nostalgia: "I Don't Really Like Looking Over My Shoulder"

Photo courtesy of management
Moody Blues' Justin Hayward, Graeme Edge, and John Lodge.

The year 1966 was a pivotal moment for the Moody Blues.

That's when bassist John Lodge and guitarist Justin Hayward joined the band and changed its direction dramatically. Abandoning the blues and R&B standards that had been the group's stock in trade since its formation, Lodge and Hayward pushed for a sound that was distinctly British.

"For me, I thought it was very difficult to sing about the blues from the Delta when I'd never even been to America," Lodge recalls. "There was no affinity there really. In England, at that time, there were so many bands doing cover versions of everything. So I suggested that we just ignore all that and get rid of the suits we wore on stage, get rid of everything, and become who we were."

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Motorhead's MotorBoat, a Heavy Metal Cruise Chugging From Miami to Key West and Cozumel

Photo by Robert John

Snap on that studded leather thong, metalhead.

'Cause the legendary Lemmy Kilmister and the "loudest band in the world" wanna cruise with you.

That's right ... Mr. Kilmister and bandmates Phil "Wizzö" Campbell & Mikkey Dee are joining the ranks of Kid Rock, Kiss, and all the world's ravers by launching Motörhead's MotörBoat, a heavy metal cruise, chugging from Port Miami to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, sometime this fall.

"Rrrrrrnnnnggghhh," Lemmy says, making a oceanic engine sound in celebration. "Hell yeah!"

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Diplo's Mad Decent Boat Party Announces 2014 Dates, 35-Act Lineup, Sailing from Miami

Categories: Music Cruises


"'Sup, best boat party of your life?"

That's just a supercasual invite from prominent party boy Diplo to go cruisin' aboard the Norwegian Pearl this November with Mad Decent family and friends.

Sailing outta Miami for the Bahamas' Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay, Mr. Dip and crew's ocean-faring, ass-shaking ship will hump across the high seas for five straight days of shows, Q&As, and autograph seshes with famous faces such as Diplo himself, the Major Lazer homies, Borgore, Riff Raff, Dillon Francis, Nadastrom, Flosstradamus, Kill the Noise, and even Miami's own GTA.

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Sixthman's Non-Stop 2014 Music Cruisin' Lineup: Kid Rock, Kiss, Paramore, More!

Categories: Music Cruises


Ever dream about drinkin' a brew with Kid Rock in Redneck Paradise?

Well, wake the hell up. Because that's a real place, where golden sands, bikini-less babes, tatted-up dudes, and treasure chests of American Badass-brand beer await.

So if you wanna party on a boat with the U.S. of A's favorite rap country rocker, all you've gotta do is book a cabin aboard ' fifth annual Chillin' the Most Cruise, chuggin' outta Port Miami next month.

Prefer to rock out with your cock out socks off like Train, Paramore, Kiss, Florida Georgia Line, or Lynyrd Skynyrd?

That's cool too. Just check out Sixthman's non-stop 2014 music cruisin' lineup.

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Holy Ship Expands to Two Cruises for 2015

Photo by Ian Witlen

Holy Ship!!!!

During our time aboard the 2014 EDM cruise, we here at Crossfade spoke with Destructo, AKA Gary Richards, the captain of all things Hard, who indicated that his annual high-seas voyage just might attempt to expand with two cruises for 2015.

"I want more people to be able to experience Holy Ship, but the goal is to grow and still keep it dope and special," Richards told us.

And today, Hard Events, Cloud 9 Adventures, and The Bowery Presents all confirmed that Holy Ship "will return next year with not one but two cruises."

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Two Holy Ships in 2015? Hard's Gary Richards Pushes to "Grow and Still Keep It Dope"

Photo by Ian Witlen

As an electronic music promoter, you either fail or succeed.

But one win doesn't mean the struggle is over. A second attempt must prove your accomplishments were no fluke. You've got to avoid the sophomore slump.

Pull something off not once but twice, and you've officially hit a watershed. It's the third time that's the charm. The third time, you cement your legacy.

Gary Richards, the man behind Hard and Holy Ship, knows this first-hand.

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Groove Cruise 2014: "People Rage From the Moment They Board the Ship"

Courtesy Groove Cruise

"Pace yourself."

That's party veteran and Groove Cruise founder Jason Beukema's advice to all who board the Norwegian Pearl for the 10th anniversary edition of his floating uhntz-uhntz bash.

"It's so high energy, people go raging from the moment they walk in," claims Beukema. "They go too hard, too fast."

With 96 hours of non-stop house music from Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Cosmic Gate, Cedric Gervais, and other beat-bangers of that ilk, how can you blame 'em?

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Holy Ship!!! 2014 in Animated GIF!!!

Photo by Ian Witlen

Have you ever seen a gingerbread man with no arms do the shimmy? What about two sharks going at it in shallow water? Seriously, who doesn't want to see a drunk dude having the time of his life, only to fall flat on his ass?

It's the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy. And luckily for LOLs, the party people of Holy Ship!!! 2014 had some weird, sexy, messy moves.

We here at Crossfade dug through the collective footage of the entire Ship Fam universe to find the best and most hysterical dance moves the festival had to offer. Did you make the cut?

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Ship Fam! A Guide to the Holy Ship EDM Cruise's Fan Cult

Courtesy of Stephanie and Robert Bunting

If you've ever climbed aboard Holy Ship, you're a part of Ship Fam, whether you wholeheartedly embrace it or not.

But what exactly is Ship Fam anyway? It means you've joined a tight-knit network of fellow Shippers and their extended families that spans the country and the world, and these people have got your back. These people will help you out with a place to party, a ride from the airport, even a place to sleep, if you should need it.

But some newbies get it twisted, and that's no bueno. So we here at Crossfade spoke with Ship Fam mom and dad, Stephanie and Robert Bunting, to get the true story behind the EDM cruise scene's craziest fan cult.

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