Hard Events Announces GoHard Festival Tour: Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Toronto

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Courtesy of Hard Events

Hard forever.

The Los Angeles dance music promoter already puts on Hard Summer, Hard Day of the Dead, Hard Haunted Mansion, Hard Red Rocks, Hard Miami, Hard NYC, Hard SF, Hard Arena Autralia, and even an annual rager at sea called Holy Ship!

But it seems all that Hard-ness just isn't hard enough. Because founder Gary Richards -- the DJ and producer also known as Destructo -- has just announced the new GoHard Festival Tour.

There will be stops in five cities. And Miami gets Hard in May. Just check the cut for full GoHard Festival Tour dates and DJ lineups.

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Miami Beach "100-Hour" Centennial Adds Flo Rida and Announces VIP Tickets

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Photo by Alex Kirzhner
Flo Rida's beach bod, looking extra buff for Miami Beach's 100th birthday bash.

"It's going down for real."

That's what Flo Rida tells us. And yep, he's talking about Miami Beach's "100-hour, non-stop" centennial festival.

As the latest headliner added to the beach's landmark b-day celebration, Flo will join Gloria Estefan, Andrea Bocelli, Barry Gibb, and Wyclef Jean for the fest's finale at Eighth Street and Ocean Drive.

Now, the show is technically free. But this is South Beach. So naturally, there will be a VIP section.

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Hispanicize 2015's Music Lineup: Luis Fonsi, Chino y Nacho, Seven Others

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Courtesy of Luis Fonsi
Luis Fonsi, the headliner of this year's Hispanicize conference and concert series.

Miami is the future.

Coast to coast, the United States seems destined to become a multilingual, multicultural nation that looks a lot like our own ciudad magia.

That's why Hispanicize, a conference for Latinos in media, marketing, entertainment, and tech, has chosen downtown Miami to be its staging ground. And sure, there will be panel discussions, keynote speeches, and social-media seminars. But we're talking about Hispanics. So obviously, this five-day weekend won't be without a few fiestas.

From Luis Fonsi and Chino y Nacho to the 305's own Grammy nominees Palo!, here is Hispanicize 2015's music lineup.

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Miami Beach "100-Hour" Centennial's Lineup: Gloria Estefan, Andrea Bocelli, 28 Others

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Photo by Jesus Cordero
Do the "Conga" for 100 years of Miami Beach.

UPDATE The Miami Beach centennial has just added Flo Rida and announced VIP Tickets.

Shake your body, baby.

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, Miami Beach will turn 100. And the city's throwing a "100-hour, non-stop" festival to celebrate its centennial.

The whole shebang will climax on the Art Deco-lined streets and hot-body-strewn sands of South Beach with a big, free, all-day oceanside fiesta at Eighth Street and Ocean Drive.

And yes, Gloria will be leading the "Conga" line, along with Andrea Boccelli and 28 others. Just check the cut for the Miami Beach Centennial beach party and concert's complete music lineup.

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Miami Beach Turning 100, Throwing "100-Hour, Non-Stop" Festival and Concert

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Photo by George Martinez/gmartnx.com
Cruisin' down Ocean Drive, Miami Beach's iconic neon-drenched Art Deco stretch.

UPDATE The music lineup has just been announced for the Miami Beach "100-hour" centennial. And it includes Gloria Estefan, Andrea Bocelli, Barry Gibb, and lots more.

Welcome to Miami Beach.

Over the last century, it has been home to industrialists, heiresses, politicians, gangsters, hustlers, drug traffickers, conmen, crooners, movie stars, socialites, celebrities, gays and lesbians, superstar DJs, and lots of workaday folks too.

Today, it is mostly nice, clean, and tourist friendly. But it's still the kind of place where illegal topless sunbathing is tolerated, the super-rich frolic at beachfront hotels, and people never stop partying.

So obviously, as it turns 100, this occasionally naked, neon-drenched, no-sleep town would celebrate in only one way... With a "100-hour, non-stop" festival.

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Meet the Miami Acts: New Times Music Showcase at Coconut Grove Arts Festival 2015

Photo by Laura Morcate
Everyone's going Grovin'... Even your buddies Mr. Stud and Cow Guy.

With 52 years of experience, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival need hardly prove itself as a credible destination for artists, patrons, crafters, or appreciators. Tradition shows it's a great place for families and friends to congregate and glimpse the colorful works and offerings of Miami's many creatives.

But what about the music scene? Do the party people know they can hit up the CGAF to get their fix?

This year especially, the arts fair will show off its Miami pride by putting more than ten fantastic local bands onstage and under the spotlight in the New Times Music Showcase at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. Here's a primer to get you better acquainted with the sounds in store.

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J Dilla Day Weekend 2015's Birthday BBQ - Wynwood, Miami

Photo by Alex Markow
Check out New Times' 48-photo J Dilla Birthday BBQ slideshow.

The J Dilla Day Weekend 2015's Birthday BBQ at LMNT in Wynwood was a nostalgia trip through all things Dilla and the hip-hop days of yore.

Hipsters, hip-hop heads, stoners, and the occasional high schoolers united for the day the experience a festival that seemed designed to entertain the late, great producer himself.

From the multiple makeshift record collecting booths - all of which featured an excellent, selection of rare, mint soul staples - sneaker booths, assorted artwork and knick knack booths, to the range of old-to-new lyrically gifted artists, the festival aimed to please any hardcore hip hop head.

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International Noise Conference 2015's Ten Most Insane Moments

Photo by Alex Markow
Check out New Times' 83-photo People of International Noise Conference 2015 slideshow.

In a way, listing International Noise Conference 2015's ten most insane moments is an exercise in futility.

The whole five-day freak fest contained a wealth of bizarre occurrences, and not all of them were limited to the stage. With hundreds of acts spanning almost a full week of performances, a complete catalog of acts is impossible to assemble.

But whether you came for the cochlea-obliterating noise or a heaping dose of costumed, extremely NSFW weirdness, you were unlikely to leave INC disappointed. Or, at least, unchanged.

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New Times Music Showcase Debuting at Coconut Grove Arts Festival This Week

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Photo by Alex Markow
Rock 'n' roll and shout along with Bright Light Social Hour at New Times Music Showcase.

Who's going Grovin'?

Settled in 1825, the leafy, laidback enclave known as Coconut Grove, or simply the Grove to locals, is Miami's oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood.

It's also Dade County's original hipster hood, predating South Beach and Wynwood by decades.

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Slum Village on Deaths of J Dilla and Baatin: "It's Our Mission to Keep Their Names Alive"

Courtesy of Slum Village
Slum Village's T3 and Young RJ.

Slum Village, of Conant Gardens, Detroit, carries the heavy shadow of original members J Dilla and Baatin, who have both passed away.

T3 is the sole survivor from the crew's founding lineup. And now the group also consists of J Dilla's younger brother Illa J, to add some of that Yancey family flavor, and longtime producer Young RJ.

Even after 20 years and the tragic loss of two members, Slum Village continues to steadily drop albums and mixtapes. And yes, the trio's got one planned for this year. But not merely a band, this outfit has also worked tirelessly to preserve the legacy of Dilla's musical stylings, as well as the vitality of Detroit hip-hop.

Over the weekend, on the occasion of J Dilla Day Weekend 2015, we at New Times were able to catch up with T3 and Young RJ to talk about the state of the Village, the legendary James Dewitt "J Dilla" Yancey, and losing Baatin.

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