Phish Switched "From Suck to Blow" for New Year's Run 2015 in Miami

Photo by Jason Koerner
There were Phish heads everywhere, maaan.

There was funny energy in the room before Phish took the stage to kick off its New Year's Run 2015 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

It's unusual that the first of a four-night Phish gig is also the big NYE celebration. Usually, that occasion is the climactic finale to the series of concerts. And usually, the band has the luxury of easing in to the run, by starting a bit slow.

Last night, though, Trey Anastasio and company had to begin and peak at the same time. This process was initially a bit awkward. But Phish and the the audience eventually achieved lift off in a big way.

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The Weeknd, Nervo, and the Beautiful People Did NYE 2015 at the Fontainebleau

Photo by George Martinez/
The lovely ladies of the 'Bleau.

Opulence is the exact word to describe the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

The 60-year-old institution is one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels in Miami.

Home to the ever-lavish megaclub LIV, this decadent playground capped off its 2014 with a performance from R&B visionary The Weeknd and a closing DJ set by the Nervo twins.

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J. Cole's NYE 2015 at the Delano South Beach

Photo by Rob Portal
Dropping the ball on last year: J. Cole does NYE at the Delano.

J. Cole brought in the new year at the Delano Hotel on South Beach, but didn't really offer anything new, despite coming out with a brand-new album just three weeks ago.

The North Carolina-bred rapper took the mic at exactly midnight, wishing a happy 2015 to the mostly young and beautiful crowd, and quipping about the fact that not a single person was in the pool.

"I thought this was gonna be a pool party," Cole said. "But all I see is a pool."

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Miami's Ten Best NYE 2015 Parties

Photo by Anthony Verrilli

Poppin' bottles of bubbly at fancy parties that you can't even afford, while fist-pumping alongside shwasted celebrities (or drunk divas who think they're famous), that's just another New Year's Eve in Miami.

But if you wanna celebrate NYE like a diehard 305er, staying home and counting down alone isn't even an option. So empty your bank account. Pop on some sparkly 2015 sunglasses. And hit the club for Miami's ten best New Year's Eve parties.

Sure, you may wake up broke, with the only memory of last night being those fuzzy selfies on your iPhone. But hey, at least you've got photographic proof of kissing that stranger at midnight.

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Usher Throwing NYE 2015 Countdown Party at E11even Miami

Courtesy of Kurt Iswarienko/RCA Records

Usher is one lonely guy.

"I'm looking for a #GoodKisser this New Year's Eve," the lover boy announces on his Facebook page.

Sure, he may be looking for that special lady (or ladies) to lock lips with on the 31st, but how exactly can one find "Love in This Club?"

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Miami's New Year's Eve 2015 Party Guide UPDATED

Yesenia Hernandez

Pop the champagne and light the fireworks... 2015 is only a few weeks away.

Now, if you haven't started making New Year's Eve arrangements, then you're already behind schedule. But no need to freak out. There's still (barely) enough time to save your end-of-year party plans.

Just check out Miami's NYE 2015 party guide. And if you don't see your party listed, feel free to shoot us an email with all the deets.

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Pitbull's New Year's Revolution 2015 on Fox: Free Tickets for Filming on Miami Beach

Categories: New Year's Eve

Randall Slavin
Say "Daleee!" with Pit this Año Nuevo.

"Taking the party from the Big Apple to the Pineapple."

Once known as Mr. 305, Pitbull has since become Mr. Worldwide. He's brought "Calle Ocho" to all of Planet Earth. And he's taught Cubonics to children on every continent.

So, pero, it's only natural that Armando Christian Pérez would celebrate the coming Año Nuevowith a television special entitled Pitbull's New Year's Revolution 2015, set to be broadcast by Fox to millions of viewers a través del mundo.

And all live from the 305.

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The Weeknd and Nervo Playing NYE 2015 Concert at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach


Poppy electronic tunes and "seductively tainted love songs" don't really go hand-in-hand.

But in Miami, anything goes... Especially 'round New Year's Eve.

That's why supermodel-turned-DJ twins Nervo and XO recording artist The Weeknd are throwing one of the biggest NYE 2015 ragers, poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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J. Cole Announces NYE 2015 on South Beach


The Dreamer returns.

As the first artist signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation, J. Cole emerged onto the worldwide rap scene amid crushing hype.

But the Fayetteville, North Carolina-bred rapper and Dreamville Records founder never broke. He just slowly and steadily turned out album after album of thoughtful, ambitious hip-hop -- from his 2009 debut, The Warm Up, to last year's certified-gold, chart-topper Born Sinner.

Over the summer, Cole sold out downtown Miami's Grand Central (even turning away over 2000 people) for his Dollar & Dream Tour. And now he's coming back to end the year with an NYE 2015 show at the Delano Beach Club on South Beach.

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Phish Announces Four NYE Shows in Miami

Photo by Ben Thacker

One does not simply like Phish.

Phish Heads are some of the most dedicated fans in the world. There's just something about this jam band that works white people into a frothy, goofy-dance mess. Even those who aren't that familiar with Trey Anastasio and crew have tales of losing themselves in the music, maaan.

So if you're a huge Phish fan and you live in Miami, do the "Meatstick" dance. Because just like in 2009, the Vermont-based cult band is coming to the American Airlines Arena to perform on New Year's Eve -- and then again for the next three days in a row.

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