Tobacco Road's Last Call Closing Party: "Say Goodbye With Good Booze and Good Bands"

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Photo by Max Reed

After nearly 102 years, Tobacco Road is closing.

It's been seven months since longtime owner Patrick Gleber told Crossfade that Miami's oldest bar would soon be shuttering its doors. (The Road property was bought for $12.5 million by real estate developers in 2012.) And at the time, he said: "The landlord hasn't exactly been like, 'You're gone in one more year.'"

But now, finally, the end has come.

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Life in Color 2014 Adds to Miami Lineup: Borgore, Juicy J, Nervo, Adventure Club

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Photo by George Martinez

Goop junkies, your time is nigh.

The Life in Color Festival is back and bigger than ever, threatening a full two days' worth of paint-splattering, beat-dropping madness. The fest has been slowly revealing its 2014 lineup with a neat series of live-painting portraits by LA-based artist David Garibaldi

And what does LIC's latest colorful mugs reveal ... A little bit of house, a little bit of electro, a little bit of dubstep, and some trippy double-cup music.

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Mansion Opens New '80s-Themed Cocktail Bar

Starting this weekend, Mansion's VIP bar will never look the same.

When you think South Beach megaclub, you think excess, sexy dancers, hand-crafted cocktails ... Wait, do you?

This weekend, SoBe's Mansion will unveil the Cocktails & Dreams bar as part of its new weekly Mansion Made Me Do It party.

The bar is all '80s wham and glam. And yes, there will be near-naked dancers.

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Baauer and Boys Noize Cancel Run X Tour "Due to Deadlines Around New Music"


Sorry, Miami.

You're not about to get your Baauer fix. And you're not going to get any Boys Noize either.

The two bass producers canceled their joint tour citing "deadlines around new music." But we kind of feel like that's the sort of thing that should be considered before you schedule a tour. But if that's the excuse they wanna use, that's the excuse we're taking. These impending albums better be stellar.

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Phil Collins' Comeback Concert in Miami: Only "Three or Four Songs"

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Photo by Neale Hynes

It's been a very long time since Phil Collins played his last concert.

In 2009, Collins suffered a spinal injury. "Somehow during the last Genesis tour, I dislocated some vertebrae in my upper neck and that affected my hands," he explained at the time. "After a successful operation on my neck, my hands still can't function normally. Maybe in a year or so it will change, but for now it is impossible for me to play drums or piano."

Two years later, he officially retired. And even now, after nearly a half decade away from the stage and the spotlight, it seems the Genesis member and solo rocker still isn't entirely fit for, as his reps explain, "a full-on Phill Collins show."

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Kaskade Headlining Life in Color Festival 2014, the "World's Largest Paint Party"

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Photo by Jeff Forney

Life in Color is unlike any other music festival.

Hello! They shoot paint out of cannons all over everyone! So it only makes sense that the "World's Largest Paint Party" should employ similarly uncommon techniques when announcing its famous DJ headliners.

Pairing the fest's most peculiar quality (i.e. neon goop!) with a fun take on the standard video announcement, LIC hired talented artiste David Garibaldi to live paint a portrait of this year's first official superstar: Kaskade.

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Mac's Club Deuce's Mac Klein Turns 100: "I've Got a Wife and Business That Keep Me Young"

Photo by Laurie Charles
Happy 100th, Mac!

"Some people turn 100, some don't," says Mac Klein, the man who's been running Mac's Club Deuce for the past 50 years. "What's the big deal?"

Today, Klein will get to blow 100 candles in celebration of his birthday, but to the bar owner, it's just another day.

"I'm lucky," he humbly admits. "I've got a wife who keeps me young and a business that keeps me young. There really isn't much else to say."

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Shake 108 FM: New Non-Profit, Local Radio Station Launches in Miami

Courtesy of Peter Stebbins
Shake 108 FM's Peter Stebbins. Say gracias to him for a radio station that isn't trash.

If you're scanning the FM dial and miraculously land on a song that doesn't suck, chances are you've found Miami's newest low-power radio station, 107.9, AKA Shake 108. For that, you can thank Miami native Peter Stebbins.

The 44-year-old first thought to start his own station years ago, after returning from a brief stint living in Atlanta and realizing how bad South Florida radio is. "When I first looked into opening my own station, I found that it's pretty much impossible," Stebbins remembers. "You need about $20 million to start a Y100. I didn't have $20 million."

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Club Play on South Beach Closes, Ivy Nightclub Takes Over

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Say hello to Ivy.

The ForePLAY has ended. So has the "hottest hip-hop Friday in the world."

Yep, Club Play has closed. And taking over its place is SoBe's newest part spot, Ivy Nightclub.

Since its grand opening last month, Ivy's already hosted some of the biggest names in the biz, including the world's richest rapper (AKA Diddy), French Montana, and LA Riots.

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SpaceGhostPurpp's Website Got Hacked by an 11-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Shark

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Photo by Stian Roenning
Yes, SGP is beefin' with a preteen.

Here at Crossfade, we have mad love for SpaceGhostPurrp, but not everyone shares our feelings.

In fact, some offhand remarks about bad rap music have got 11-year-old rapper Lil Shark feelin' more than just some type of way. The whitest kid in hip-hop not only put out a less-than-scathing diss track freestyle, he hacked SGP's website.

These darn kids and their computers, amirite?

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