The Vagabond Miami Closes

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Photo by Alex Broadwell

The Vagabond is gone.

After six years, the NE 14th Street nightspot will be shuttered. And the closing isn't next year, next month, or next week.

The club is closing today, according to co-owner Carmel Ophir.

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Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Party with the Sunbears at Sweatstock on Record Store Day.

Congratulations, you made it through all the deadlines, meetings, and endless phone calls of the week!

As a reward for being such a dedicated worker, you deserve to spend the two days jamming to some sweet tunes, buying vinyl, and getting blasted. The best part of it all, you won't need more that 10 bucks.

Here are the ten best things to do under $10 in Miami this weekend.

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Miami's 4/20 Party Guide

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Say hello to Puff the Magic Dragon.

Roll a blunt, light it up, take a puff, and pass it down. It's 4/20, man.

And in honor of the national weed holiday, we here at Crossfade have provided you with the best places to go and smoke a fat one, jam with THC-drenched party people, and laugh at your own two hands.

Just check out Miami's six best 4/20 parties.

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Space Miami's 14th Anniversary Lineup: Erick Morillo, Louis Puig, Jesse Perez, Seven Others

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In this city of sun, sand, and fast money, the average life expectancy of most megaclubs is, like, a year, two months, and 56 seconds.

So Space Miami reaching its 14th anniversary is about as close to nightlife immortality as it gets in the 305. And quite appropriately, the legendary downtown club and afterhours spot is planning to throw an epic almost-decade-and-a-half bash.

"Yes," the Space folks just tweeted, "the big news you have been waiting for! We are proud to announce ..."

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Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Photo by Stian Roenning
Get weird with Otto at the Stage.

Yeah, being broke sucks, but that's no excuse for you to spend Friday night eating Doritos and watching reruns of The Golden Girls from your sofa all weekend long.

You live in Miami. That means that you don't need wads of cash to party like an animal. All you need is 10 bucks.

Check out the ten best music-related things to do under $10 this weekend.

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Miami's Ten Best Gay Clubs

Photo by George Martinez/
Because you only party with the hottest.

It's not easy being so fabulous. Unless you live in Miami.

With a sunny, sandy mecca like South Beach, our city's long been a home (and fave vacation spot) for proud, partyin' members of the international gay community.

But SoBe isn't the only neighborhood that flies the rainbow flag. From the Upper East Side to Coral Way and Doral, there are lots of amazing dance spots, hotel bars, even strip clubs for the adventurous yet discerning reveler.

Just check out Miami's ten best gay clubs.

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Tobacco Road Planning to Sell and Relocate

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Speakeasy. Whorehouse. Music landmark.

For the last 101 years, Tobacco Road has stood at 626 S. Miami Avenue, serving a clientele of locals, drifters, and legends in need of booze, good times, rhythm, blues, and rock 'n' roll.

This tavern survived Prohibition. It lasted through the lawless coke-addled days of the 1980s. But it's not going to beat Brickell real estate development.

In 2012, the land on which the Road lies was purchased for $12.5 million. And while Miami's oldest bar was guaranteed to remain at its current location through May 2015, co-owner Patrick Gleber tells Crossfade that plans are being made to sell and relocate.

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Bieber Rejected by Miami Beach's LIV, Story, and Adore After DUI: "He's Not 21 Years Old"

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Photo by George Martinez

How tight are the velvet ropes at Miami Beach megaclubs?

So unyieldingly snap-stiff that not even Justin Bieber can get the VIP treatment.

A couple of months ago, the Biebz got busted by MBPD for DUI after some very important partying at SoBe's SET Nightclub.

That whole JB drama was a public relations mess for the Opium Group-owned Lincoln Road club. So when the pop star showed up this past weekend, looking to reserve tables and buy bottles at LIV, Story, and Adore ... He was rejected.

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Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Party with Talib Kweli at Will Call this weekend.

Alright, so all of that Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, and Ultra Music Conference madness left you with nothing but a giant hole in your pocket.

To help you recover your wallet, we've provided you with some of Miami's best things to do this weekend that won't cost you more than a Hamilton, from a free party at the Electric Pickle, to Nirvana covers at Churchill's Pub, and rap vibes from Talib Kweli.

Check 'em out.

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Miami's Ten Best Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
Own that kandi mask, bro!

Alright, so you couldn't get your hands on a pair of $400 tickets to get your PLUR ass to Ultra Music Festival, or cough up $125 to fist pump with Skrillex at Mansion.

That doesn't mean you have to end Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week stuck at home putting that tiki tiki music on blast, pretending you're smack in the middle of the uhntz-uhntz rage.

Just check out the ten best things to do under $10 this weekend. Now go and get your party on.

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