Fashion Freakouts at '80s Prom

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Photo by: Monica McGivern
So much 'tude, so little time.
Prom was just better in the '80s. Haven't you seen John Hughes movies?

Unlike the plot of some '80s films, going back in time is impossible. The closest thing we can get to it is theme parties, and theme parties only work if people get on board with the theme.

Miami is not generally good at theme parties, but when it comes to '80s Prom, you bring your best. The Sweat Records tradition is 12 years old, and even though it's just a bad friend and a cigarette away from being a surly teenager, it still gets the glitz and goth glamour out of a Miami crowd.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
The face of Black Friday victory.

Black Friday takes on a whole 'nother meaning in Miami.

While the rest of the country is up before the crack of dawn in hopes of snagging a $100 iPad, us here in the Magic City are partying it up with cheap booze and wild Turkey Day parties.

Just check out the ten best things to do under $10 this weekend.

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Black Sunday 305 Motorcycle Swap: "The Miami Bike Scene Just Gets Bigger and Bigger"

Photo by George Martinez/

It'll be a long time till Miami becomes synonymous with motorcycle culture. But as it stands, the Dirty South's largest city is rapidly on its way to forging an identity within the two-wheeled lifestyle. And this Sunday, Will Call will host the third Black Sunday Vintage Motorcycle Swap and it is proving to be the biggest one yet and a marquee event in South Florida's biking community.

There are local shops and entities like Metal 305 and 76hundred Vintage. Then Donkey Barn Motorcycles is another shop in town, with the always colorful Nicky Bowe in tow.

We here at Crossfade had a chance to discuss the upcoming event and a little bit of motorcycle culture in South Florida.

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Thanksgiving 2014: Bars & Clubs Open and Closed in Miami

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Photo by Jipsy
Holiday baking gets hella messy, meng.

Pavo. Puerco. Pumpkin pie.

As residents of that fantastic land known as Miami, we are often accused of living in some foreign country where summer never ends. And yet, we give thanks for the bounty of the autumn harvest, just like the rest of y'all yanquis.

However, unlike most citizens of this great and glorious nation, 305ers don't cap off Thanksgiving festivities with sweat pants and a nap. We effing fiesta, all night long, till the break of dawn, on and on.

Now... Wipe that flour off your face. (Or is that cocaína?) Here are the party spots open and closed on this Thanksgiving Day in Miami.

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Miami's Six Best Club Parties This Week

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Photo by Lex Hernandez

Grab a feathered friend and do the turkey wobble!

Not only is it Hump Day -- it's Thanksgiving Eve. That means that in less than 24 hours, you'll be home free, stuffing your face with gravy.

But before you do, check out the six best club parties going down in the 305 this week, from Danny Howells at the Pickle to Lupe Fiasco at LIV.

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Sean Wildchild: Costumed Crusader

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Photo by Stian Roenning
Sean Wildchild had an early fascination with Mardi Gras, which would later fuel his creative furnace.
In this week's Miami New Times, we profile 30 of the most interesting characters in town, with portraits of each from photographer Stian Roenning. See the entire Miami New Times People Issue here.

Clubland might not seem like the best place for an art project. But Sean Wildchild crash-lands his high-concept pieces right in the middle of the bump-and-grind of the EDM scene. He's able to pull it off by taking the color and shape of costumes to a whole new, brain-blowing level.

Actually, calling his creations "costumes" is an understatement. Anyone who's grazed an eyeball over a Wildchild production will likely not forget it -- it'll probably creep into their dreams, good or bad.

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Mac Klein: The King of Club Deuce

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Photo by Stian Roenning
Mac Klein vows to never change a thing about Club Deuce.

In this week's Miami New Times, we profile 30 of the most interesting characters in town, with portraits of each from photographer Stian Roenning. See the entire Miami New Times People Issue here.

"When you find a beautiful woman," Mac Klein advises, "never change a hair on her head."

That fine lady of which he speaks, if you don't know, is Mac's Club Deuce, the infamous and beloved Miami Beach dive bar that Klein has owned, operated, and cherished for the past five decades.

"She's always looked exactly the same as she does now," he says, smiling with pride. "From top to bottom, always gorgeous."

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Le Baron's Basel Pop-Up Celebrates Ten Years: "Not Looking for the Normal VIP"

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Basking in the glow of Le Baron's iconic red-hot top hat.

It's Art Basel Miami Beach's de facto VIP room. And in its ten-year history, Le Baron has served as the clubhouse for creative types.

But even though celebrities like Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pharrell Williams have made cameos at the hot spot, star sightings are not why throngs of people clamor at the door, hoping to get in.

"You know, most of the places are meant for people who have money or cars, or who are famous on TV or whatever," says André Saraiva, co-founder of Le Baron. "I make a place for the artists I like and people who create. They are the people who get in and make Baron their home. Then the rest can come, of course. I'm not looking for the normal VIP. That's not what I'm interested in."

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Sandbar Coconut Grove Becomes Hot Rock Korean BBQ Joint, Thanks to Bar Rescue

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Photo by S. Pajot

Goodbye penny beers?

Over the weekend, Sandbar Sports Grill, a beloved college kid and locals hangout in Coconut Grove that's famous for its one-cent Miller Lites, was invaded by Spike TV's Bar Rescue.

Hosted by bar-and-club expert Jon Taffer, the reality show specializes in "giving failing nightlife establishments one last chance at success."

Another of Taffer's talents... Pissing off the regulars who don't want their favorite boozing joint to become some smarmy marketing gimmick.

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Miami's Five Best Concerts This Week

Photo by Jipsy
Party hard, no breaks, with Crossfade's concert guide.

We don't need a giant turkey to remind us of how lucky we are to be living in the Magic City. All we need is some good music.

Just check out the five best concerts going down in the 305 this Thanksgiving week, from Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew at LIV to Tegan & Sara at the Fontainebleau.

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