Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

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Spread that cheap weekend party love.

Ten bucks and a dream.

That's all you really need for a little fun in the Magic City. And to ensure that you have the greatest (cheap!) weekend ever, your party pros here at Crossfade are hooking you up with the best ragers Mr. Hamilton can buy.

Just check out this weekend's ten under $10 party guide, from Palo! at Ball & Chain to the Electric Pickle's six-year anniversary weekend bender to PillowTalk at Lot 14.

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Win Free Passes for Electric Pickle's Sixth-Anniversary Three-Day Bender

Photo by Alex Markow
What's next for the Electric Pickle? "Six more years."

Happy Pickle Day!

Well, almost. The Wynwood dance institution won't actually kick off its dauntingly named Sixth-Anniversary Three-Day Bender for about another 60 hours.

But we've already got some serious anticipatory tingles. And you should too. Because the Pickle crew is offering free passes for the entire weekend's festivities.

It's their way of saying, "We love you, Miami."

Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Steam Miami Launches Lot 14: "A Small Amphitheater" for "Music, DJs, Day Parties"

Courtesy of Lot 14
Welcome to Steam Miami's Lot 14.

Ain't no party like a lot party.

That's why Russ Bruce and the crew over at Steam Miami and Railroad Blues are launching Lot 14, an outdoor music hall smack in the heart of downtown, officially opening March 1.

"It's more of an industrial vibe," Bruce says of the new venue, located on the NE Miami Court block of NE 14th Street, right behind his two other clubs.

When Bruce and his business partner, Anthony Moretti, opened Steam Miami and Railroad Blues last year, the pair had plans to open a third venue, the Backyard, with the idea of having an open-air concert space in downtown.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by Alex Markow
Top hats and long-sleeved sheer shirts: Miami's winter party gear.

Freezing temperatures, an empty wallet, and the weekend... That's what most of us faced this frigid cold morning.

While we may have nothing but layers upon layers of sweaters to wear and spare change in our pocket, that's not gonna stop us from partying it up this weekend -- no matter how cold our bones may be or how broke we are, we're gonna rock those thermal pants and collect our pennies.

Then we're gonna cozy up with Electric Piquete at Ball and Chain, Bonnie Riot at Kill Your Idol, DJ Snake and his Pardon My French party crew at Grand Central, and this weekend's ten under $10 party guide.

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Danny Daze and Jimmy Edgar Discuss the Arts of DJ'ing and Producing

Photos by Michael Raveney (left) and Vitali Gelwich (right)
Danny Daze and Jimmy Edgar.

If you spent any time in a legit nightclub in 2014, there's a good chance you heard Danny Daze's "Silicon." The track was an infectious cut that blended sonic touches from Miami's dance music scene -- including repurposing the obnoxious horn FX, as well as techno's rougher edges that some find intolerable.

"Silicon" is effectively Miami's best take on German tanzmusik -- all while keeping it strictly danceable.

The EP was released through Ultramajic, a label founded by Detroit-raised, Los Angeles-based musician Jimmy Edgar, along with artist Pilar Zeta and Machinedrum.

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Miami's Six Best Club Parties This Week

Categories: Guides, Nightlife

Photo by George Martinez/
Bros, just keepin' it real in the club.

Poppin' bottles in the club, bumpin' and grindin' till daybreak... That's how hardcore 305ers love to spend their nights.

And though it may only be Wednesday, our ability to party hard isn't limited by the midweek slump. In fact, it's exactly the motivation we need to make it through the next few days and into the weekend.

After all, just check out Miami's best parties, from Michna at Bardot to Moon Boots at Grand Central and J. Cole at LIV.

Let the all-nighters begin.

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The Bend Liquor Lounge Opens in Old Miami Lakes Bar Busted for Gambling and Drugs

Categories: News, Nightlife

The Bend: Brew, booze, and lots of history.

"Liquor in the front, party in the rear."

That's the motto of The Bend Liquor Lounge, a new '70s-style boozing spot in Miami Lakes.

But it's also a snappy way to describe the former occupant of 6844 NW 169 St., a strip-mall dive (and 2013 recipient of New Times' Best of Miami award for Bar, North) called Our Place.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by George Martinez/
Spread the party love this V-Day weekend.

It's no coincidence that Friday the 13th falls on the eve of Valentine's Day this year. That's because something supernatural is about to happen in the Magic City...

Cheap weekend parties. Some even free.

Sure, it's a strange phenomenon, but hey, we'll take it.

So leave your superstitions behind. Grab your lovers and friends and hit up the 305 for the ten best things to do under $10 this weekend, from the Ordinary Boys and their Hated for Loving fifth-anniversary throwdown at Gramps to Anthony Attalla at Steam to DJ Sneak at Treehouse.

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Cafeina Launching Wynwood Piano Bar

Courtesy of Wynwood Piano Bar

Does Wynwood really need a piano bar?

Well, Yvette Naranjo and the Cafeina Wynwood Lounge crew think so. And soon, enthusiasts of ivory tickling can spend one night a week on NW 23rd Street, singing along to Billy Joel's "Piano Man" with a real-life piano man.

"There's no neighborhood bar where everybody interacts and sings," Naranjo says. "I think the people that are coming into the neighborhood would really enjoy sing-alongs and that type of entertainment."

Starting next Thursday (and every Thursday thereafter), Cafeina will transform a back room into Wynwood Piano Bar.

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Ice Cream Thursdays: Free Drinks, Free Ice Cream, and "Fun Music for Awesome People"

Photo by Pancho de Pablo
Ice Cream Thursdays: A tasty treat everyone loves.

Free drinks, free ice cream, and hot beats. What's not to love about Sidebar's new ladies' night, Ice Cream Thursdays?

It's everything you've come to expect from the Chocolate Sundays and Peachfuzz Fridays crews. But now they're double-swirling their talents and topping it off with plenty of sprinkles.

"Wherever you go to in Miami, I feel like, is the same," says IAmYourVillain's Joel Meinholtz, one of the promoters behind the Thursday party. "What we've always tried to offer people is a unique experience that you'll walk away from like, 'Wow, that was cool.'"

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