Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by Sarah Tyler

'Twas the Friday before Christmas, when all through the Magic City, every single club rat was raging.

With peppermint shots a plenty, visions of dollar signs danced in their heads. No, they weren't being haunted by Holiday bills just yet, they were celebrating the arrival of the Holiday weekend and partying it up with money left to spare.

And if you too wanna join in on the cheap pre-X-Mas shenanigans, check out the ten best things to do under $10 this weekend, from A Very Miami Christmas with !Mayday! and Afrobeta at Grand Central to Enrique Iglesias at the Thompson Hotel.

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Miami's Six Best Club Parties This Week

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Phot by Monica McGivern
Do the Hump Day dance!

When you live in Miami, it's hard to fight the urge to party. Especially when that urge hits you on a Wednesday.

But since you live in the 305, the Hump Day party slump is never an issue. Whether on a Sunday night or random Tuesday, there's also some sort of rager going on.

Just check out the six best club bashes going down this week, from Matador at Trade to Arty at Story to Nick Cannon at Mansion.

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The Weeknd and Nervo Playing NYE 2015 Concert at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach


Poppy electronic tunes and "seductively tainted love songs" don't really go hand-in-hand.

But in Miami, anything goes... Especially 'round New Year's Eve.

That's why supermodel-turned-DJ twins Nervo and XO recording artist The Weeknd are throwing one of the biggest NYE 2015 ragers, poolside at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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Miami's Ten Under $10 Weekend Party Guide

Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith/
If you're broke and you don't care, put your hands up!

Feeling the broke effects of all that Holiday shopping, and it's barely even mid-December?

You're not alone. And while you may have wasted all your money on space cat socks to give to your buddies on Christmas, that doesn't mean you have to pay for it now by spending your entire weekend binge watching ¿Que Pasa USA? on Netflix.

You live in the party oasis of Miami. So gather your pennies and check out this weekend's ten under $10 party guide.

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#Yoppin Wednesdays: Niko Javan and 18 Projectors "Turn Club Into a Giant Hamburger"

Rendering by Niko Javan
Welcome to #Yoppin Wednesdays... Money stacks on burger stacks on stacks on stacks.

"Yop = Your Own Path."

This maxim is the essential tenet of the simple, self-empowering philosophy practiced and preached by Niko Javan, the Miami music producer, member of rap duo O'Grime, and eternal optimist whose "non-stop yoppin'" has led to festival slots at Bonnaroo and TomorrowWorld, as well as shoutouts from record labels like Diplo's Mad Decent and Skrillex's OWSLA.

Now Niko is expanding his inspirational life program to include a weekly South Beach party. And naturally, it's called #Yoppin Wednesdays.

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Miami's Six Best Club Parties This Week

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Photo by Nate "Igor" Smith/

Rock that beaded Cleopatra wig and diamond-studded tiara... It's ball time.

Sure, it may just be Wednesday, but in Miami, we always party like royalty. So gather your crew of party kings and queens and hit these Magic City streets for the six best club bashes this week.

Check them out, from Goldroom's medley of "emotive choruses and lush electronic ornaments" at Bardot to Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird beats at Trade to Marco Carola's serious techno at Story.

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Basel 2014's Ten Best Free Parties

Photo by Ciara Osorio

Alright, so you weren't Bangerz enough to score an invite to Miley Cyrus' blunt and penis costume extravaganza at the Raleigh Hotel, and you're a few bucks short of seeing Erykah Badu do her DJ thang at the BET Art Lounge...

Yeah, chances are you're feeling pretty bummed right now. But don't get your panties tied up in a bunch -- there are still plenty of free Basel parties to crash this weekend.

Just check out Crossfade's handy dandy arty party guide.

Now go and get your Basel on.

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Basel 2014's Parties You're Not Invited To

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Do the party crasher victory dance!

As much as we love to brag about how sexy and posh we are, truth is, not everyone in the Magic City is VIP.

But we all, however, have that one überly popular friend who gets invited to every single bash in the 305, which comes in pretty handy during Art Basel... Especially with all these exclusive parties you're not invited to.

So if you wanna party like a D-list celebrity for the night, you better start kissing ass to that buddy of yours. If you try hard enough, chances are your name will magically appear on the guest list.

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NYC's Mother's Ruin and Commodore Taking Over Gramps to Kick Off Basel 2014 Week

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Miami could be called the sixth Borough, what with so many transient artist types constantly commuting between New York and our city.

A lot of people who live in New York came from South Florida, and the quickly approaching Art Basel Miami Beach celebration is one of the largest comminglings of the year.

In a nod to the special NYC-to-305 relationship, Wynwood bar Gramps will kick off its week-long lineup of Basel events with tomorrow's special bar-meets-bar, when New York's Mother's Ruin takes over the drink menu to offer its favorite cocktails while award-winning bar food comes courtesy of Brooklyn's The Commodore.

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Fashion Freakouts at '80s Prom

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Photo by Monica McGivern
So much 'tude, so little time.

Prom was just better in the '80s. Haven't you seen John Hughes movies?

Unlike the plot of some '80s films, going back in time is impossible. The closest thing we can get to it is theme parties, and theme parties only work if people get on board with the theme.

Miami is not generally good at theme parties, but when it comes to '80s Prom, you bring your best. The Sweat Records tradition is 12 years old, and even though it's just a bad friend and a cigarette away from being a surly teenager, it still gets the glitz and goth glamour out of a Miami crowd.

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