RIP, Jeff Tucci, South Florida Punk Rock Guitar God

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Jessica Kross

I cleaned some sprouts off some red potatoes, and they sat in the sink, wet and glistening like pomegranate seeds. It was a fleeting thought, them looking that way. A thought I found amusing and privately poetic. I had recently heard that Jeff Tucci had passed. I didn't know the details of his death, still don't, but with my hands in the hot water, potatoes in hand, I began wondering how I'd go about my words here.

A couple of months ago, Load drummer Fausto Figueredo had asked me to pen the liner notes to the band's upcoming album, Drunken Warrior Chief, an honor for me as longtime fan yet bittersweet because Bobby "Load" Johnston's passing had been the last time I wrote about the legendary Miami punk crew. Recently, and before any knowledge of this sad news, I had been informed that my words would not be used in the release and that the band had opted to write something themselves, which is completely understandable -- I was honored for the consideration.

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RIP Orlando Sanchez, Esteemed Miami Music Lover and Churchill's Pub Fixture, Dead at 35

Courtesy of Chuck Livid
One of Miami's nicest guys, Orlando Sanchez (right), with's Chuck Livid at Churchill's Pub.

The news of some folks' death has a way of sounding initially like a bad joke -- something so seemingly impossible, it just couldn't be true.

One such unbelievable occurrence was the passing of local musician, music lover and Churchill's Pub fixture Orlando Sanchez.

When news of his death spread this weekend, it was with disbelief, as if it might be some terrible prank perpetrated upon his friends by a macabre jokester. Or shit, maybe even by the man himself.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. In the morning hours of September 27, Orlando Sanchez died of a heart attack. He was 35 years old.

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RIP Henry Stone, King of Independent Records, Dead at 93

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Jacob Katel
Henry Stone, dancing his ass off at age 92, high above Biscayne Bay at Henry Stone Music headquarters, 2013

Henry Stone, king of the record business, passed away peacefully August 7, 2014, in Miami.

Throughout almost 80 years of wildly prolific musical activity, the 93-year-old had a hand in every aspect of the music business and was a true pioneer of independent manufacturing, promotion, and distribution.

In the 1970s, he ran the biggest independent record company in the world, TK Productions, responsible for the world's first global disco hit, George McCrae's genre-defining "Rock Your Baby," penned by the leaders of his biggest act ever, KC & the Sunshine Band. And lest anyone say otherwise, he made many artists very rich, always paid what he owed, and is held in high esteem by 90 percent of everybody who ever worked with him.

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Paco de Lucia Dead at 66


Paco de Lucia, who changed jazz guitar in the 1970s and 1980s with his amazing finger work, apparently had a heart attack, his family reported.

A 1981 album, Friday Night in San Francisco, recorded with John McLaughlin and Al Dimeola, is one of the top live jazz guitar albums of all time. His 1973 rumba, "Entre Dos Aguas," was one of the most popular songs ever recorded in Spain.

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Miami's DJ SonicC and Two Others Killed in Krome Avenue Car Accident

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Photo by Ricky Fraginals
Anthony "SonicC" Rodriguez.

Over the weekend, a head-on car accident on Krome Avenue tragically killed three people.

At approximately 1:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, a Dodge Durango SUV driven by 19-year-old Erick Betancourt veered into oncoming traffic and smashed into a Chevy Cavalier.

"The impact was so severe," Florida Highway Patrol trooper Joe Sanchez tells the Miami Herald, "that both vehicles ignited and were fully engulfed in flames."

Among the dead were Betancourt's teen sister Gisele, as well as both occupants of the Cavalier, Gabriel Hernandez and his friend Anthony Rodriguez, also known as DJ SonicC.

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Mack Emerman, Criteria Studios Founder, Dead at 89


Over a half-century ago, Mack Emerman created Criteria Studios in North Miami.

In 1959, it was a modest single-room studio setup. But after forming a partnership with legendary Miami-bred producer Tom Dowd, Criteria became the headquarters for Atlantic Records South, blooming into a massive (and moneyed) operation that produced dozens of major international hits by Eric Clapton, the Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and so many others.

By 1988, though, the Criteria Studios founder was forced to give up his business. He attempted a comeback in the late '90s. But soon, his health started slipping. And this week, Maxwell Louis Emerman died at the age of 89.

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Mindy McCready Commits Suicide, Country Music Star Dead at 37

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Double-platinum country music recording star and the oft-tormented Mindy McCready was found dead at her Arkansas property last night, the victim of an apparent suicide. She was 37.

According to a statement released by the Cleburne County Sheriff's office, McCready died of a self-inflected gunshot wound Sunday afternoon on the front porch of her Heber Springs home after years of publicly battling drug and alcohol addiction, legal troubles, and personal setbacks.

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Ravi Shankar, Sitar Legend and Norah Jones's Father, Dead at 92

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As the music industry's collective heart weighs heavy with news that legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar passed away yesterday, some comfort can be found in tonight's Hurricane Sandy benefit show at Madison Square Garden.

When the likes of Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen gather this evening for 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief, music's biggest names will be carrying a torch Shankar helped light 41-years ago at the same New York City venue.

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Jenni Rivera, Latin Pop Star and "Diva of the Banda," Dies in Private Plane Crash in Mexico

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On Sunday morning at approximately 3 a.m., latin pop star Jenni Rivera boarded a private Learjet in Mexico, along with two pilots and four other passengers including her publicist, lawyer, and makeup artist.

Ten minutes later, they were all dead. The victims of a tragic plane crash in the desert.

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Good-bye Dave Brubeck! Five Best Videos

Dave Brubeck was a white guy who knew rhythm like no one has ever known rhythm.

Son of a concert pianist and father of stunning jazz musicians, he died yesterday at age 91 -- the same age as my father. In a sense, Brubeck was my dad -- at least culturally. I saw him numerous times in concert, mostly in small venues. He was already an old guy back then in the late 1970s and '80s.

I never saw him with army buddy and genius sax player Paul Desmond. But somehow in my teens, their music became part of my life. They taught me things about harmonics and chords that I could never have learned any other way but listening to guys whom I respected.

In any case, jump to see five of their best.

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