Erasure's Violet Flame Tour - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Sayre Berman
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Erasure's Violet Flame Tour
With Nina
Fillmore Miami Beach
Friday, September 12, 2014

Much respect to Erasure for this past Friday night. The British duo of singer-songwriter Andy Bell and songwriter-keyboardist Vince Clarke know that their bread and butter lies in the early part of their career, and they are not ashamed. Even though it's called the Violet Flame Tour, after the duo's new album, much of the evening's music covered material from the mid '80s to early '90s. And the near-capacity Fillmore Miami Beach ate it up like synth pop had never gone out of fashion.

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Juan Gabriel's Volver Tour 2014 - Miami

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Juan Gabriel
Volver Tour 2014
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Friday, September 5, 2014

Over the weekend, Mexican music icon Juan Gabriel performed an epic three-hour set at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami.

Only a few months ago, Gabriel had delayed his entire Volver 2014 tour because of health issues. But judging from the other evening's performance, one would never have guessed.

Juanga was just as healthy, energetic, and charismatic as always.

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Lil Debbie and Otto Von Schirach - The Nest, Miami

Photo by Monica McGivern
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Lil Debbie
With Otto Von Schirach
Presented by Notorious Nastie
The Nest, Miami
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where can you go for real Miami hip-hop, booty bass jams, and general debauchery?

The Vagabond used to have the market cornered with their weekly (((Shake))) party, but that NE 14th Street club recently closed. And the young, eminently trendy crowd has since relocated across the street to The Nest, a downtown venue quickly building a name for itself with plenty of bass-friendly events, spanning genres to showcase local DJs and MCs along with big-name traveling acts.

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Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis - Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Monica McGivern
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Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis
With Belle Brigade
Fillmore Miami Beach
Saturday, July 12, 2014

Better Than: A night with any of these great acts alone.

On any other evening, the sweet strains of Belle Brigade's sibling tandem, Barbara and Ethan Gruska, would've been show enough.

But over the weekend, the Magic City's fans of pretty and thoughtful tunes were blessed with a triple bill. And the Gruskas were merely the openers for Ray LaMontagne and Jenny Lewis.

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Katy Perry - The Prismatic World Tour - Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman
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Katy Perry's The Prismatic World Tour
Capital Cities and Ferras
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Friday, July 3, 2014

Fun Fact: A Katy Perry concert is a strange thing.

When we told people we were going to see the diva that is KP, we got a few different reactions -- pure confusion, disgust, or jealously.

But we love her. And honestly, do you not know every single she has ever put out? You do. Don't lie.

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Phantogram - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Alex Markow
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With Bad Things
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Grand Central, Miami

Better Than: A mouthful of diamonds.

Remember chillwave, the insufferable genre term coined and popularized by Pitchfork? It was a poor way to justify crappy production as a lo-fi aesthetic. They weren't fooling anybody, and after a year, everyone stopped caring.

Few acts -- the better ones -- survived. Phantogram was one of those acts.

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Sub Focus - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Karli Evans
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Sub Focus
Grand Central, Miami
Saturday, June 28, 2014

Better Than: Staying home and playing FIFA 14 for Xbox One.

Only three days into his solo tour, English electronic music star Sub Focus blessed Miami with an Ultra Music Festival-worthy performance that left everyone in the audience drenched in sweat.

The music was loud, the people were dancing, and the energy was infectious.

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YACHT and Otto Von Schirach - Desperados' #SeizeTheNight - Wynwood, Miami

Photo by Alex Markow
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With Otto Von Schriach and a DJ set by Juan MacLean
Desperados' #SeizeTheNight
Friday, June 13, 2014
Toejam Backlot, Wynwood, Miami

Better Than: Free beer.

Before the recession hit, it seemed parties thrown by beer and spirits companies were the norm in Miami. They would put on these extremely elaborate events and book amazing acts to perform, purely for the purposes of "brand awareness."

But the best thing about these events: They were always 100-percent free -- as long as you scored an invite, which wasn't exactly hard to do.

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Morrissey Slams Meat, Voting, and Pharmaceutical Commercials in Miami

Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's 47-photo slideshow from Morrissey at the Arsht Center.

Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami
Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Moz is beloved as the undisputed master of post-punk balladry, louche melodrama, and biting lyricism.

But he's just as revered (and loathed) for his proclivity toward provocation on a great many subjects, including the consumption of meat and the futility of voting -- not to mention far less pressing stuff like the banality of pharmaceutical commercials.

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Kill the Zo - Grand Central, Miami

Photo by Karli Evans
Check out Crossfade's full 63-photo slideshow from Kill the Zo at Grand Central.

Kill the Zo
Grand Central, Miami
Friday, May 23, 2014

It's not uncommon for two or more DJs to band together in an attempt to form some sort of supergroup. The most obvious and commercially successful would be the late Swedish House Mafia. Hanbraekes is a personal favorite, combining the best of Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo, the former of which also collabs with Skrillex as Dog Blood. There's Afroki (Afrojack and Steve Aoki), Jack U (Diplo and Skrillex), Duck Sauce (A-Trak and Armand Van Helden), and the list goes on.

Most of these pairings, while cool to see, aren't what we'd call "adventurous." These guys already share the same fanbases. Their music is similar enough that their work together, while exciting, could have been easily anticipated.

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