Flo Rida Scores the Cover of Miami New Times' People Issue 2012

The Heavy Pets Drop Tropic-Infused Jam Rock at The Stage Miami, May 11

Photo by Adam Smith
The Heavy Pets
With The London Souls
The Stage Miami
Friday, May 11, 2012

Better Than: Maybe ever.

This past weekend marked the first time that Fort Lauderdale's ambassadors of tropic-infused jam rock, The Heavy Pets, returned to their deep-rooted fanbase since an acclaimed New Years Eve show at the Culture Room.
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Blowfly Does the Dirty in New Times' Miami People Issue 2011

Categories: People Issue
Photo by Michael McElroy
Blowfly: Profoundly Profane.
From the day that he was born in 1939, Clarence Reid's been a filthy-mouthed motherfucker.

Now notorious for pornographic pop song satires like "Suck Around the Clock," "All Fucked Up," and "Whole Lotta Fuckin' Goin' On," Reid's childish antics weren't any less XXX.

As we write in New Times' Miami People Issue 2011, "When he was a kid, his grandmother overheard him reworking the chorus to "Do the Twist" into "Suck My Dick." Disgusted, Grandma scolded him: 'You are nastier than a blowfly!'"

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Ultra Music Festival's Russell Faibisch in New Times' Miami People Issue 2011

Photo by Michael McElroy
Russell Faibisch: Ultra Hip.
To actually understand the scope of Ultra Music Festival's evolution over the last 14 years, just ask Ultra cofounder and CEO Russell Faibisch about the fest's early days.

"Back in the late '90s, it started as a small nightlife event," Faibisch tells New Times in this week's Miami People Issue 2011. "And then we moved right into producing, doing the first festival on the Beach in '99."

"After that," Faibisch adds, "it just got bigger. The acts got bigger. The production got bigger."

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