Lil Dred From Liberty City: "We're Real Entrepreneurs, Rap Is a Gateway"

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Lil Dred could be the Slick Rick of Liberty City.

His storytelling rhymes are movie-like. His raps are fire. And he's about to hit the avenue with 10,000 copies of his new Hosted by the Streets EP

He learned the hustle from his dad, Nate "The Great" Brooks, a three-time national champion football player with the University of Miami and an independent rapper who sold 50K out the trunk.

Here's what Lil Dred had to say about why he can't wife no shone, the family business, and the popular demand for his music.

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Nick Monaco Talks Mating Call: "Expect Peach Nectar Oozing From the Speakers"


The last time we here at Crossfade spoke with Nick Monaco, the San Francisco DJ-producer was still a relative newcomer to the international dance music scene. He had just released his first panty-dropper of an EP on Soul Clap Records, and the buzz was definitely beginning to grow around his self-described sexual southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Fast-forward a year, and Monaco still calls the Soul Clap label home. But this time he's serving up his debut artist album, Mating Call, which spans 10 tracks boasting his signature piquant blend of disco, electro-boogie, and dub. Live instrumentation, experimental arrangements, and his own vocals make the album a definite standout among recent dance record releases.

Here's what he had to say about the new slab, ear porn, and overripe fruit.

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YesJulz on Miami Clubbin' and Instagram Fame: "Important It Be Used for the Greater Good"


YesJulz is a Miami party girl with a heart of gold.

Whether she's at Story slinging bottles, throwing FDR Mondays at the Delano, or turning Best Day Ever into a roving international pool party, her number-one priority remains helping disadvantaged youth and rallying peers to take on charity work with her monthly Hashtag Lunchbag event.

Even riding in a cab on South Beach between business meetings, her mind is katana-sharp and ready for action. Here's what YesJulz had to say about Insta-fame, twerkathons, and making it cool to give back.

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High on Fire's Des Kensel Talks New Album: "We Always Want to Keep It Raw"

High on Fire's Des Kensel, Matt Pike, and Jeff Matz.

When one contemplates about all that's great in heavy metal, High on Fire should be one of the first bands that comes to mind.

The group initially emerged from the ashes of post-Sabbath stoner metal luminaries Sleep. But faster, louder, and meaner than its forebear, High on Fire's always managed to keep one foot in metal's past while making its own distinct statements. This month, the band is pummeling its way through Florida for the first time in ages before embarking on Motörhead's Motörboat cruise.

So we here at Crossfade caught up with drummer and songwriter Des Kensel to chat about the new High on Fire album, what Lemmy may (or may not) wear on a cruise ship, and staying creative and classic when you're six full-lengths deep.

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Llamabeats' George Spits: "Everybody Dies, But This Music Doesn't Have To"

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Llamabeats' Master Fader, The What's Good, and George Spits.

In Miami's over-saturated megaclub market, it's difficult for homegrown bands to stand out.

But the Llamabeats dudes drew local hype from the moment that they burst onto the 305 music scene. And by the time their debut album, Como Se Llama, was released, George Spits, The What's Good, and MF Jose had cemented their place on South Florida's groove circuit.

Recently, Spits dropped a solo effort, Hoodlum, which is also being billed as a Llamabeats product. So we here at Crossfade caught up with him to talk about the new album, getting the fuck out of Miami, and the future of Llamabeats.

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Ice Billion Berg Slams 99 Jamz' Pay-for-Plays: "They Don't Support Local Music at All"

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With no label and no overground radio backing him, Miami's Ice Billion Berg has rallied the support of close to 100,000 dedicated fans, mostly in the Gunshine State alone.

Thanks to high-caliber wordplay, slamming Magic City beats, a new studio, and a dedication to the grind, his latest mixtape, Damage Is Done, is smashing speakers from Florida City to Tallahassee.

Here's what Billion had to say about his Live House Life, smokin' loud, and putting his baby's mother on a track.

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MKTO: "Expect to Scream and Lose Your Voice"


Actors want to be musicians and musicians want to be actors.

Often, the results are cringe-worthy. But the average crossover bomb is what makes it so special when the line between acting and music is breached successfully. Just take MKTO, the dynamic duo that's turning heads with hit single "Classic."

The twosome's four-letter abbreviated name stands for Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, two best friends who met as actors and became musicians together. Kelley gained fame as Walt on Lost before being paired with Oller on Nickelodeon's short-lived Gigantic.

After a headlining tour, MKTO is now opening for Demi Lovato. Before that mega-concert hits Miami's American Airlines Arena this weekend, we chatted with Oller about combining music and acting, meeting his best friend, and making music people love.

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Electric Piquete's Michael Mut: "Just Making Noise, That's How We Started Out"

Photo by Diego Donis
Electric Piquete's big, nine-man band.

Electric Piquete is the José Martí of Miami's Latin funk scene. The group's commitment to the groove is a force to be reckoned with, and they are full of poetry and fuego.

Zipping from national TV to a club near you, the big, nine-man band has an album, video, and single ready to drop.

Here's what bass player Mike Mut has to say about new band members, old bands, and dying while looking at the sun.

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Bizerk on Working With RedLyte and Sound Movement: "We Should Call It The Stoner Tour"

Sound Movement rapper Bizerk.

Florida is America's reggae music capital.

More island-music talent resides in the Sunshine State than anywhere besides Jamaica.

From the Panhandle to the gumbo pot of Miami, local riddim rockers Sound Movement prove it with every easy-skankin' riff. Here is what the band's rapper Bizerk has to say about working with RedLyte, crowds in Coco Beach, and hitting Cali.

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Prince Royce on Picking His Stage Name: "It Clicked With the Girls"


From selling cell phones at a store in New York City to Billboard Latin award-winning success, Prince Royce is living the dream.

El principe de la bachata will be melting corazones with his sweet voice and flirtatious ways this Sunday at the Fillmore Miami Beach for his Soy el Mismo tour.

But first, la estrella de pop took some time out of his crazy schedule last week to chat with Crossfade. Here's what he had to say about his latest album, crazy fanáticas, and the story behind his moniker.

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