Slow Hands on the "Constant Journey to Find Something New in Ourselves Musically"


Pitch down dance music's tempo from the manic 140 beats per minute favored by candy ravers -- pitch it way down -- and you begin to approximate the languid, sensual, baby-making rhythms of Slow Hands, AKA Ryan Cavanagh.

Of course these days, tempo is less a concern for Slow Hands than the musician's craft itself. And as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and singer, weaned on jazz, blues, and soul, he's bringing a lush, baroquely melodic quality to his production sound.

Ahead of this weekend's highly anticipated performance at the Electric Pickle, Crossfade caught up with Ryan Cavanagh to chat about his eclectic music influences, creative process, and new EP.

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J. Balvin Talks "Killin' It" at Premios Juventud, Pitbull, and LeBron James

Party till "6 AM" with J. Balvin at Premios Juventud.

J. Balvin may be an up-and-coming superstar, but el Colombiano's already living that reggaetonero life -- topping Billboard charts, going Platinum with his debut album, La Familia, and partying with mamis till "6 AM."

Yesterday, though, José Álvaro Osorio Balvín was all "Tranquil[o]" at the Biltmore Hotel in anticipation of his first international TV performance and awards ceremony at the BankUnited Center for Premios Juventud.

After almost two hours, el músico finally made his way to the lobby to chat with Crossfade about his hit single "6 AM" with fellow reggaetonero Farruko, his "dream come true" in touring with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias this fall, and LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat.

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Raheem DeVaughn on R&B in 2014: "It's Up to Us to Keep It Alive and Fresh"


When Raheem Devaughn sings, panties get wet.

That's probably why he's been featured on songs by everyone from Ghostface Killah to The Roots.

The Grammy-nominated artist has also cracked the pop charts with his own albums and singles, including "Guess Who Loves You More," "Woman," and "Customer." He's an R&B vocalist in the great tradition of Sam Cooke, and he's coming to the Overtown Music & Arts Festival to perform for the community for free. Here's what he had to say about business, pleasure, and giving back.

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Machine Gun Kelly on Rap Versus Rock: "There's Only a Divide If You're Ignorant"

He's gone wild with Steve-O, shared paint with the Cavs, and sparked up with Juicy J and (likely) Wiz Khalifa. He was signed by Diddy. He covered XXL magazine. And his track, "Invincible," has been used as theme song by both the NFL and the WWE.

Born in Houston but raised all over the world, he found a home in Cleveland, not the first city to spring to mind for those who've gone global. His name is Machine Gun Kelly and you can ride along with him at downtown Miami's Grand Central this week.

Here's what MGK had to say about his Cleveland Cavaliers, professional wrestling, King James' free agency, rap versus rock, and getting high with hip-hop legends.

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Ray LaMontagne Talks Supernova: "I Can Trust My Gut at This Point"

Photo by Samantha Casolari

Hushed, earthy, soul-soaked.

Those are the ways in which observers and critics have often spoken of Ray LaMontagne's songwriting -- ever since his recorded debut, Trouble, introduced him to the world's music fans as a bearded Northeastern mountain man with an acoustic guitar.

Not many would've described LaMontagne or his songs as trippy. But now, with his fifth studio record, Supernova, produced by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, the singer-songwriter has proven that he's also got a flair for psych-tinged pop 'n' roll.

"I thought people might not like it," he recently admitted to Crossfade. But after "writing songs now for fifteen years," LaMontagne says, "I think I can trust my gut at this point."

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Y Diz: "Miami's Scene Is Popping Right Now"

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


If you've been to a recent local show in the 305, then chances are you've run into Y Diz.

Whether performing or just hanging out in the crowd, he can be seen around Miami's clubs, rocking his signature long hair and viking-like beard.

Having worked with artists like Afrobeta, Cornerstoners, and Galactic Effect, he has certainly earned his stripes on Miami's music scene. But his main focus remains leading the team of intergalactic superheroes known as Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions.

We caught up with Y Diz before he left on a three-week musical journey across America's Atlantic Coast with Telekinetic Walrus. The topics of conversation included his kooky name, music and mathematics, and his plans for the future.

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Lil Boosie Talks Jail, Staying Sober, and the Movie That He's Making About Himself


Lil Boosie, the purported inventor of ratchet, recently got out of prison after serving four years of an eight-year drug sentence. And he has emerged a humbled man.

These days, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper spends most of his time in the studio or with his Boosie family. He also lives a newly intoxicant-free, fairly non-ratchet lifestyle.

Surprisingly or not, the reformed, self-described Bad Azz is bigger than ever. And he's just embarked on a summer tour to hype upcoming release, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, which he has boasted is the best double album since Tupac's All Eyez on Me.

The other day, we here at Crossfade caught up with Boosie to discuss jail, staying sober, and the movie that he's making about himself.

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Gavin Hardkiss Talks "Getting Down With Your Mother-Funkin' Self" on the Dance Floor


The massive outpouring of grief from the international dance music community when Scott Hardkiss passed away in March 2013 was a testament to the beloved legacy of Hardkiss.

The legendary San Francisco DJ-production threesome, including "brothers" Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss, was instrumental in kick-starting the U.S. rave scene in the early '90s. And while the trio favored renegade parties and an underground DIY ethos, thanks to a slew of commercial hits, they also became an entry point into electronic dance music for their generation's mainstream.

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Jenny Lewis: "I'm Single and Ready to Mingle"

Photo by Autumn de Wilde

Jenny Lewis certainly knows a little something about the art of performance.

A former child actress born to show business parents, she's been in the spotlight since she was a toddler, first as a child actor and later at the helm of indie-pop sensations Rilo Kiley with then-boyfriend Blake Sennett. Even while her band was in full throttle, Lewis started a solo career, releasing her debut disc, Rabbit Fur, in 2006, and following up with 2008 sophomore effort, Acid Tongue.

Rilo Kiley disbanded in 2011, and now, for the first time since, Lewis is prepping the release of a new album, but with no day job to fall back on. Aptly titled The Voyager, it was produced partially by her, with help from Beck and Ryan Adams.

Crossfade recently caught up with Lewis at home in Los Angeles just prior to the start of her current tour.

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Aloe Blacc Talks "Creating Positive Social Change Through Music"


Aloe Blacc hardly needs an introduction after 2013's "Wake Me Up" -- produced with Avicii and first introduced live at Miami's Ultra Music Festival -- peaked at number one in over 20 countries.

Though that hasn't been Blacc's only commercial hit, he's hardly a manufactured pop act. In a way, his brand of socially conscious thinking-man's soul music makes Blacc the millennial generation's answer to Marvin Gaye.

So Miami's in for a rare treat tomorrow when Aloe Blacc delivers an intimate solo performance at the Electric Pickle for Beck's Live Beyond Labels artist showcase. Ahead of the show, Crossfade chatted with Blacc about his Latin roots, new album, and "creating positive social change through music."

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