Miami's Webbz on His Medicinal EP and Grinding on When "You Want to Quit"

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Since 2006 Miami's Webbz has worked with Rick Ross, Flo Rida, and Gunplay.

And though he's always proud of his friends' triumphs, it can still get a little frustrating when everyone around you seems to be enjoying great success. Especially if you're still considered "an up-and-comer."

But even if he's not getting major radio play and millions of dollars yet, Webbz remains a player on Miami's hip-hop and rap scene, which just might be about to blow up, as evidenced by the 305 Live showcase at this month's A3C Festival in Atlanta.

Recently, Crossfade sat down with Webbz over some Flanigan's to talk about his new Medicinal EP, cliques in Miami, working with Cam'ron, and grinding on when "you want to quit."

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7 Seconds Talks 35 Years of Hardcore Punk


For 35 years, 7 Seconds has been a stalwart of the hardcore punk scene. Founded in Reno by brothers Kevin and Steve Marvelli (rechristened Seconds and Youth, respectively), the Sacramento natives have also shared the accolades and detriments of the straight-edge movement.

An energetic man by nature, Kevin, now in his early 50s, hasn't slowed down since the band formed in 1979. Along with the band, he has maintained a busy performance and recording solo career; ran a popular coffeehouse, True Love, with his wife for a number of years in the early '00s; is an artist; and is currently organizing a documentary about his experience as a restaurateur.

We recently spoke with the hardcore veteran and discussed family, touring, and how staying busy has been the secret to staying young.

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Venus Rising, South Florida's All-Female Drum and Dance Group: "Twerking? That's African"

Photo by Niki Lopez

You were born to the pulsing pound of your momma's heart going thump. And today, the beat of a drum still brings you new life.

Now multiply that phenomenon by 22, and you've got the estrogenergetic force of Venus Rising, South Florida's premier all-female dance and drum group.

After a standing ovation at last year's Miami Music Festival From Around the World at FIU's Wertheim Concert Auditorium, these ladies are headlining once again. So we here at Crossfade caught up with the troupe's founder Zeva Soroker ahead of the October 25 show to find out what she thinks about Colombian rhythms, North African beats, and the orgins of twerking.

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The Fly Boys Talk "All About That Ass," Meghan Trainor Parody

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Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," has touched millions, including Miami's own the Fly Boys, who decided to make their own version, called "All About That Ass."

It's a dirty, explicit, and triple-x-filled sex romp that will either make you laugh or cringe.

We caught up with the group's Dino Fly to find out all about the crazy track. Here's what he had to say about growing up with hookers, hitchhiking to Miami, and getting the Blowfly seal of approval.

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Kastle Talks Symbols Recordings and North America Tour with Bonobo


If you had the misfortunate of missing Bonobo's Miami performance last year, the UK electronica wizard is back at Grand Central on Saturday. Now while this gig comes as part of his current North America DJ tour -- meaning no awesome full-ensemble live show -- the show packs a very special punch with opening act Kastle, one of America's own electronic boundary pushers.

As DJ-producer and Symbols Recordings boss, Kastle (AKA Barrett Richards) is at the helm of the "Los Angeles beat" scene and some of the most innovative sounds in American future bass.

Ahead of Saturday's show, we here at Crossfade chatted with Kastle about the L.A. scene, his label, and collaborating with Miami's own Austin Paul.

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Joyce Muniz on EDM Gender Politics: "It's About Music No Matter Who's Behind It"


An accomplished vocalist, producer, and DJ, Joyce Muniz is as consummate an artist as you'll find on today's global electronic dance music scene. Born in Brazil, she spent her formative years in '90s Vienna, soaking up the European underground house, techno and bass music which she would later put her own sultry original spin on.

Thanks to a formidable growing discography with chart-topping releases on labels like Exploited and 2020 Vision, Muniz has emerged as one of the most hotly tipped artists of either gender on the scene.

Ahead of her Miami debut performance at FDR Delano on Friday, we here at Crossfade spoke with Joyce Muniz about her musical roots, new releases, and views on the gender politics of the dance music industry.

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Brown Sub's D-Mac on Working With Jermaine Dupri: "Relentless Work Ethic"

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via D-Mac on twitter

D-Mac aims to be the first rapper out of Miami's notorious Brown-Sub section of Liberty City to make a global impact in music.

And the new video for his track "Mind State" off his Destiny mixtape makes it perfectly clear that he will settle for nothing less.

He is the grandson of William McKenzie, one of Miami's most respected high school band leaders, and has been writing and playing music all his life. He also has the support of Jermaine Dupri. Here's what D-Mac had to say about putting on for his city, struggles, and motivation.

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Little Beaver on "Party Down": "Drugs, Beautiful Women, and Life Was Carefree"

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Photo by Jacob Katel
Willie "Little Beaver" Hale and Henry Stone, 2013.

Jay Z once cut Little Beaver a $60,000 check to sample "Party Life" for the movie American Gangster.

The artist also known as Willie Hale is a Miami guitarist so legendary that Jaco Pastorius, called the greatest electric bass player of all time, used to hang out at the TK Records studio in Hialeah, just to watch him play.

Beaver's got a new album out on Henry Stone Music this month, called Henry Stone's Best Of Little Beaver, so we caught up with the man himself to find out what inspired one of his most classic tunes, the 1974 hit, "Party Down."

Here's what he had to say about gettin' high, shakin' hips, and the rhythm of Brazil.

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Lil Dred From Liberty City: "We're Real Entrepreneurs, Rap Is a Gateway"

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Lil Dred could be the Slick Rick of Liberty City.

His storytelling rhymes are movie-like. His raps are fire. And he's about to hit the avenue with 10,000 copies of his new Hosted by the Streets EP

He learned the hustle from his dad, Nate "The Great" Brooks, a three-time national champion football player with the University of Miami and an independent rapper who sold 50K out the trunk.

Here's what Lil Dred had to say about why he can't wife no shone, the family business, and the popular demand for his music.

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Nick Monaco Talks Mating Call: "Expect Peach Nectar Oozing From the Speakers"


The last time we here at Crossfade spoke with Nick Monaco, the San Francisco DJ-producer was still a relative newcomer to the international dance music scene. He had just released his first panty-dropper of an EP on Soul Clap Records, and the buzz was definitely beginning to grow around his self-described sexual southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Fast-forward a year, and Monaco still calls the Soul Clap label home. But this time he's serving up his debut artist album, Mating Call, which spans 10 tracks boasting his signature piquant blend of disco, electro-boogie, and dub. Live instrumentation, experimental arrangements, and his own vocals make the album a definite standout among recent dance record releases.

Here's what he had to say about the new slab, ear porn, and overripe fruit.

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