Hood Internet Talks Mashups and Turning Artists You Hate Into Artists You Love

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Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Do you mess with Rihanna? O.T. Genasis? Crystal Castles? Fujiya & Miyagi? Who in the world could rock such a crazy mix of musical stylings?

Well, Chicago mashup duo the Hood Internet, for one. And you probably have love for every genre on the planet too. Maybe you just aren't listening to it the right way.

The Hood Internet will soon showcase its indie-electro-hip-pop at Bardot Miami, and you can go see for yourself just how great ILoveMakonnen sounds over Penguin Prison.

Meanwhile, we at New Times caught up with THI's Steve Reidell.

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Nick Warren on Way Out West's New Album: "It's Shaping Out to Be Our Best Yet"

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Nick Warren has been a working DJ since around the time Avicii was learning how to hold a baby rattle. And as one-half of pioneering production duo Way Out West, he helped forge the sound of U.K. progressive house, blissing out the entire rave generation with transcendent chart-topping dance hits like 1997's "The Gift."

Of course, retirement is nowhere in sight for Warren, whose prolific solo career has seen him deliver some of the most acclaimed installments of the prestigious Global Underground mix series, among other things. And as it turns out, Way Out West is still alive and well, with a fifth studio album and new tour dates slated for 2015.

Ahead of his highly anticipated headlining show at Do Not Sit on the Furniture this weekend, we at New Times caught up with the legendary DJ-producer to chat about the evolution of electronic dance music, his Hope Recordings label, and WOW's new album.

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Andrew W.K. on His Philosophy of Partying: "It's About Celebrating That You're Not Dead"

Photo by A. Strasser
It's not an Andrew W.K. party till somebody's spurting blood.

There's nothing new about looking to a rock star for inspiration. From Bad Brains singing about positive mental attitudes (PMA) to Pink and Katy Perry singing about female empowerment, it happens all the time.

What is surprising is that a guy with songs called "Party Hard" and "Party Til You Puke" could turn out to be a rock 'n' roll Joel Osteen with partying as his religion instead of Jesus.

Andrew W.K. has spent the last decade and a half rocking crowds, giving speeches, writing books and an advice column, hosting television shows, and generally spreading happiness and satisfaction in life by talking about his philosophy of partying -- which he says can mean literally whatever makes you happy.

W.K. has played all over South Florida during all those years, but he will come to Miami proper for the first time since 2002 when he blows the roof off Grand Central on January 31. So we at New Times got him on the phone to chat about partying, politics, and perpetual positivity.

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Rene Lecour Talks Amigo Skate Cuba's 2015 Trip to the Island: "Five Years Strong"

Photo by Chris Miller for amigoskatecuba.com

Rene Lecour and Amigo Skate Cuba have sent over 1,000 skateboard wheels rolling through Havana, and now they're going back to donate more.

Born five years ago when Kaya Lecour convinced his dad to take a skate trip to Cuba, Amigo Skate and its crew's mission has grown into a yearly pilgrimage, delivering skateboards to an island with no skateshops. They also bring art supplies.

In February, they're flying back to Havana. And so far, they've got 20 volunteers and they're always looking for more. They're throwing a benefit show January 31 at Churchill's Pub too.

Here's what founder Rene Lecour has to say about marble, concrete, and doing it for the love.

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Rat Bastard Talks International Noise Conference 2015

Photo by Jason Finkbeiner

If you step into the South Beach apartment-turned-recording-studio of local underground music aficionado Frank Falestra, better known by his ubiquitous stage name, Rat Bastard, you've got to come prepared.

From the sundry rock posters, guitars and paraphernalia dotting the walls, to the full rack of records and the ceiling-high stacks of amps, Rat's been tirelessly playing and cataloguing music for damn near his whole existence. He can talk at a rapid clip about his latest musical ongoings, be it a Matador labelhead buying a tape of a recent recording project (local one-woman band Smut), or Paul Rodgers of Bad Company fame stopping by to record a couple one-off ditties for his girlfriend.

We at New Times sat down with the ever-industrious Bastard for a chat about his upcoming yearly experimental fest, the International Noise Conference.

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Napalm Death on Fighting Modern-Day Slavery: "It's Going on All Over the World"

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Photo by Cindy Frey
Napalm Death's Mitch Harris, Barney Greenway, Danny Herrera, and Shane Embury.

The men of Napalm Death are never too busy decrying human slavery to take a Caribbean vacation.

But as soon as the 7000 Tons of Metal music cruise returns to shore, they will march, sunburned and rested, from the Port of Miami to downtown's Grand Central, where they will rip a feedback hole in the universe and take the crowd to hell.

However, before this underworld of growls, shrieks, distortion, and blast beats is revealed, here's what lead singer Barney Greenway had to say about modern-day slavery, slumlords, the super-rich, and playing in Cuba.

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Hazardis Soundz Talks Hip-Hop and How to Save the Culture

Categories: Local Music, Q&A

Courtesy of Hazardis Soundz
N.O.R.E. and Hazardis Soundz.

True hip-hop will never die. But if the people want to rescue real rap music, they're gonna have to fight.

That's what Miramar producer Hazardis Soundz is doing with his latest mixtape, Save the Culture, which is a battle cry of lethal verses, head-cracking beats, and OG rappers from the underground.

Here's what he has to say about fighting Iggy Azalea, going back 15 years with Gunplay, and becoming N.O.R.E.'s engineer.

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King Tuff: "Rock Needs a Primitive Aspect to It"

Photo by Dan Monick
How tuff is King Tuff... Perhaps too tuff.

King Tuff's Kyle Thomas does not have all the answers. Shit, why should he?

The Vermont native has already explored enough facets of the guitar-wielding arts to make any casual player seem innocuous. So why pester him in these nascent days of garage rock's revival? Oh yes, why not? He's a musical confidant of post-punk's most terrible enfant terrible, J. Mascis, in the stoner-doom outfit Witch. But more importantly, Thomas has invented and reinvented himself.

With the pop neo-surrealist psych of Feathers and the punkish punk of Happy Birthday, he was only looking for a voice.

We recently had a chance to pester the him about rock 'n' roll. Here's what he had to say.

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Ex Hex on Rock 'n' Roll: "It's Been the Most Important Thing in Our Lives"

Ex Hex's Betsy Wright, Laura Harris, and Mary Timony.

There is a special place in the memory bank for that first person who turned you on to something cool, whether they slipped you a flyer or made a mixtape.

For D.C.-based band Ex Hex, featuring indie veteran Mary Timony (Wild Flag, Helium, Autoclave), bassist Betsy Wright (Fire Tapes), and drummer Laura Harris (Aquarium), the original access point into rock 'n' roll came in the form of the members' older teenage brothers.

Timony was also aided along by hardcore punk legend Ian MacKaye, whose father's house was just down the street from her home.

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Crazy Hood Talks Coming Home: Peru

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Courtesy of Crazy Hood Film Academy
Crazy Hood goes to Peru.

Miami's DJ EFN, Garcia, and the Crazy Hood Film Academy are blazing a trail of hip-hop statesmanship across the world.

Their first film, Coming Home: Cuba, won awards at several film festivals and locked in a TV deal with Diddy's broadcast network, Revolt.

Now the guys are prepping a new flick, Coming Home: Peru, in which they take their young homie Boris back to his country of origin, meeting a slew of battle rappers, breakdancers, graff artists, and rappers along the way.

Here's what EFN had to say about finding home, having weapons drawn on him, and partying with Incas.

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