Flo Rida Talks Wrestling Pitbull, Rick Ross, and 2 Live Crew at WWE Raw in Miami

Courtesy of WWE

When we heard that Flo Rida would be hosting WWE Raw, it seemed like, "That ain't gonna work." But the more we thought about it, the more that particular tag team made sense. Both are splendidly packaged celebrations of pop culture, and boy are they entertaining.

Wrestling deals in iconography. And what is Flo Rida but the perfectly anthropomorphized, walking, talking representation of fun club culture? He is Miami's icon!

If our city was in a situation that could be resolved only via body slams, we would send out Flo Rida as our champion. Well, if The Rock weren't picking up his phone, of course.

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Billboard Latin 2014's Best and Worst

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Courtesy Telemundo
Marc Anthony's el número uno.

There was so much rumba coming from the BankUnited Center last night, the roof almost collapsed. Los cantantes set the stage on fire (literally) y la gente were going wild con la música.

Marc Anthony dominated the night by winning ten Billboard Latin awards, including Artist of the Year, while una fanática crashed his encore performance, Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini sent shudders down everyone's spines with their powerful pipes, and Wisin wore a questionable pair of pants.

Check out the best, the worst, y loquera of the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2014.

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Wanee 2014: Allman Brothers, Mushrooms, and Moonshine, a Recap From Juke's Eric Garcia

Photo by Eric Garcia

So here we go again.

My band, Juke, was asked to play the Wanee Festival for the third year in a row. We made the seven-hour trek to the 580-acre Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, and I was stoked.

This year was to be the Allman Brothers last show. Also on the bill: Chris Robinson, Ziggy Marley, Derek Trucks, tons of music royalty ... And 25,000 people in the middle of nowhere can't be wrong, can they?

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Armin van Buuren - Baoli, Miami Beach

Courtesy of Getty Images for Phillips

There's a nascent feeling among certain electronic dance music connoisseurs that DJs were better when they were anonymous.

Since the rise of the brutal grinds of dubstep and the polished populism of electro-house, DJs are in the public eye more than ever. They adorn mainstream magazine covers, walk red carpets, win Grammys. (Your grandmother even owns a Deadmau5 record. It's behind the Bobby Darin.)

In part thanks to the antics of a noted few, there is a fear that this belated acceptance by the mainstream has gone to some of their heads, mouse shaped or not, and diluted the overall quality of the music.

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Rick Ross' Mastermind Party at King of Diamonds Strip Club: A 25-Photo Recap

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Photo by Alex Markow
Check out Crossfade's full 67-photo slideshow from Rick Ross Album Release Party at King of Diamonds.

The Bawse doesn't just drop bills. He drops bundles.

A few years ago, Carol City rapper and Maybach Music Group mogul Rick Ross celebrated his 35th b-day by going on an infamous makin'-it-rain spree at Miami's King of Diamonds, blowing $1 million on the nudie bar's big-booty strippers.

These days, Ricky Rozay still rolls through KOD pretty regularly. And last night, he was up in the club, hyping his new slab, Mastermind, and throwing stacks on the strip joint's floor.

No exact count on the amount blown by Ross and crew. But big homie did mint some custom Bawse bucks, just for the occasion. So it obviously wasn't a ballin'-on-a-budget situation.

We here at Crossfade got our photographer on the guest list. Check the cut for a 25-photo recap.

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50 Things You See at Calle Ocho

Photo by George Martinez/gmartnx.com
Papis (50) y mamis (49) ... Check out Crossfade's 86-photo slideshow from Calle Ocho 2014.

Calle Ocho. The only time of the year when all of Miami's papi chulos y chongas interesting characters (two million, to be exact) gather en masse along a 19-block stretch in the heart of Little Havana.

Sure, every year's fest brings about its own surprises, but there are some things we can always expect to spot.

Just check out Crossfade's 50 things you see at America's largest street bash.

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Alejandra Guzman at the Fillmore Miami Beach: A 10-Photo Recap

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Alejandra Guzmán
La Guzmán en Primera Fila Tour
Fillmore Miami Beach
Friday, February 21, 2014

Over the weekend, Mexican rock star Alejandra Guzmán arrived at the Fillmore Miami Beach to celebrate 25 years of rock 'n' roll and desmadre.

After a series of health issues that threatened her life, the singer, actress, and Grammy winner thanked God for getting her back on the stage, but most of all, for giving her more life to live.

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AR's Listening Party at Circle House: "Get on My Level"

Photo by Jacob Katel
Backyard DJ hut at the Circle Village compound.

Independent hustler AR is a rapper who wants you to get on his level.

You're going to need a Bentley, several cases of Ciroc, a backyard party at the Circle House, and a single with Jim Jones.

We were there at his new music listening party on Saturday night, getting drunk, eating chicken and shrimp, and jamming to new songs like "Fire."

Check the cut for Crossfade's recap and photos.

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Holy Ship!!! 2014's Ten Most Epic Moments

Photo by Ian Witlen

After three years of raging at sea, Hard Events' Holy Ship cruise has proven itself to be the best nautical EDM adventure that money can buy. (Of course, we here at Crossfade enjoyed press accommodations, so we didn't actually pay.)

It might still be a new-ish phenomenon, but this party boat has the most loyal fans, the edgiest lineups, and the biggest surprise guests. So from the moment that we made it through customs, our Holy Ship!!! 2014 experience was awwweeeesome.

Unfortunately, the MSC Divina's capacity is about 4,000 passengers. And while that's a lot of shippers, there are tons of fans who get left ashore. So just for you, stranded ravers, we're counting down the ten most epic moments.

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Miami's NYE 2014 in Pics: Robin Thicke, Tiesto, Lil Wayne, Luciano, Pharrell

Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images
Robin Thicke says, "I know you want it." And by it, he means 2014.

Do you even remember what you did on New Year's Eve? If you had any fun, the answer should be an awkward "Umm, maybe?"

We here at Crossfade know how it goes, so we're here to remind you. In the case that you attended these superfancy events (but perhaps don't remember), you may recognize yourself in some of the pictures. In the case that you didn't, we can all just play pretend.

Here is a recap of how Miami welcomed 2014, in pics.

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