Blowfly's Tour Diary: Crisis, Aftermath, and Hanging With Nardwuar and 2 Live Crew


There are very few people in the world who will pick you up and take both you and your singer, who live 25 miles apart, to an airport 45 miles away before the crack of dawn. Thankfully, my parents, both notorious early risers, are down for the cause. It doesn't hurt that I have taken both of them to the airport hundreds of times at similarly ungodly hours over the last 25 years or so.

It's still pitch black out when they pull up to my house in South Miami. I get in the driver's seat and speed up the Palmetto Expressway to Miami Gardens to Blowfly's house that's in danger of being sold by the Miami-Dade tax collector in four weeks.

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Blowfly's Tour Diary: Fighting Keylor Navas in Costa Rica and Saving Blowfly's Home

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Help Blowfly save his house! Give to the Indiegogo campaign by 3 a.m. Eastern time tonight.

The following is an account of the strangest routed tour in my 10 years with Blowfly through San Jose, Costa Rica to Baltimore, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Long Branch, New Jersey, Seattle, and in Canada, Victoria and Vancouver. While those three segments make sense on their own, you'd pretty much need to be on mushrooms to put them together on purpose. Or be in charge of the Weird World of Blowfly

July 31: My wife and I meet Blowfly at his Burger King of choice on NW 36 Street and 27 Ave. He's in a good mood, eating his pancakes. Tomorrow, we're playing his first ever show in Latin America. As he has lived at the gateway to Latin America for 55 years, this was a hole we're all thrilled to be filling.

Unfortunately, Clarence's mood and mine took a severe turn when the clerk checking us in at curb at American Airlines has taken it upon himself to flag Clarence, an international traveler for many decades, for having an unusable passport. Citing an $10,000 fine he fears Costa Rica will hit the airline with if he lets a dirty rapper pass with a dirty passport for them to do dirty and deport.

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The Gathering of the Juggalos: Misconceptions and First Impressions

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Nate "Igor" Smith
A juggalo photographed on Wednesday, the first day of The Gathering, 2013.
By its organizers' own assessment, the Gathering of the Juggalos is an event filled with the most misunderstood people of all time. Juggalos are generally looked down upon by "normal" members of society, thought of as losers, degenerates or outright criminals--even most recently as a full-fledged gang, by the FBI. In keeping with these prejudices, the Gathering itself is subject to wild speculation by people who have never attended, in regards to its debauchery and unhinged behavior.

Some of these preconceived notions are warranted, and some are not. Here are a few of our first impressions of the Gathering, now that we have spent a full day on the grounds.

We are probably not going to be murdered by Juggalos here.

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Ten Must-Have Items When Camping with Juggalos

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Nate "Igor" Smith
A juggalo photographed on Wednesday, the first day of The Gathering, 2013.
At some point in your life, you may find yourself sitting in a minivan in rural Illinois, stressed out as you wear a metal butcher knife pendant around your neck. Your ankles are covered in mysterious goo and all of your beer is warm. It could only mean one thing - you're at The Gathering of the Juggalos and you're a moron. Not because you decided to go in the first place, but because you didn't put any thought until it an hour before you had to leave. As the RFT is a respected publication devoted to helping mankind, here is a list of the ten things you should and shouldn't bring to The Gathering of the Juggalos.

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Mumford & Sons Announce Gentlemen of the Road Tour, Coming to Florida in September

Wanna spend an extra-special folksy night with Mumford & Sons and some Gentlemen of the Road?

Well, you'll have to trek approximately 308.5 miles to St. Augustine. But it will be definitely worth the road trip. Especially since this second annual M&S tour to "those places not often visited by tour busses and splitter vans" is only making five worldwide stops, period.

Check the cut for a message from Mumford & Sons, plus the Gentleman of the Road tour's full schedule.

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Weird Wives and Luma Junger Square Off Against Alligator Alley, Wise Wizards, and Gulf Coast Fauna (Plus Free Music!)

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Fear, loathing, and boiled peanuts in Sarasota, Florida.
Alligator Alley, the artery connecting lower Southwest Florida with the Gulf Coast b/w The Everglades, is so flat, straight and strikingly unremarkable that it takes on the vertiginous qualities of the most hypnogogic labyrinths. That is to say, I-75 is so boring that it's damn near psychedelic.

Nevertheless, Crossfade was compelled to make the straight-ahead journey so that you -- the faithful reader -- may glimpse upon local musical exports making your hometown look good. Damn good.

This past weekend, Lake Worth post-punkers Weird Wives and Miami synth-and-rock trio Luma Junger made the haul up The Alley. This is part of that story. The part we can tell you.

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Miami's Slashpine Makes the Pilgrimmage to Meet Olympia's Wolves in the Throne Room

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Photo by Chris Beug
These are Wolves in the Throne Room.
Slashpine Travelogue
Wolves in the Throne Room
The Chop Shop, St. Petersburg, Florida
Friday, September 23, 2011

It's hard to reckon the episode we experienced in Florida's backwater over the weekend. It was was meant to be a quick detour on our way to the Death to the Sun festival. But it ended up being a thorough exercise in small-town mayhem.

We started our trip on the traffic-heavy Florida's Turnpike, taking it to I-75. The drowsy stretch was punctuated with five-minute storms, an FHP scourge, Walmarts, and rainbows. Eventually careening to sleepy St. Petersburg, we made it on time for the early show by black metal behemoths Wolves in the Throne Room.
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Take a Ski Trip (Literally) With Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Lil' Kim

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Dude's already a boss at freestylin' rhymes. But does Rick Ross have what it take to be America's next best freestyle skier?

Probably not. Nevertheless, you might catch him on a Pennsylvanian ski slope come February when the Teflon Don headlines the MMG and Friends Weekend.

Together with Maybach Music's Meek Mill and the Queen Bee herself, Lil Kim, Ross is slated to perform at a "private venue" for an Eastern Light Getaways travel group in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And for $345 per person (based on double occupancy), you can freeze your nuts off with these hip-hop heavyweights.

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The Journey Home From Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011

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Read the remaining entries from Roofless Records, Bleeding Palm, and Crossfade's road trip diary.

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #5
Pentress, WV/Springfield, VA/Miami, FL

After we said our farewell to the strange and epic Indian Meadows, we headed to Springfield, Virginia, (Thank you, Patrick and Karen!) to shower, blog, and sleep.

Every time we closed our eyes, we dreamt of the Valley in phantasmagoric bursts of double-mirrored, flickering .gifs. More »

Firecrackers and Final Exaltations: Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011, Day Three

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Read the remaining entries from Roofless Records, Bleeding Palm and Crossfade's road trip diary.

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #4
Pentress, WV

On the morning of the third day of V.O.V. 2011, our bodies were catching up with us. The driving, the confederate graveyards, the camping, and two full days of music (way more than we can cover completely here, so check out the complete lineup and VICE's recap) had us feeling raw and slimy, like we'd just been born.

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