Psychedelic Self-Experimentation: Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011, Day Two

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Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #3
Pentress, WV

Our journey was long, arduous, strange and had already brought us to the doorstep of Dixieland, and the middle of Mountainland Nowhere, West Virginia.

Before we left Miami, Rat Bastard had explained that the first night of Voice of the Valley Noise Rally is almost always the best. Because as the weekend unfolds, party-slash-camping fatigue slips itself around the neck of fun like a bummed-out noose.

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Among the Hill People and the Trees: Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011, Day One

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Read the remaining entries from Roofless Records, Bleeding Palm and Crossfade's road trip diary.

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #2
Pentress, WV

Miami's DWNTWN/Wynwood/etc. music scene has been talking (yelling?) a lot about venues lately. The firestorm started with Death to the Sun coordinator Ricardo Guerrero's bold declaration that Dade County's clubs and bars "suck dick" for reasons including drink prices, staff-slash-band interactions, and general ambiance.
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Candied Pecans and Confederate Graveyards on the Road to Voice of the Valley 2011

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Read the remaining entries from Roofless Records, Bleeding Palm, and Crossfade's road trip diary.

Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #1
Richmond, VA

This is Crossfade and Bleeding Palm reporting from Richmond, Virginia on the road to Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011.

Despite the still-looming threats of earthquakes, hurricanes, confederate zombies, still-living confederates, road madness, and gas-station coffee we have managed to stay alive in the most basic senses.

We're just about to hit the road to Mothman Country. Here are some highlights from the journey thus far.

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Bleeding Palm Talks "F#*% Me" Faces and Voice of the Valley Noise Rally

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Party photography is about as old as stumbling in the dark with your piss-soaked pants around your knees and a puke-stained lampshade on your head. That is to say, documenting the party is about as old as partying.

You can bet your vomitorium that there were desperate Roman sculptors who spent their weekends carving out recreations of other people's orgies. And what was the Renaissance if not one big pouty-lipped, cleavage-laden party pose?

For most of human history, the medium has been fairly predictable. That is, until Bleeding Palm made its mark on the form with a wholly unique, no-holds-barred kind of psychedelic impressionism. And when Crossfade was putting together a checklist of essentials for our shamanic pilgramage to Voice of The Valley Noise Rally, photographer and animator, Ronnie Rivera, was at the top of our list.

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Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011 With Crossfade, Roofless, Bleeding Palm, and the Squelchers

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Lead the way, Rat!
Last night, noise swami Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra appeared to Crossfade in a strange dream.

He didn't say anything. But even if he did, it would have been drowned out by the sound of his hands (which were, uh, made of broccoli) forcing his four-string telecaster to cry out in tongues.

Skull-cap gripping his head, chin tucked tightly into his chest, Ray Bans drooping slightly down the bridge of his nose, obscuring closed eyes, Rat stood before a tower of speakers encased in vine from which poured a phantasmagoric, burning-bush picture show of horror, wonder, and ecstasy.

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Celebrate Tupac's 40th Birthday in ATL With Afeni Shakur, Erykah Badu, and Mike Epps

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On June 16, 1971, a little thug by the name of Tupac Amaru Shakur came screaming into this world.

He was the son of Black Panther Party members, a scrawny kid with a big mouth, who grew up in the streets during the crack epidemic, studied ballet and jazz at a fancy Baltimore arts school, and bumrushed the '90s rap scene with politicized gangsta philosophy. He got shot five times in 1994 and survived. He spent eleven months locked up in the Attica Correctional Facility on a sex charge. And he died in Las Vegas exactly 25 years, two months, and 27 days after he was born.

Pac's time was short, complicated, and violent. But he released six albums (and nine posthumous ones), sold almost a 100 million records, and changed the world. And next Thursday is the anniversary of his birthday. Honor his life with a pilgrimmage to Atlanta for the 2Pac 40th Birthday Concert Celebration, organized by his mother Afeni.

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Help NOFX's Fat Mike Beat Foreclosure by Booking Your Vacation at His Vegas Punk House

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Fat Mike playing pool at his Vegas Punk House.
Crossfade has experienced our share of punk houses. We've got stories about crossword puzzle face tattoos, a dumpster literally converted into a fridge, and losing an arm-wrestling match to a dog wearing an eyepatch and a Discharge butt-flap.

One time, we drove up to Gainesville to see some band no one in Gainesville cared about and crashed on the very dirty floor of a friend's group house. He literally lived in a closet, so we slept in the living room. Early in the morning, we woke up to someone pissing on us in our sleep, a member of the band we had driven up to see. He was asleep too. Also, drunk. Also, an asshole.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with NOFX's Fat Mike and the Vegas Punk House he's renting out.

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Lollapalooza 2011 Announces Lineup With Eminem, Girl Talk, DFA 1979, and 122 Others

It's time to start planning your road trip to Lollapalooza land 'cause King Perry Farrell just released his 125-name guestlist for this August's three-day Grant Park extravaganza. And if you don't wanna be left at the gate, crying and clawing the dirt like a pauper, you better buy a full-weekend festival pass right now. It'll cost $215 till the King feels like upping the tax. And that could be tomorrow.

So drop a bag of gold and save your spot at the round table with Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Muse, Crystal Castles, and Death From Above 1979 -- not to mention King Perry, Queen Etty, and an official party crew including Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, and Kid Cudi.

See the cut for the Lollapalooza 2011's full lineup.

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