Rapper Kenneth "Nu Money" Casilla Shot and Killed in Miami

Via youtube.com/RichMafiaTV
Sitting in a car with two unidentified men near NW 152nd Street and Sixth Avenue in the parking lot of an apartment complex, Kenneth "Nu Money" Casilla was murdered.

According to Miami-Dade Police Department (via NY1), the Brooklyn-bred, Miami-based rapper and Rich Mafia crew member was shot and killed at approximately 9:30 p.m. last Saturday night. No one else in the vehicle was injured.

"They took my son. Why?" Casillas' mother, Yvette, told NY1 on the night of her son's murder. "What did my son do to them to kill him like that? He was 20 years old."

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The TruStory of the Scrilla Shooting: "The Way They Got MLK, They're Trying to Get Us"

TruStory LT in hospital.jpg
LT, seen here with a punctured lung, has a message for you.
When Miami rapper Young Scrilla was shot in Overtown while making a music video a couple of weeks ago, details trickled out like a weekend baller trying to make it rain with Wingstop coupons.

Now, in a Crossfade exclusive, Dave and LT of TruStory Entertainment -- the bosses who threw last year's Rick Ross show at King of Diamonds and who run all things Scrilla -- are giving their first interview about the shooting, and it was a lot wilder than anyone thought.

"The only thing Scrilla is a victim of," Dave tells us, "is his own success."

There's also the matter of the drive-by shooting that sent Scrilla, LT, and a TruStory associate to the hospital with multiple bullet wounds.

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Florida Banning Bongs! Ten Stoner Songs That Wouldn't Exist Without Water Pipes

Save the bongs!
Last week, New Times reported on a bill in the Florida Senate that may criminalize bongs and other common marijuana paraphernalia sold everywhere, from smoke shops and record stores to an increasing number of gas stations.

And then yesterday, we followed up with an emergency survival kit to help our 420-friendly readers hold on to their god-given right to vigorously inhale the hot smoke of a sparked-up psychoactive herb.

As liberty-loving progressives, we here at Crossfade would also like to show solidarity with weedmongers around the world.

So, in the hope that one day we may be judged not by the apparatus through which we smoke illegal drugs, but by the content of our characters, here are ten stoner songs that wouldn't exist without water pipes.

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Fat Joe Pleads Guilty to $3.7-Million Tax Evasion, Faces Two Years in Prison

Categories: News, True Crime
These days, Fat Joe ain't so fat. But he owes an obese (or is that obscene?) amount of back taxes to the IRS.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice: "Joseph Cartagena, the rapper popularly known as 'Fat Joe,' pleaded guilty [in New Jersey] today to two counts of failing to file tax returns with the IRS."

Mr. Cartagena's unreported gross income was "in excess of $1.3 million in 2007, in excess of $1.4 million in 2008, in excess of $320,000 in 2009, and in excess of $680,000 in 2010."

And the tab from Uncle Sam: "$718,038."

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Gunplay on Making Music for Children: "If I Say, 'Fart, Shit, F#$%, Piss,' They Gonna Like It"

Do we want our kids fuckin' wit' Gunplay?

That was the question when the Miami rapper and accused armed robber placed a surprise call to internet radio's Combat Jack Show today.

"I don't make music for [children]," replied Mr. Play (born Richard Morales Jr.), still chillin' at his crib on house arrest. "But once they get used to me and know who I am and my character ... If I say, 'Fart, fart, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, piss, piss' on a record, they gonna like it."

Other topics on deck: White people, Ol' Dirty Bastard, masturbating in jail, playing video games at home, and why the accountant he allegedly pistol-whipped and chain-snatched kept cleaning supplies beside his desk.

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SpaceGhostPurrp Arrested After Beefing With A$AP Rocky and the Mob on Miami Beach

SGP and Rocky before the beef.
The feud between Miami's Raider Klan and NYC's A$AP Mob continues ...

As we here at Crossfade have previously pointed out, Raider capo SpaceGhostPurrp and Mob boss A$AP Rocky were once homies. They spent time together, smoking blunts, ripping up studios, and dropping some collabo slabs. But then they started beefin', mostly via Twitter.

Last night, though, shit got real when Purrp got cuffed by the cops after he and the Klan heckled Rocky and the Mob during their LongLiveA$AP tour stop at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

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Gunplay: $150,000 Bond and House Arrest

Categories: News, True Crime

Captain Barkey's Murderer Kills Himself During Standoff With U.S. Marshals in Miami

Courtesy of the NYPD
Joseph Kernizan, Haitian music promoter and alleged murderer.
Several hours before dawn on Saturday, dancehall vet Captain Barkey (born Joslyn Hamilton) and his lover Tracy Bennett were shot to death in the parking lot of the Holiday Motel in the Bronx.

The alleged murderer, according to New York City police: Joseph Kernizan, a Haitian music promoter and Bennett's ex.

Pursued from NYC to South Florida by the U.S. Marshals, the 42-year-old suspect was eventually trapped inside a two-story apartment building, located near the corner of NW 157th Street and Second Avenue in North Miami.

The cops worried that Kernizan was about to skip the country and head for Haiti. But instead, he chose to kill himself.

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Bizzle, Murdered Miami Rapper, Was a Strip Club Star and a Family Man

Via facebook.com/BizzleChowtime
Bizzle, AKA Chowtime.
A tragic scene at a local car wash has left one man dead and his killer on the loose.

As already noted by Miami New Times' Riptide, Miami rapper Bizzle (born Robert Labranche) was shot and killed last night by an unidentified assassin at NW Seventh Avenue and NW 54th Street in Liberty City. He was 37 years old.

The altercation took place at around 8 p.m. when Bizzle and an unidentified man began arguing. According to police, shots were fired, fatally wounding the longtime rapper and prompting a countywide manhunt.

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Gunplay Could Face Life in Prison

Categories: News, True Crime
Via miamidade.gov/corrections
Gunplay, AKA Richard Morales Jr.
Is Gunplay guilty of pulling a gun, just to jack a cell phone and chain from a Tax Place employee? Is this how Don Logan goes down? Is this the end of the Human L.A. Riot?

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Play (born Richard Morales Jr.) surrendered to Miami police on an armed robbery charge. And during a phone conversation with Crossfade, the Maybach Music Group member's lawyer -- Michael Grieco -- insisted that "the case ... is very defensible."

But ... What about the security camera video footage (dated 4/13/2012 11:18:21) from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, which clearly depicts the defendant pistol-whipping some dude behind a desk?

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