Ultra Plans "Comprehensive Security Review" in Response to Security Guard's Trampling

Photo by George Martinez

In the wake of security guard Erica Mack being trampled during the very first day of Ultra 2014 by an out-of-control gatecrashing mob, the festival has been called out for negligence by Miami politicians, including Mayor Tomás Regalado and City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

Meanwhile, Ultra organizers have even been targeted for possible criminal charges by Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa.

Now, in its latest response to this tragedy and the subsequent backlash, the festival has issued a "Comprehensive Security Review."

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Ultra 2014's Ten Best Moments

Photo by George Martinez

Another year, another Ultra Music Festival.

We here at Crossfade always make the annual pilgrimage to Ultra land. And from one UMF to the next, there is a lot of stuff that's not-so-shockingly new. Or as Deadmau5 might screech: "It's the same fucking thing every year!"

Inevitably, though, there's also a lot of stuff that make the shenanigans worth it. And these were Ultra 2014's ten best moments.

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50 Things You See at Ultra Music Festival

Photo by George Martinez
50. Girl-friendly PDA. (That's for the "L" in PLUR.)

If you've got ears, Ultra Music Festival is a pretty fun time.

But if you've also got eyes, it's amaaaaaaaaazing.

Basically, this sprawling EDM fest is a phantasmagoric fun parade starring famous people, nearly naked ladies, the beefiest of beefcakes, the kandiest of ravers, and the most ridiculously costumed of party people -- all spazzing out to uhntz-uhntz amid an LED landscape that's exploding with fireworks, lasers, pyro, kryo, and confetti.

Look, gawk, or leer... Here are 50 things you see at Ultra Music Festival.

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Ultra 2014's 20 Hottest Raver Chicks

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

At every single musical gathering, there is an enclave of pretty ladies ready to party. Now, unlike the country gals at a Willie Nelson concert or even the MILFs squabbling for a seat at a taping of the X Factor, Ultra Music Festival features fine-ass females of the very undressed and colorful sort. The heat kept covering up unnecessary and rainbows ruled.

This year, the assortment of sweet kandi ravers and spicy house heads spotting the grounds of Bayfront Park were especially intriguing. And there was a treat to satiate every hungry straight man or gay female's appetites. The nerds have their gals and the bros have theirs, and they were all looking so very fly at the EDM extravaganza. Here are the 20 hottest.

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The Go-Go Dancers of Ultra Music Festival

Photo by: George Martinez
From left to right: Jessie Wedell, C.J. Jones, and Kelli Rika

We've all seen them. They're gorgeous, perfectly unattainable beauties with grace, poise, and loads of talent.

They're the go-go dancers of Ultra Music Festival, and they're dressed in fantastic costumes, floating from the rafters, and charming the crowd from lofty pedestals flanked by fire and lasers.

But who are these women? Turns out, they're just like the rest of us -- except they're gorgeous and paid to dance at Ultra. We sat down with a few of the ladies from the main stage and Carl Cox mega-structure to pull back the veil of mystery by asking about their jobs, their day-to-day lives, and what kind of guys (or girls) they go for.

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Ultra 2014: Video Shows Fence Jumpers Retreating After Being Caught by Security


Amid calls from some Miami officials to cancel Ultra after one fence storming resulted in the near-death of 28-year-old security guard Erica Mack, a new video has surfaced showing more than a dozen Ultra fans hopping another fence to sneak in. (Tickets to the three-day event retailed at close to $500, so, you know...)

Zach Jacobs, editor of EDMSouthFlorida.com who shot the video, tells Crossfade that on Saturday evening, a group of people had jumped the fence to enter the festival without tickets; roughly half made it clean into the festival, he said, while the others are shown jumping back over the fence to retreat from security who had caught on to the attempt and were rushing to stop the sneak-in. After the incident, Jacobs said, police increased their presence at this particular section of fence.

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The Virgins and Veterans of Ultra Music Festival: A Video Interview

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

What is it about Ultra Music Festival that makes the young kids go crazy? Can this year's UMF top the twin weekends of 2013? Does it live up to the hype? What's better: PLUR or molly?

These are the hard-hitting questions that we asked the brave
souls of Ultra 2014. We harassed virgins and veterans alike on their way into the fest. Some of them were so emotional about the festival, they just had to cry.

We also talked to a Christian guy shouting into a megaphone to hear why Ultra will send you to Hell.

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Miami Police Chief: Ultra Organizers Could Face Charges Over Trampling

Photo by Michael E. Miller
Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa points out where gate crashers breached Ultra security.

Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa was defiant during a news conference on Monday, saying his department warned Ultra about the weak spot in the event's fence where a security guard would later be trampled.

He went so far as to suggest that Ultra organizers could face criminal charges over the trampling.

"Someone [at Ultra] decided to change the plans at the last moment," Orosa said. "That's what led to the incident."

UPDATE In the wake of the trampling incident, Ultra organizers have announced a "Comprehensive Security Review" to "prevent a criminal incident of this nature from happening again."

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Ultra 2014: Chance the Rapper, Riff Raff, Pusha T, Dizzee Rascal

Photo by George Martinez

Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival have always been the place where new dance music records, artists, and genres are broken and made.

If your track catches fire at Ultra, you're guaranteed to have the best year of your career so far. Play your cards right, and you'll definitely get that invite to play the next time around.

This year, we heard nary a new summer anthem, nor an oh-my-god-you-had-to-see-it set. Most DJs played it safe with last year's house and trap anthems, rather than revealing any killer new tunes. It felt like 2013 all over again.

If anything was to be learned from this UMF, it's that hip-hop is coming back in a big way. For the first time ever, Ultra had five rappers on the bill -- six if you count M.I.A. -- and though relegated to the live stage, they were some of Ultra 2014's most interesting and exciting sets.

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Young Ultra Attendee Dies After Saturday's Show

Via Facebook
Adonis Peña Escoto apparently died Saturday night while attending Ultra.

A young Ultra attendee has died under mysterious circumstances.

Adonis Escoto, 21, passed away in a car parked near the music festival. He and his friends had been attending Ultra since Friday night. Late Saturday night, however, Escoto suddenly began to feel dizzy.

"We have no idea what happened," says aunt Rosa Escoto. "He didn't take drugs. We think maybe someone put something in his drink without him knowing."

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