Ultra Ban on Miami City Commission Agenda

Photo by George Martinez

Chaos. Gatecrashing. Drug use. Graffiti. Crime.

In the wake of Ultra Music Festival 2014, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff have hyperbolically enumerated the evils of the EDM fest in pursuit of a city-wide ban.

There were two undeniable tragedies at this year's fest: the trampling of security guard Erica Mack and the death of 21-year-old attendee Adonis Escoto.

But in support of their resolution "prohibiting the Bayfront Park Management Trust from holding the Ultra Music Festival in the future," Regalado and Sarnoff have slipped into scaremongering.

UPDATE Ultra Music Festival is fighting the proposed ban with a petition to "Keep UMF in Miami."

UPDATE #2 The vote on the Ultra ban has been delayed. Now the Miami City Commission won't discuss the EDM festival's future till April 24.

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In Defense of Ultra Music Festival

Photo by George Martinez

Won't somebody please think of the children!

Is everyone done with the pearl clutching in regards to Ultra Music Festival?

I get it -- EDM is Satan in musical form. And if you'd believe Mayor Tomás Regalado and City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, Ultra is the ninth circle of Hell.

The reality is Ultra deserves some credit, and while there are some problems that need to be addressed, city leaders shouldn't make such irresponsible statements -- like Regalado who said, "I think we should not have Ultra next year here" -- before a thorough investigation has been completed into the trampling of security guard Erica Mack.

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Ultra Music Festival Announces 2015 Dates

Photo by George Martinez

Only about 72 hours have passed since the end of Ultra 2014.

And naturally, that means we should start immediately planning for next year's edition of the massive EDM festival.

The good news: As they've typically done in recent years, Ultra organizers have already provided us with the 2015 dates.

The bad news: It still doesn't look like the fest will be returning to the two-weekend format any time soon.

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Glitch Mob on DIY Electronic Music, Actually Playing Instruments: A Video Interview

Photo by Neil Krug

The Glitch Mob isn't your average DJ group.

In fact, these guys don't usually DJ. They're one of those rare, talented acts who play electronic instruments. And they even help design those instruments, as well as the stage production behind their performances.

We've caught them in the act and we've been blown away. So we were stoked at the chance to chat with the Los Angeles-based Mob during the first day of Ultra Music Festival 2014.

The topics of conversation include the successful new album Love Death Immortality, their new stage design, and why ravers need to disconnect to connect.

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Adventure Club on Who's a Screamer and Saying Fuck Cancer: A Video Interview

Photo by Cedric Sequerra

Plenty of people were superpsyched to see Adventure Club's Christian Srigley and Leighton James perform at Ultra Music Festival 2014. These two Canadian guys are veterans of the EDM festival; they're so involved, they even did Ultra Korea.

Srigley and James were ready to rage on the stage when we caught up with them to discuss their cause of choice, Fuck Cancer, and being "pop-punk and proud." We also brought up the allegations against Steve Klein of New Found Glory which led to the age-old debate of which is worse: kiddie porn or peeing on people, a la R. Kelly.

Also, find out which of these handsome dudes is a screamer.

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Ultra 2014's Ten Worst Moments

Photo by George Martinez

Ultra Music Festival is epic. Until it's not.

There is much about the EDM fest that's awe-inspiringly, eye-bulgingly, brain-meltingly awesome. It's among one of the best raver parades on the planet. It's got 200-foot LED stages that look like arcades from outer space, complete with lasers, pyrotechnics, and other expensive gimcracks. And it can't be denied that its lineup is perpetually loaded with hundreds of the world's best DJs, whether commercial or underground, trance or house or techno or bass or dubstep or trap.

But it's not all spectacle and fun. Here are Ultra 2014's ten worst moments.

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Ultra Plans "Comprehensive Security Review" in Response to Security Guard's Trampling

Photo by George Martinez

In the wake of security guard Erica Mack being trampled during the very first day of Ultra 2014 by an out-of-control gatecrashing mob, the festival has been called out for negligence by Miami politicians, including Mayor Tomás Regalado and City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

Meanwhile, Ultra organizers have even been targeted for possible criminal charges by Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa.

Now, in its latest response to this tragedy and the subsequent backlash, the festival has issued a "Comprehensive Security Review."

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Ultra 2014's Ten Best Moments

Photo by George Martinez

Another year, another Ultra Music Festival.

We here at Crossfade always make the annual pilgrimage to Ultra land. And from one UMF to the next, there is a lot of stuff that's not-so-shockingly new. Or as Deadmau5 might screech: "It's the same fucking thing every year!"

Inevitably, though, there's also a lot of stuff that make the shenanigans worth it. And these were Ultra 2014's ten best moments.

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50 Things You See at Ultra Music Festival

Photo by George Martinez
50. Girl-friendly PDA. (That's for the "L" in PLUR.)

If you've got ears, Ultra Music Festival is a pretty fun time.

But if you've also got eyes, it's amaaaaaaaaazing.

Basically, this sprawling EDM fest is a phantasmagoric fun parade starring famous people, nearly naked ladies, the beefiest of beefcakes, the kandiest of ravers, and the most ridiculously costumed of party people -- all spazzing out to uhntz-uhntz amid an LED landscape that's exploding with fireworks, lasers, pyro, kryo, and confetti.

Look, gawk, or leer... Here are 50 things you see at Ultra Music Festival.

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Ultra 2014's 20 Hottest Raver Chicks

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

At every single musical gathering, there is an enclave of pretty ladies ready to party. Now, unlike the country gals at a Willie Nelson concert or even the MILFs squabbling for a seat at a taping of the X Factor, Ultra Music Festival features fine-ass females of the very undressed and colorful sort. The heat kept covering up unnecessary and rainbows ruled.

This year, the assortment of sweet kandi ravers and spicy house heads spotting the grounds of Bayfront Park were especially intriguing. And there was a treat to satiate every hungry straight man or gay female's appetites. The nerds have their gals and the bros have theirs, and they were all looking so very fly at the EDM extravaganza. Here are the 20 hottest.

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