Glitch Mob on DIY Electronic Music, Actually Playing Instruments: A Video Interview

Photo by Neil Krug

The Glitch Mob isn't your average DJ group.

In fact, these guys don't usually DJ. They're one of those rare, talented acts who play electronic instruments. And they even help design those instruments, as well as the stage production behind their performances.

We've caught them in the act and we've been blown away. So we were stoked at the chance to chat with the Los Angeles-based Mob during the first day of Ultra Music Festival 2014.

The topics of conversation include the successful new album Love Death Immortality, their new stage design, and why ravers need to disconnect to connect.

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Adventure Club on Who's a Screamer and Saying Fuck Cancer: A Video Interview

Photo by Cedric Sequerra

Plenty of people were superpsyched to see Adventure Club's Christian Srigley and Leighton James perform at Ultra Music Festival 2014. These two Canadian guys are veterans of the EDM festival; they're so involved, they even did Ultra Korea.

Srigley and James were ready to rage on the stage when we caught up with them to discuss their cause of choice, Fuck Cancer, and being "pop-punk and proud." We also brought up the allegations against Steve Klein of New Found Glory which led to the age-old debate of which is worse: kiddie porn or peeing on people, a la R. Kelly.

Also, find out which of these handsome dudes is a screamer.

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The Virgins and Veterans of Ultra Music Festival: A Video Interview

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

What is it about Ultra Music Festival that makes the young kids go crazy? Can this year's UMF top the twin weekends of 2013? Does it live up to the hype? What's better: PLUR or molly?

These are the hard-hitting questions that we asked the brave
souls of Ultra 2014. We harassed virgins and veterans alike on their way into the fest. Some of them were so emotional about the festival, they just had to cry.

We also talked to a Christian guy shouting into a megaphone to hear why Ultra will send you to Hell.

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Juleisy y Karla and Hialeah's Finest Get Ratchet Romantic for V-Day at Gramps (VIDEO)

Categories: Video

Photo by Rodrigo Gaya Photography

"Happy Valentine's Day from Hialeah's Finest!"

Over the weekend, we here at Crossfade celebrated the Western world's grand tradition of courtly love by handing our beloved a greeting card and chocolates, then splitting for some lap dances with drag queens, chubby chongas, and a perv puppet in Wynwood.

It was all part of a ratchet romantic evening at Gramps that'd been hyped as the "Pero But Like Whatever It's a Super Cute Variety Show Bro," starring Pepe Billete, Juleisy Y Karla, The Suarez, Otto Von Schirach IV, Ashley Somuchpower Bodie, and Ded Cooter.

As Tio Pepe might say: "A good focking time." Check the cut for a quick video recap.

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Watch LeBron James Cover "Back That Azz Up" at Miami Heat Karaoke Party

Categories: Video


It's the kid, King James!

We here at Crossfade have occasionally shouted out LeBron's skills as a part-time rapper.

'Cause whether poppin' a million mollies like Trinidad or freestylin' over "Niggas in Paris," homie's flow has always been solidly adequate.

And now, with a cover of "Back That Azz Up" at Shane Battier's Battioke karaoke bash, the King has again proved his mic skills don't suck. (Also, props to 'Bron for doing the radio-unfriendly version and clearly enunciating "motherfucker," "pussy," etc.)

Check the cut for the vid.

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Uncle Luke Interviews Jay Z While Watching Lesbians Enjoy Oral Sex (NSFW Video)

Categories: Video


"Ooohhhiiiiiieee! On that note..."

That's how Uncle Luke opened his 1997 video interview with Jay Z.

Why? Because there were two lesbians enjoying oral sex, just inches away, sprawled out on a sofa beside the host, Luther "Captain Dick" Campbell, and his guest, Shawn "New York" Carter.

Sipping Hennessy and trying not to watch too intently, Luke and Jay do about ten seconds of Q&A before allowing things to devolve into a play-by-play of this "peep show shit."

Check the cut for the brief, bizarre, NSFW clip.

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Kanye West's Yeezus Tour: 14 Craziest Quotes From Miami

Photo courtesy of the Yeezus Tour

Anyone who says they want to see Kanye West and not hear a rant is a straight-up liar. Rants are part of the package, and we ain't about getting stiffed.

That being said, Kanye's words are always being taken out of context. And we want to make sure you get the full experience. So we here at Crossfade took a video of Mr. West's whole 20-minute, talk-my-shit-again antics. That way, you can hear everything for yourself.

But we also know that you're probably lazy. So we broke down the 14 best quotes.

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Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash in Miami, AKA The Best Party in Years

Photo by Morgan Coleman
Check out Crossfade's full 44-photo slideshow of Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Miami at Grand Central.

Hear me now, Miami. Big ups to Red Bull for putting on one of the livest parties we've ever attended. We'll drink our vodka and rum with nothing but your sweet rage juice if you promise to bring more Culture Clashes to the 305.

The chance to see Slow Roast, Eccentrix Sound with Black Chiney, Basshead, and Moombahton Massive -- four all-star crews who never lose -- was a treat in itself. But to see them go head to head at Grand Central was to see each bring their sound and style to new heights -- and the special guests, coño!

Everyone represented hard, and we've got undying love for them all. But in the end, no one captured the hearts and booties of the real Miami better than the Bassheads.

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Ten Best Drug-Fueled Music Videos

Categories: Lists, Video


Drugs are bad, mmk? Almost everyone does them, but it's totally not rad to depict people having a drug-fueled good time in your music video. Especially not if you're signed to PMR Records.

England's Disclosure is a couple of cool bros who probably do drugs, but when they put drug use in a new clip for "Help Me Lose My Mind," PMR pulled it faster than Paris Hilton's new track can clear a dance floor.

The label execs were scared the promo glamorized drugs, but let's face it, druggy visuals are lots of fun. To prove this point, we're sharing ten of our favorite vids. This is what you're missing out on, PMR.

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Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Win $120,000 Free-Throw Contest


"We the Miami Heat of hip-hop."

Now, obviously, when Rick Ross uttered that boast, it was meant as more than just a Bawse-ly metaphor.

Because big homie and his buddy DJ Khaled got such skills from the stripe, they recently won $120,000 in a free-throw contest.

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