Miami Celebrates Bike Culture: The Seven Coolest Events of Bike305 Month

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Courtesy of Miami-Dade County
Kids riding during Bike305 month.
As the tentacles of rush hour further their reach until they've devoured hours of your day, more and more Miamians are opting in bike culture. Life on two wheels has to be better than the rage-inducing time suck known as driving in the 305.

The municipalities of Miami are on board with this surge in bike culture, and Bike305 Month is the city's way of showing their support. This month, a whole host of cycling-centric events are kicking off, from bike polo to night rides. Check out the seven coolest events on the calendar.

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Cat Del Buono Brings Feminist Art to Miami

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Courtesy of Cat Del Buono
This is what a feminist looks like
Turn on your television or open a magazine, and you're likely to run into someone saying something about "feminism." For Miami-based performer and artist Cat Del Buono, that's great news, but it's not really anything out of the ordinary.

"For me, it's been a hot topic for a while so I really do hope it's turning in that direction," she says, "because I think (women's issues are) just getting ridiculous, and Miami is a perfect place to have that discussion."

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South Beach Comedy Festival 2015: Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress, and Bill Burr

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Patton Oswalt at San Diego Comic-Con, 2010.

In the immortal words of Heath Ledger's Joker, "Why so serious?!" With sea levels rising, epic traffic issues, and rising housing costs, Miamians need some comic relief.

Luckily, the South Beach Comedy Festival (SBCF) is coming up, so we'll have plenty of chances to practice our gleeful guffaws. This year's lineup has just been announced, and it looks like it's bound to be a laugh riot with Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr and Mark Normand, among others.

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Free Events This Week in Miami: Daniel Arsham, The Big Lebowski, and Beefcakes

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Photo by Ines Hegedus-Garcia | Flickr CC
Miami sunshine: Free of charge.
Three words to get your week going: Turn off Netflix. Don't try to pretend, we know your bleary eyes have been glued to season three of House of Cards. Thankfully, Miami couldn't make it any more entertaining, or cheap, to get you back to reality.

From performance and street art, to films and racy books, we've got a week's worth of free fun ahead.

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Leonard Nimoy Represented the Best of Humanity

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Caption: Nimoy in a publicity still for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock .
Leonard Nimoy has died at the age of 83. Both on camera and off, he exemplified the best of what Star Trek, and thus humanity, could represent.

Part of that was Trek's writing, of course. But it was Nimoy who took what was on the page — often repaired what was on the page — and brought Spock alive, making a half-human, half-Vulcan with pointed ears the most relatable character on the show. Not everyone is a Captain Kirk, or would even want to be, but Nimoy's portrayal of Spock touched on a key human experience: the sometimes unbearable difficulty of having emotions. He brought a truth and an authenticity to the role that kept it from ever descending into camp, no matter what the script called for him to do.

According to the title of his 1975 autobiography, I Am Not Spock, Leonard Nimoy was not Spock. But he also was Spock, according to his 1995 follow-up, I Am Spock, in which he explained that he had meant that he never was not Spock, as such, just that there was more to him than just being Spock, and it was a legacy he had finally come to terms with.

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Cuban Filmmaker Jessica Rodriguez Shows Life Through a Different Lens

Courtesy of Jessica Rodriguez
The filmmaker.
You may not realize that Cuban filmmaker Jessica Rodriguez makes documentaries. The Havana-born, Madrid-based 28-year-old has a gift for making her subjects forget they're telling their most personal secrets to an unknown audience. "I think people only tell us what they want to, and the things they don't say are often much more interesting," she says. "I like working with people who feel like talking, feel like telling things to the world."

Rodriguez's selection of short films, presented during an Emerging Cuban Filmmaker showcase at the Miami International Film Festival, seek to tell a story of four disparate lives, each story intertwined with the other as the director seeks to unravel the human condition. "I don't like textbook characters; I prefer to humanize stories in a way that shows what the human experience is; vulnerable, and imperfect," Rodriguez says. I think that the 'textbook' story has been told a million times, and I think it's far more interesting to explore uncharted territories, and seek out those stories and anecdotes that people don't often share."

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Locust Projects Debuts Ruby Sky Stiler Solo and "Sounding Room"

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Courtesy of Ruby Sky Stiler
Sun Breaker Diptych (2015)
Brooklyn-based artist, Ruby Sky Stiler's conscious constant has been the female figure. But where others might choose more stereotypical representations of the female form, Stiler's work has a firmness and weight that, while celebrating the form, also cements it as a symbol of authority. The artist's firm solo show in Miami, hosted by Locust Projects, is a "sculptural engagement with the female form and its manifestation in the varied dialects of twentieth century abstraction."

This installation at Locust, Sun Breaker, takes its cues from the architectural technique of brise soleil, a decorative and functional application of perforated surfaces that allows for the free flow of air and light through a building's façade. For an example of brise soleil, take a look at Miami's skyline, the tropical, modernist architecture is practically native to the Magic City.

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Florida Grand Opera Brings Broken Bromance to the Stage With The Pearl Fishers

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Courtesy of Brittany Mazzurco, FGO
From the Sarasota Opera production of The Pearl Fishers.
Georges Bizet's life was tragic enough for an opera. The composer of the iconic work Carmen died at the young age of 37, well before fame had found him. Even the work for which he's best known was panned by critics, who were shocked by the low-life characters. A prostitute, criminals, and poorly mannered military men weren't exactly fit for the 19th-century stage.

And though Bizet's Carmen is one of the most popular operas today -- even MTV adapted it with a young Beyoncé playing the title role -- the composer's The Pearl Fishers is just now beginning to enjoy a renaissance.

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RuPaul's Drag Race's Katya on Masochistic Fans, Elaborate Smells, and Miami Beach Premiere Party

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Courtesy of Logo
Katya strike a pose
Now preparing its seventh season, the phenomenon of RuPaul's Drag Race shows no sign of slowing down. Previously content with bi-coastal parties in New York and Los Angeles, the show has taken its premiere party on nine-city tour -- including this Sunday at Mansion in Miami Beach. Guests will be able to see each of the 14 new contestants perform as well as catch a special early screening of the first episode before it officially premieres on Logo the next day.

New Times got a chance to chat with Katya, a pre-season standout who has already built up a devoted online fan base who dutifully refer to her as "Mom." We talked about those fans, her lack of taxidermy skills, and why you're not getting the full Drag Race experience unless you can smell it.

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Congratulations to the MasterMind 2015 Winners: TM Sisters, Bistoury Theatre, and Randy Burman

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Photo by Alex Markow
The 2015 MasterMind Award winners

Last night the creative set gathered together at the Coral Gables Museum to honor our ten MasterMind 2015 finalists and crown the three winners. Or at least hand them a check for $1,000.

We'd like to congratulate our three winners: performance artists TM Sisters, experimental dance company Bistoury Theatre, and artist Randy Burman.

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