Book Fair 2014 Includes John Waters, Questlove, Ira Glass, and More

Andy Gotts
John Cleese will appear at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International.
John WatersWhat do Questlove, John Cleese, and Judy Blume have in common?

One's the hip-hop leader of The Roots. One's the British comedian who rose to fame with Monty Python. And one's the beloved author of young adult classics like Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. Their careers and lives have likely never crossed.

But that's about to change this fall, when they join Joyce Carol Oates, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and John Waters -- yes, the John Waters -- among the hundreds of authors, poets, chefs, TV personalities, and others who'll present at the 2014 Miami Book Fair International.

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Child of God: Scott Haze Coming To Miami To Discuss His Intense Film Role

Courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment
Scott Haze in Child of God
Let's face it, James Franco's Child of God, a movie about a lonely man living in the Tennessee wilderness who takes up necrophilia and murder, is a difficult movie to enjoy. However, that does not make it a film to be reviled. The film, based on an early Cormac McCarthy novel, has had a difficult time finding appreciation from most critics (including one of our own). At best, it has divided critics, but some of the best films often do that.

Cultist called up the film's star, Scott Haze, to explore why the film has not received a fair shake from critics and his method to prepare for the role, which included making his own version of the film while living in caves in Tennessee. Speaking from Hollywood, just a few days before he visits Miami Beach to present the film and talk about it on a panel with two other film critics, he shared his gratitude about the interest in the film by some critics while trying to come to terms with other critics' disdain for the work.

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Tusk Star Genesis Rodriguez Talks Johnny Depp and Her Miami Swagger

Categories: Film and TV

A24 Films
Kevin Smith has made some unique, cult-embraced films in his day: Clerks, Dogma, and Chasing Amy to name a few. After a brief hiatus from the filmmaking world, the jersey-wearing mega-geek is back with a dark comedy about a walrus, Tusk.

The plotline is a tad more complicated than just a man who gets violently turned into a walrus in Canada and the dialogue is so rich it'll have you craving a nice, thick Mark Twain novel when you leave the theater.

"It's not like a normal creepy movie," says Miami native and star of Tusk, Genesis Rodriguez. "With all the delicious dialogue, it's more like an actors' movie."

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Billy Corben on Cocaine Cowboys Based TV Show: "More Tony Soprano Than Tony Montana"

Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben of Rakontur as Crockett and Tubbs.
Is America ready for a ski trip to Miami? Fresh powder is about in hit TNT like a brick to the face.

The TV show based on the movie Cocaine Cowboys, currently being called "Untitled Cocaine Pilot" has officially been greenlit for a pilot by the network. It's being brought to life by none other than Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman of Rakontur, Michael Bay of Transformers, and Jerry Bruckheimer, who's had more hits than Tim Leary in a bathtub full of LSD.

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Bloomberg: Miami Has the Highest Hotel Rates in the U.S., Fifth in the World

Categories: Lifestyle

Courtesy of Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Good thing we live here, because if we wanted to visit Miami, we'd have to shell out some pretty big bucks. In an Index compiled by Bloomberg, Miami rated the priciest city in the U.S. for lodging, and top fifth in the world. That's after Geneva, Dubai, Kuwait City (really?), and Zurich.

According to Bloomberg, Collins Avenue and all its ritzy hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs are to blame for the sky-high prices guesthouses charge for a night in the Magic City.

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Miami Book Fair International Announces 2014 Authors Tonight

Courtesy of Miami Book Fair International
Author Patricia Cornwell
Get ready, Miami word nerds. The Miami Book Fair International is just two short months away.

But you won't have to wait until November to start planning your literary itinerary.

Tonight at 6 p.m. the fair is throwing a kickoff party at the Freedom Tower to celebrate its 31st year of bringing publishing's biggest names to the Magic City -- and to finally release the full list of authors, poets, (and, if past years are any indication, chefs, politicians, actors, and other celebrities) who'll participate in this year's fest.

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The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

Categories: Weekend Guide

Courtesy of McCormick Place
Say what you will about the Magic City, there is never a lack of stuff to do on the weekends -- OK, things do tend to slow a bit through the sluggish summer heat. But next time you're whining about how bored you are, just think of those poor mid-Westerners, nothing but the plains to stare at until fall hits and they jump on hay rides or whatever they do out there.

Lucky for us, Miami's just getting warmed up (not literally, thank Christ; the heat is finally starting to break). The next three days are packed with cultural fun and festivals galore, so grab that stale Red Bull, some empanadas, and hit the ground running.

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Viva Chile! 13th Annual Chileno Festival in Miami Kicks Off Saturday

Photo by Cristian Pimimo Baradit
We all know Miami is an ethnic melting pot, full of culture and cuisine from regions around the world. Fortunately for us, this city is always game for a festival to celebrate these rich traditions. This month, it's Chile's turn in the spotlight when the Chileno Festival gets started September 20.

The 13th Annual Chileno Festival is a family festival in which the Chilean community celebrates the 2004 Independence of Chile. Started by the owners of Chilean restaurant Sabores Chilenos, Ingrid and Pierre Encina, the festival includes various Chilean bands, artists, folklorists, and more. The couple wanted to bring a piece of their home back to Miami.

We spoke with the organizers about what to expect at this year's celebration.

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Celebrate Your Female Side with Wynwood's LadyFest This Weekend

Courtesy of Charo Valero / LadyFest
A very wise person once asked the deep, philosophical question: Who run the world? That same sage soul answered the ultimate question: girls. That's right, ladies, we run the world. It's high time everyone gets the memo.

We jest, but in all seriousness, being a woman is a special thing and it's not celebrated enough. That's all about to change with the first ever LadyFest Miami.

Gently put, LadyFest is a community event put together wholly by women for women with the overall goal being to "build a sustainable community and celebrate diversity through critical dialogue, cultural performance, and artistic expression within the context of a women-centered space," explains one of its many organizers, Charo Valero.

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DWNTWN Art Days: Ten Must-See Art Events

Categories: Art, Culture

Courtesy of Fringe Projects
DWNTWN Art Days is finally upon us. For the next three days, Downtown Miami gets a chance to show off its artistic assets, taking a slice of the spotlight from their happening neighbors in Wynwood.

The weekend-long celebration of exhibited and public art starting Friday features over 150 events for us to take in. Many of the events ask visitors to flex their creative muscles and get involved, while others invite you to simply enjoy the talent of the dozens of artists participating.

To help guide you in this epic adventure, we've compiled ten of the coolest art events.

Happy hunting!

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