Broadway Returns to Cuba With Spanish-Language Production of Rent

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Photo by Marcin Wichary | Flickr CC
Jonathan Larson's beloved musical Rent is headed to Cuba.

Deadspin reports the Spanish-language production will be produced by Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment in partnership with the Cuban National Council of Performing Arts. Nederlander says it's the first Broadway musical with a full cast, musicians and first-class production elements produced in Cuba in over 50 years. The show, which will have a three-month run, will open Christmas Eve, according to Robert Nederlander Jr.

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Producer Nathaly Charria Bridges Art and Entertainment: "It's a Major Change Year"

Courtesy of Natology
Nathaly Charria
It doesn't take a genius to notice the strengthening ties between the art world and the entertainment industry. Late last year Lady Gaga released Artpop, an album suffused with joint efforts from art establishment giants like Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic. For her latest album, Sia transformed promotional appearances into a performance art piece that pokes fun at the commercialization of musicians. Even Kanye West has taken up the charge of heralding an art world perspective, in his live shows and general ouvre, to hip hop music.

Nathaly Charria, a bi-coastal art producer and manager working out of L.A. and Miami, wants to solidify the ties between art and entertainment at this year's Basel.

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KOMIK28 Returns to the Street Art Scene: "I See a Place That Needs a Little Color"

All images courtesy KOMIK28
South Florida is in no short supply of street art, urban muralists, and graffiti artists. Some stand out more than others and some carry heavy followings. Graffiti has been instrumental in the revamping of Wynwood and lifting South Florida's international art profile. That it continues to hold an illegal stigma is just part of the retarding nature of certain societal mores. In a few days, the art world will descend upon Miami once again for Art Basel and the city's graff will become part of the backdrop of many a magazine/website's photographic spreads.

One figure, key in the turning days of graff jumping from walls and into galleries, has been KOMIK28. With Art Basel Miami Beach lurking, we had a chance to catch up with him after his lengthy absence from Miami walls to discuss his work, comings and goings, how he got back in the game, and how he'll be "staying against the establishment fully" during the art festival this time around.

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The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

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Photo by Yesenia Hernandez
IT'S FRIDAY! This can be you in mere hours.
Whether you're trudging through another completely unnecessary work day today or battling the masses at the Black Friday apocalypse, chin up -- it's only hours until the weekday rush is over.

We've got plenty of opportunities to work off those Thanksgiving regrets -- and add some new ones to your roster. It's the holiday season, so go hard or go hibernate.

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Most Fashion-Centric Events During Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Photo by Capretto Shoes
Photo by Capretto Shoes
While Art Basel Miami Beach is largely about the latest and greatest in modern and contemporary visual art, fashion has gradually been making the yearly festivities its biggest stomping ground. Creation takes countless forms, some of them garments, textiles, and wearable art.

For all of those style-savants who would rather revel in the art of fashion (and let's be honest, contribute to the economy in the chicest way possible) instead of tent hop and marvel over stoic artworks come this time of year, we've got a customized line-up just for you.

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From Ferguson to Miami: FusionMIA Project Gives Overtown Youth a Voice (Photos)

Boy Behind Metal Fence, Overtown, Elijah Wells
The Through My Lens: Art is Life photography workshop, which took place November 8 and was sponsored by the Play to Win Foundation, Nike, and Microsoft, gave several of Miami's teenagers the chance to express themselves and their life experiences through art. The opportunities and validation the workshop provides is in stark contrast to the teenagers fighting a corrupt system in Ferguson, Missouri, some in chaos, others in silent pleas. This essay is a look at how a city can uplift its youth or tear them down, inspiring them or teaching them that they don't matter.

The photography taken during the workshop will be featured at the FusionMIA 2014 African American Abstract Masters exhibit featuring the BET Art Lounge December 3 at Mana Wynwood Production Village (318 NW 23rd St., Miami) and lasts until December 7. Admission to the BET Art Lounge is free. Visit

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Ten Reasons To Be Happy You Live in Miami, From Happy Wall Creator Hannah Sentenac

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Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Look! Nature is painting you a picture!
The holidays are here!

Traditionally, the time for family cheer, singing, and decking the halls, right? Well, there's also a darker side to the season. According to the National Institute of Health, Christmas is also prime time for depression and anxiety, with police reporting high incidences of suicide calls.

So what can you do? First of all, don't sweat all the small stuff. Chances are your Aunt Milly won't notice you forgot to light the holly-scented candle in the guest bathroom. But, more importantly, take time to reflect on all the good things happening around us.

Can't think of any? Hannah Sentenac has shared ten Miami-specific reasons to be happy. Sentenac, by the way, should know all about the topic of bringing more joy into your day to day life. The New Times contributor's blog, Hannah Gets Happy, is an amalgam of happy quotes, inspirational stories, and tips for living a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Vice Gallery Showcases Argentine Artists for Art Basel Miami Beach

Every gallery in the game makes their best play for Miami Art Week. Some solo with a singular sensation, some group up to highlight a roster, and some book a booth at one of the many fairs which occupy our town during the annual onslaught.

Very few galleries, however, have the moxie to risk doing all three for Art Basel; let alone one with only two months to its history. But Vice Gallery, which opened its doors with a marvel of mayhem from MSG Cartel this past October, has already shown itself to be one of the few among many.

Cultist chatted with Vice Gallery honcho George Aguilar in advance of all the Art Week action.

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Is Any Part of Bill Cosby's Legacy Worth Salvaging?

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A promotional image for The Cosby Show
Bill Cosby's present is secure. Despite the 17 women (so far) who have publicly come forward with notably similar allegations of drug-enabled sexual assault, the comedian received standing ovations for his stand-up performances in the Bahamas and in Florida recently. His comeback tour will likely continue over the next few months. A handful of venues have canceled his engagements, but more than two dozen shows remain on the schedule.

Cosby's legacy, however, may be marred forever. Unsurprisingly, it's the cultural critics who grew up worshipping his TV family -- those who feel the betrayal of The Cosby Show's wholesomeness most acutely -- who have led the charge in renouncing everything the comedian has ever done. Roxane Gay powerfully (if not entirely convincingly) argued that, in the case of Cosby, the choice is "art or humanity": "There is only one side that matters...We have to stop supporting any of his endeavors. His art does not absolve him. Art is nothing compared to humanity, nothing at all." Mike Ryan was no less absolute: "All the good he did -- and his contributions to popular culture really did do a lot of good -- is now ruined."

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Part-Time Miamian Irvine Welsh Sneak Peeks The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

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Flickr cc | Edinburgh Film Festival
Movies have been made outta his words, lots and lots of movies, each of which is mad, bad and dangerous not to know about, including The Acid House, Ecstasy, Filth, and, of course, a little torrent of beautiful depravity entitled Trainspotting. But it's the words themselves which spurred the cinema to unhinge, and compelled those who still read anything longer than a blog post to rejoice every time they join together in a book.

His name is Irvine Welsh, and the time for rejoicing is once again at hand. Or will be anyway, come February 2015, when The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins (Doubleday) racks in the States and the man makes his way back to the MIA in order to hype his latest longplay.

To ensure we're all suitably prepared to celebrate Scot wordslinger's next bit of vile wile, New Times got Welsh himself to give us a tease.

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