Aranda/Lasch Chosen For Design Miami/ Structure

Design Miami/ has chosen New York-based design and architecture firm Aranda/Lasch to create the temporary structure that will house this year's fair. So many "/"s.

The firm's architects are known for their "sophisticated investigation into structure in their work, which explores the infinite variations of form possible through algorithmic systems." That is fancy talk for, "Wow, that is some pretty neat shit". You won't be able to see the structure until Design Miami/ kicks off on December 3rd, but until then, more pictures of some awesome Aranda/Lasch work await you beyond the jump.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

A piece they created for the 2005 International Garden Festival. Via MocoLoco

The world's most amazing chair. Via Design Boom

Log Cabin: Proposal for mountain lodge. via Freshen.

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