Cranky Coral Gables Lawyer To Appear On Bullshit!

Categories: Culture
Jack Thompson's worst nightmare involves you killing pixelated hookers while blasting "Me So Horny."

He's the Coral Gables attorney who originally incited obscenity charges against 2 Live Crew, and years latter sued the makers of the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.

According to Game Politics, a blog covering the intersection of video games and laws, he'll appear on an upcoming episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! concerning video game violence. That's the Showtime program where the popular magicians try to debunk misconceptions, usually from a libertarian point of view.

Note to Thompson: The show is called Bullshit!, not Penn & Teller: We Wholeheartedly Agree With The Views Of Cranky Old Men!. I doubt you're going to come off looking good, but why start worrying about looking like a fool now?

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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