These granite countertops is THE BEST!: DJ Khaled lists his house

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Have you seen his closet space?
DJ Khaled, a contender for the loudest man in Miami, has built a lucrative career out of yelling phrases such as "We the best!" and "Listennnnn!"

If anybody can sell a Pembroke Pines McMansion for more than $200,000 over property value in this dismal market, it's him.

Real estate site lists the 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home of the "rap superstar" (why not?), real name Khaled Khaled, as an "over-the-top home featured on MTV Cribs." (We found some footage; it's here.)

The place isn't jaw-dropping, but in contrast to most of those houses you see on Cribs, it looks comfortable and lived-in. It features a few interesting touches: One of the bedrooms has been converted into a music studio. Another has been converted into what seems to be a gigantic white T-shirt-and-sneakers closet. And the pearl-white piano, we're guessing, doesn't come with the house. After the jump, check out some photos:


The eight-year-old house's listed price is $696,000. According to Broward County property appraisal records, Khaled paid $380,600 for it in 2003. And its current value? $476,500. But hey, what's an extra $219,500 celebrity markup? Khaled is the Elvis of yelling random shit while wearing a lot of jewelry, and this is his Graceland.

--Gus Garcia-Roberts

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Gus, I can totally see where you're coming from. Granite counter tops will definitely boost the value of a home. I mean, there really is no better surface for cleaning and appearance. Granite just lends a real air of sophistication to a kitchen space. 

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