Horse Porn, Kids, and Basel

de la Haba.jpg

NYC artist Gregory de la Haba, who has two young sons, spent five years creating a life-size sculpture of a horse with a two-foot-long schlong, about to mount a mare with a motherin' vagina. When he chartered a truck that carried a picture of the sculpture to drive around Wynwood last Tuesday, Miami police threatened him with arrest -- due to pornographic concerns.

"They wanted us to cover it with red tape," de la Haba said. 

The sculpture was one of the most striking works at the Bridge Art Fair on Saturday when Riptide attended. What struck us, though, was not the city's horrendous censorship, but de la Haba's ease at working with the literal sculpture in front of his two kids, ages 6 and 3. "They come inito the gallery, look at the sculpture, ask what those [sex organs] are, and then just start painting on the flloor of the studio," he said.

Kids comfortable with horse porn, Is that a good thing?

Chuck Strouse

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