Iggy Pop Needs A Manssiere

Banana Republican kicked off his Art Basel festivities at the opening of Primary Flight's Blue
Francisco Alvarado
Iggy Pop's man boobs attract a crowd.
Print For Space inside Art Center South Florida on Lincoln Road. 

Mighty impressive display of street inspired art I must say, especially photographer Alex Hera's exhibition of bedazzled Jesus Christ statues strategically placed around a throne-like electric chair.

From there skipped east to 412 Lincoln Road to Miguel Paredes The Manifestation of Cross-Over Art, but didn't even try to go in upon seeing a velvet rope and a couple of gate keepers with clipboards. Sorry, but I'm not about to do the guest list ritual for a storefront next to a Starbucks.

So I hit the Julia Tuttle Causeway and crossed over to the mainland to oogle the hipsterati drinking, smoking, hobnobbing and chillaxing over at Our House West Of Wynwood to check out the Max Fish, David Lynch and the It Ain't Fair exhibitions.

Didn't stick around for the band performance on the roof, but was there long enough to see a bunch of hipsters mob DJ Danger Mouse and rock icon Iggy Pop, who really needs to get himself a new outfit.

The blazer without a shirt look is just not flattering on the Iggster unless he wants to add a Victoria's Secret Miraculous bra to hold up those aging man-boobs.

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