A Look Into Artist Collective Thread Nectar's Headquarters

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Photos by Swampdog.
Donkey Boy
ARTSCAM will take you into the workspaces of artists all over Dade County. This is the first piece in the series.

Thread Nectar is a new art collective by Arthur Baute (AKA MXYTSPLYK), Desi Cuevas, and a dude named Sexton. From their headquarters at Biscayne Boulevard's Omni neighborhood, they plot world domination through various entrepreneurial art ventures.

Right now the group is selling their first run of limited edition t-shirts with a dancing guarapo character. (Guarapo is a sugar cane juice that's hugely popular in Little Havana and Miami's other hoods.) Not long ago, Thread Nectar launched their line with a party in their apartment -- complete with free booze -- where they sold everything they owned. After the jump, take a deep look into the collective's headquarters.


Thread Nectar, open for business.

A sculpture of that famous character seen on walls all over Wynwood.
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