First Look at New Times Art Basel Cover Spoof with Bert Rodriguez

Photos by Michael McElroy
The silver man, Bert Rodriguez.
For the last three years, we've always had a local artist work with us to create the cover for our Art Basel issue. This year, Bert Rodriguez, who is profiled in our upcoming issue, worked with art director, Pam Shavalier, to come up with this year's cover.

Spoofing W magazine's "Art Issue" with Kim Kardashian, Rodriguez was painted silver and recreated her frame-consuming ass shot for our cover. We aren't going to spoil all the fun yet -- you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see the final results. But here is a little taste, through photos and video, of how we put the cover together at Rodriguez's Wynwood studio.

Photos by Michael McElroy
Photos by Michael McElroy
Photos by Michael McElroy

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