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The ladies of Hello Kitty at Small Art Miami.
Technically, Cultist has only been around since July, so this is really a roundup of Miami's best street fashion from the last six months. But that's long enough to spy some trends. Lord help you if your mama gave you thick thighs and a little junk in your trunk, because this year saw the peak of tight pants. You could essentially wear a muumuu on top, but the bottoms had to fit like sausage casing. Other repeat finds were flashes of neon, all things sparkly, sloppy layers, and anachronistic hats. Vote for your favorite look by leaving a comment on our Facebook page. On January 3, we'll pick a commenter at random, who will win a free set of Pop's 'Staches.

1. Cutest outfit to wear during the apocalypse. How to look chic while running over sand dunes and through bombed-out cities.

Photo by Pamela Wasabi
2. Most practical outfit to wear during the apocalypse. Helmet? Check. Battle ax? Check. Protective leather girdle? Check.
Photo by Pamela Wasabi
3. Best cyber pussy punk. Thank you for making our job easier.

Photo by Pamela Wasabi

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