Hipster Holidays: Five Ironic Gifts for Scenesters

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Ho Ho Hipster
To avoid the crowds at Best Buy and Target, we're doing our Christmas shopping online. But damn, nearly every person on our Christmas list this year is Jewish, including our date for Noche Buena. But that sort of irony keeps us relevant among our hipster peers, and Googling quirky gifts is much easier and quicker than circling a parking lot for several hours while cursing Jesus's name.

Who are some of the people Cultist buys gifts for? A photographer, some folks in Brooklyn, and our hipster weed connect. Check the cut for five ironic items every hipster will love.
Ho Ho Hipster.jpg
Betty Turbo, Etsy Store
1. Hipster Santa Cyclist Holiday Card
Unless we're going to physically see one another on or around the holidays, exchanging gifts isn't necessary. But if you insist on spending money, hipster holiday cards are a nice inexpensive gesture. The particular card we found on Etsy features a young, thin Santa on a green fixed-gear bike. He's wearing matching sunglasses and a plaid flannel shirt under his red coat. We're sure our friends at Village Voice in New York will get a kick out of Ho Ho Hipster.

Camera Lens Mug.jpg
2. Camera Lens Mug
We learned that coffee and camera lenses don't mix well after spilling a Starbucks fuckachino on our friend's Nikon earlier in the year. But that was several months ago, and we think it's Okay to joke about it now. We're getting him a Canon zoom-lens mug that looks just like the spendy one we destroyed.  

Mustache Pillowcase.jpg
Urban Outfitters
3. Mustache Pillow Set
One anonymous reviewer on the Urban Outfitter's web site said he's "the envy of all his friends," and the pillow cases were "big enough for (his) new memory foam pillows." If a memory foam mustache pillowcases are good enough for Prince Irony, your hipster couple friends will surely dig this quirky bedding find. 

Hipster Charms.jpg
Cherry Forever, Etsy Store
4. Beer and Cigarette Necklace
We were at hipster bar one night when our friend asked for a light. She clenched a purse under her left arm, and held a PBR tallboy and unlit cigarette with her right hand. "I'd die without PBR and Parliament Lights," she quipped. Well little lady, you're going to love this necklace.

Silly Weed Bands.jpg
420 Wristband, Etsy Store
5. Pot Leaf Silly Bands
We've met several folks -- some obvious, others not so much -- that sell weed. But there's one sweet lady dealer who deserves special attention. She's reliable, fair, and dope blunts, literally. We're buying her a pack of marijuana silly bands, and an industrial-size box of Ziplocs.

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