Stocking Stuffer Idea: J-Lo's Sexy Video

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Add Jennifer Lopez's crotch to the list of things we're hoping to see in our holiday stocking this year. J-Lo is reportedly trying to stop her ex-husband, Ojai Noa, and his agent, Ed Meyer, from releasing and marketing sexy videos made during the couple's short-lived marriage, according to Radar Online.

In court documents filed on November 17 in California, Meyer says Noa's videos show Lopez "consensually exposing her genital area in public," and states, "Lopez gives her full consent to Noa taping her." The phrase genital area is so not sexy. Good thing J-Lo is.
Lopez and Noa were married for 11 months back in 1997, and the video was allegedly taken on a trip to Cuba. A year ago, Lopez sued Noa and Meyer for $10 million over another tape that allegedly contained actual sex.

It's a mystery whether the accusations and this latest sexy tape are true. The video has yet to surface, and when we Googled "Jennifer Lopez sexy video," a scene from U-Turn was the top hit. Coincidentally, U-Turn was was released in 1997, the same year of J-Lo's alleged Cuban crotch flash.

But in all honesty, the video sounds boring. And though we'd like to wake up Christmas morning with a J-Lo beaver box set in our stocking, we'll settle for any other thick chick on Bang Bros.

On December 10, ABC will air Barbara Walters's annual interview with the ten most fascinating people of the year. Lopez is among the ten celebrities featured on the program, but will likely keep a tight lip about the raunchy videos. Nevertheless, it'd be funny to hear Walters and Lopez discuss the thrill of exhibitionism or communist cooter shots. A boy can dream.

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