Start Hoarding Blood and Brains: Zombie Walk 2011 Announced

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Photos by Ian Witlen
There are a few times a year when Miami makes us proud. One is the annual Zombie Walk, where droves of 305-ers douse themselves in blood and pretend to eat brains. Hundreds showed up to last year's and considering the early recruitment for the 2011 walk, we only expect those numbers to grow.

So go ahead and mark your calendars. The 2011 Zombie Walk will be on October 1 on Lincoln Road. One suggestion: A plain white T-shirt might seem like the perfect blank canvas to really showcase your spatter work, but when everyone is donning Hanes undershirts, it's a bit of a zombie yawn. This year we encourage sub-genres of zombie-hood: American Apparel undead, zombie hipsters, zombie cats, zombie Real Housewives of Miami--you get the point. Check the event page on Facebook for updates and click on for some images from Zombie Walk 2010.


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Andres Meza-Valdes
Andres Meza-Valdes

Hi everyone! We are holding a ZOMBIE WORKSHOP for our movie PLAY DEAD on Friday Feb 25! The Stuntmen at J.C.B Stunts & FX will teach how to fall, jump, crawl, drag...EVERYTHING. Please message me if you're interested at

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