Five Ways Facebook Will Get You Divorced

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Keeping in touch with old friends, networking, sharing with family -- all are excuses for people to keep running to check their newsfeed every 15 minutes. Since the explosion of Facebook in 2004, the site has grown to include over 500 million users. People from different sides of the globe can connect and "meet" through this amazing tool. This constant contact with millions of people globally has made the world a much smaller place.

But a recent study at Loyola University says that Facebook is to blame in one of every five divorces. But how can a site based on "friendship" and "poking" cause so much harm? Is it third party apps like the new Breakup Notifier App, which actually tracks friends' statuses so jerks and bitches can pounce on the heartbroken? Perhaps. But here are five fundamental ways Facebook will absolutely ruin your marriage.

5. Profile Photos (AKA Relationship Headshots)
If you thought getting your nails done, hair did, and outfit right was all you had to do to keep your man interested you are behind the times. These days you better have a whole portfolio of amazing shots in your profile album. This new obsession with looking incredible on your profile has turned nearly everyone into a "model." Of course that fact has also made many more people increasingly good at photoshop.

4.  Wall Tickling (via poking, liking, or otherwise)
Flirting with the girl at the supermarket or the guy at the gym are relationship papercuts compared to the constant bombardment of facebook flirting. A "like" on a picture or comment on a wall can explode confusion and cause even the most steady and strong pair to question each other. There are countless stories of people breaking up because of issues created from a miscommunication or change on facebook.

3. Privacy
Perhaps you are the type that does not want to advertise their relationship to the entire planet (literally.) Now with everyone making their newest fling a personal album, you better post a pic or face the wrath of a dissapointed lover. For all you players and pimps out there, it's probably best to avoid facebook altogether and dodge the drama.

2. Status
"In a relationship," "Single," "It's complicated," "In an Open Relationship," "Married," "Widowed," "Divorced"...WHAT'S WITH THE LABELS? Of course there is the option of not listing a status, but that can be suspect too. Then there is the issue of when it is appropriate to change your status. It is confusing, scary, and really just leaves you wondering...what am I? Who are you? WHAT IS US?

1.  Distraction
As if there was not enough things to keep you from thinking from your significant other. Now with the constant information flow, the simplest update can change your mood, thoughts, desires, and feelings. An old girlfriend can put up and amazing bikini photo or that guy you met last summer can announce that he just got a brand new benz and completly take you away from something that you have. Seperating the tangible from the traceable is becoming very difficult. I was recently told that Facebook makes you think you have too many "options." I will say, some people really do think because they are your "friend" they actually have a chance.

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