Tonight, Jipsy's First Solo Show "Just As You Were" Opens at Butter Gallery

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Jipsy, otherwise known as Nefarious Girl, began documenting the world around her as a child on her trusty Fred Flinstone camera. Since then, she's taken thousands of photos of Miami's club and bar scenes and produced a huge, unique, and valuable body of memories. 

"Just As You Were" is her first solo show. It will be up at Butter Gallery tonight through April 2. What's with the name? Out on the scene, people would look at the camera and strike a pose. Jipsy's mantra became, "Just as you were."

Her love of the craft is apparent. "I think it's kind of magical, you stop and freeze the moment," she said. This Miami-based photojournalist wants it to be clear though that she doesn't consider herself an artist. She is, however, a successful photographer whose keen eye, candid photos, and huge archives have influenced a new generation of Miami photographers. 
Butter Gallery's Francisco de la Torre has been in talks with Jipsy for a long time, trying to get her work displayed at his space. A recent exhibition, "The It Click" was more than popular, and those who exhibited were greatly influenced by Jipsy's nightlife shots. Thankfully, it all came together, and this photog will be showing hundreds of scenes from our city's night time trysts from 2004 to today. De la Torre called it, "a little time capsule of Miami club culture."

Jipsy's been out on the scene since she was 14 in the height of club kid days in New York. She used to go to parties like Disco 2000 at Limelight to show off her fashion sense and dance the night away to music you couldn't hear on the radio. Though she started taking pictures to promote her eBay store, the pictures quickly became more popular than the store. 

In a time when the only nightlife photographs online were South Beach boobies, Jipsy was snapping Miami's underground scene. She sounded surprised and proud when she said, "I have pictures of so-and-so before they're this big artist or this infamous socialite." 
Expect some NSFW material, but nothing too nuts. Though she's avoiding nudity at the show, there will be some privates on display. "People tend to flash me," she said. But added that she knows how vulnerable everyone is when they're out and drunk. Her success in part comes from being respectful and thoughtful. 

As a professional photographer, she's worked for Miami New Times (look for her weekly street fashion series) and her work has been featured in publications such as Spin, Black Book, Inked, NBC Miami, and Ocean Drive

The opening reception takes place on March 8 from 7 to 10 p.m. and you can see her work during the March art walk on the 12th at Butter Gallery (2303 NW Second Avenue, Miami). Contact 305-303-6254 or visit

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I've only met Gypsy once or twice, but I know and like her work, and her work ethic...

Her work reminds me of this Janes' song:

Congrats, Jipsy & Paco and the Butter Gallery and all you 305 rascals . . .

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