Wanda Sykes Had an Off, Unfunny Night at the Fillmore Miami Beach

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Oh, Wanda. What can I say? Or, better yet, how can I say it nicely? Last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach, you strutted out on stage, all Saturday Night Fever style, decked out in all white and beaming with confidence. The audience wanted to smother you in adoration. Why shouldn't they after hilariously memorable bits c/o you and your squeaky yet deadpan comedic delivery in Pootie Tang, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Crank Yankers, and Monster-in-Law?

The theater was full of middle-aged housewives, T-shirted twinks, and their boyfriends, all eagerly applauding the mere act of you standing on a stage and thanking your opening act, Keith Robinson.

And speaking of Mr. Robinson, he's someone who truly knows how to warm-up an audience. Too bad a third of the crowd was running around the lobby, using the restroom, buying beers, and scrambling to their seats while he busted out an endless silly string of offensively fresh jokes.

They included a bit about sticking his dick inside of a pencil sharpener and pretending to sharpen it in first grade, digging "older ladies, the kind you take to a Denny's on a Tuesday for a free meal", and how his baby's mama keeps on threatening to kill his turtles...although he doesn't own any turtles. "I'll give you some turtles, steal them, and fuck them up then!" Robinson said in a crazy-eyed impersonation of his ex.

And then Wanda, when everyone's cheeks were starting to hurt a bit from smiling and chuckling, you started your act. And at first I thought it was only me. I wasn't really laughing. You were jittery -- a bit nervous once you began to talk, trying to bounce energy off the audience. But the chemistry was awkward, making for a few clumsy transitions.

The laughter was never really boisterous. It was a little louder at points, but never that kind of chuckle that would endow audience members with kickass abs from 100% pure ha-has. It was a little sad, because all of us in the MIA wanted you to be freaking hilarious.

There was a tad too much complaining, and there were a lot of jokes about being old, alienating some of your audience. But then again, there were interesting glimpses into your life. Like how your partner, Alex, is French, "which is better than white" and how she tells your toddler son, Lucas, that he has a huge dick in the language of love whenever she changes his poopy diapers.

Actually your best jokes, if not a little mean, were about your two-year-old twins: Lucas, who also has a huge, uneven head and will surely work a job where his name will be stitched to his uniform, and Olivia, who sings and dances to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" like she's a pint-size stripper in training.  

And I'm sorry to tell you this Wanda, but the audience started to trickle out of the theater well before your act was over. And I apologize for having to write this because I really wanted to enjoy you. And I feel you could've done better. But last night just wasn't your night.

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Not funny
Not funny

I was there and agree-each joke was 10 mins too long


I agree 100% Wanda was not funny at all. I think she had jet lag and is not to happy at home with the wife and kids. There was a woman puking in a garbage can in the lobby as I walked out that was having a better time than I did. People don't have that kind of money to throw away these days. This evening with Wanda was a birthday gift from my boy's, sucks to be me!.


I was there last night and walked out, it was unfunny,, bored, too bad cause I love her but she was drunk or anything I guess too


I love Wanda, but I was there last night and she sucked. She must have been drunk or high, or a combination of the two. While I expect my comedians to be inebriated on stage she should have had the decency to find some pure colombian white, maybe she would have been more entertaining then.


wanda sykes unfunny? she hasn't been funny since she played Jay Jay's sister on Good Times. I'm funnier while pooping diarrhea. this chick has less talent than paris hilton. There are un-wed mothers of 7 c-sections pole dancing in Liberty City with far more talent. sykes looks like a hot dog with a cotton ball on one end that's been grilled too long. i'd rather spend a night vomiting watermelon schnapps into a toilet bowl in a gay biker bar than be forced to endure this CINO (Comedian In Name Only.) In a few years sykes will be a hundred dollar guest commentator on "Century Village's Funniest Motorcycle and Golf Cart Crashes." And her voice? Grating. Like a feral cat gang bang. I hope the author of this story used free tickets, and didn't have to pay.

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