Wine & Words Gets Booted From American Legion (Updated)

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Remember the show Quantum Leap? Probably not. In the show, there's this physicist, Sam, who becomes lost in time following a time-travel experiment. A new Miami spoken word night, Words & Wine, is like a whole season of this show (in a good way), starting with the venue, the American Legion Hall.

This place is kick-ass authentic 1950s Florida. It's loaded in Googie style architecture, complete with pictures of old veterans on the walls. Then there's the 1960s San Francisco bohemianism vibe. It's like Haight & Biscayne. A cross-road where Joplin, Garcia, and Hendrix may have dropped some acid, jamming to dawn, while just down the street, in North Beach, freewheeling Ginsberg and Bob Dylan and Ken Kesey plotted literary dreams in a back ally outside City Lights Book store. Words & Wine has that vibe but...Before you know it, you leap into the 1970s.

You're drinking Swagger-aid. The place is funky. Cut yourself and bleed George Clinton. Leap again into 1990s grunge and hip-hop. Some dudes are painting graffiti murals outside. It's a Tribe Called Words & Wine.

But the trippiest part of the whole experiment is that you are undoubtedly in the now, in Miami. The air is filled with come on, bros; I love you, maynes. And has been, all night.     

There's a wide range of people at Words and Wine, all ages, genders, sexual preferences, cultures, ethnicities. Some come from money, some don't. Some grew up here, others didn't. But there's a real feeling of cohesion, acceptance and family. Words and Wine is the voice of the people.    

Nikki Rodriguez is the creator of Words & Wine. She has a natural talent for bringing people together. "I started by organizing simple drum circles, calling all the musicians I knew, buying some beers and being happy together under the moon, by the ocean, at a park, or in a tiny studio I once lived in. Within this lived the poetry I always wrote."

Words & Wine began in the house (yes, the living room) of organizer and poet Rodriguez. The event ballooned and now sheand the gang moved uptown. Some may argue that the vibe is too young and getting out-of-hand fast. In fact, the Herald recently published a report alleging the shutting down of American Legion events due to noise complaints, but Words & Wiine insists that the complaints have nothing to do with them or their gathering.

"Words & Wine is going through a lot of changes due to how many people are attending," Rodriguez says. "We are moving with the flow of it and accepting change as a beautiful positive thing. We may even have to move eventually but we are alright with that because what we stand for is being able to be anywhere together as the familia, or as new comers, and still have that words and wine expressive feel."

Words & Wine is getting bigger. In fact, it's blown-up. They now have a dubstep room. They serve food. And there's a cover, two bucks. But, at the end of the day, this event is still simple. It's about words, and it's about wine.

"Words and Wine is just a quick reminder that poetry is everywhere and in everything," Rodriguez explains. "Like a drop of water falling from a leaf, a child playing on the swings, a grandmother kissing your cheek. Poetry is not dead. Poetry is very much alive and well. Come join us and become part of this beauty."
Words & Wine takes place every Wednesday, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m at Harvey' Seeds (6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami). Follow Words and Wine on Facebook.

Editor's Note: Words & Wine may not be held at Harvey Seeds. Based on new regulation at the venue, the location is TBA. Keep tabs on a possible relocation on their Facebook page.





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The American Legion Harvey W. Seeds Post 29

6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami, FL

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words and wine is a good vibe . . .

just a bad week to cover it . . .

kinda like that Airplane quote:

"looks like we picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue . . . "

Nikki Rodriguez
Nikki Rodriguez

Thank you guys for making our time at the Legions so amazing. I am looking forward to bigger and better things...even though we have this set back i have already been in contact with several venues more then happy to host our event. Stay posted on our new location and again thank you to everyone who has been part of this movement.


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this article is so fucking cheesy...

Christian R. Bauman
Christian R. Bauman

I'm proud to have been a part of Words & Wine. I owe much of my art and development as a person in the last year alone to La Familia. Since June 2010, it has been Miami's best-kept secret hands down. The Legion did a wonderful thing by offering a stage and venue for artists to express and build upon their talents. Bands, groups, powerful change-making causes, and families have formed SOLELY for W&W. It's one of the few spots in Miami where you can go and see some soul... Sometimes some people just want this city to suck as much as they say does it.

We did something about it. It's been great for the our spirits and for the legion.

save the post
save the post

The American legion post 29 aka Harvey's has struggled to stay afloat in a bad economy with almost all of its members moving away or dead so the post had to cater to what ever came their way just to keep moving forward basically you have to kiss a thousand frogs to get one prince so it could get back to doing what an American legion does which is support the community, police, veterans, boy scouts, and the list could go on. Harvey's finally comes together with Words and Wine and some other good events that support the arts and is a good venue for the youth of South Florida to stay out of trouble and express there artistic ability but once again it is faced with uncertainty if it will be able to stay afloat due to some head hunting neighbors that want to give the street back to the blow job giving crack hoes instead of some hard working Veterans that were willing to give the lives so that some asshole can use the freedom that they fought for against them and use the system to kill a Miami landmark.

Sergio Mora
Sergio Mora

Great article, wonderfully done.

W&W reflects a community that I am proud to be a part of. Long live Miami, poetry, art, and familia!


We have a good spot to come together for the arts and some total asshole must have some really incriminating photo's of the city council members to make all the events at the legion go away.Nice going douchbag. The Miami Herald wrote an article about it

yep.Louis Bordeau ....aka Douche Bag. Way to fuck up a good thing.

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