New Twitter Trend Alert: Porn Sitcoms (e.g. 30 Cocks and Cummunity)

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You dirty freaks. Who decided to start a Twitter meme for #PornSitcoms and not alert us immediately of its existence?

The concept of this particular meme is to take the names of television sitcoms and cleverly tweak them so they sound like possible porn titles. For instance, we'll take out favorite examples straight from the Twitter site -- the show The Office becomes "The Orifice", Everyone Loves Raymond becomes "Everyone Loves Rimming", and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper becomes "Gangbangin' with Mr. Cooper" (although we think Gangbangin' with Mr. Pooper would've been a tad wittier).

We want in on the fun! So, we took a gander at's most current list of the 100 Most Popular TV Shows and came up with some cum, or rather puns, or our own.

1. House
Porn Title: Bath House

Because sitting in a jacuzzi full of naked, hairy, foreign men is the best place to discuss the nonexistence of God.

2. Gray's Anatomy
Porn Title: Gays' Anatomy

Preferably staring McDreamy and McClevelandSteamy.

12. Supernatural
Porn Title: Superagile

Wow! This demon can donkey punch itself!

28. Pretty Little Liars
Porn Title: Pretty Little Layers

"I know all of your dirty secrets, whores! Love, A"

37. Dexter
Porn Title: SextHer

"A -- u dirty, filthy...I can't. I can't do this. Sex w/ a woman disgusts me. BRB, got 2 look @ some blood."

49. Harry's Law
Porn Title: Harry Ball

A Gays' Anatomy spinoff.

52. The Chicago Code
Porn Title: The Chicago Chode

Comes with mustard, chopped onions, relish, a dill pickle spear, sliced cucumbers, and a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun.

57. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Porn Title: Cunnilingus: Blood and Glands

It's what's for lunch.

64. Jersey Shore
Porn Title: Jersey Whore's not the much different from the actual show.

79. Law & Order
Porn Title: Law & Oral

A tutorial on how to get out of a speeding ticket!

89. Sex and the City
Porn Title: Sex and theTitties

See #64.

And just because we love these shows....

30 Rock
Porn Title: 30 Cocks

Liz Lemon doesn't have to worry about not getting pregnant anymore.

Porn Title: Cummunity

The code word John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith use when they cum together to *study* Scientology.

Two and a Half Men
Porn Title: Two and a Half Inches deep Charlie Sheen will have to stick it in Chuck Lorre if he ever wants his job back.

I Love Lucy
Porn Title: I Love Loosey

Hey, there are rumors that Ms. Ball was once a lady of the night....

Mork & Mindy
Porn Title: Porking Mindy

Poor Pam Dawber, she's probably still hacking up hair balls.

Full House
Porn Title: Full Mouth

Stephanie: Then me and Mr. Bear did some crystal meth in the girls' junior high bathroom with Gia and Harry Takayama while my cop husband was at work and  --

Uncle Jesse: Stephanie, didn't Danny ever teach you that it's not polite to talk while you're giving head?

Stephanie: Ugh! How rude!

Porn Title: MacGiveittoher

With a rubber band, two paperclips, and a bottle of Elmer's glue.

Touched by an Angel
Porn Title: Touched by Some Anal

The tender sequel to Gays' Anatomy.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Porn Title: Dr. Queeef Flatulent Woman

Starring Jane Seemoreofmysecrettalents.

Hannah Montana
Porn Title: Hannah Mountdadda

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are very close.

Growing Pains
Porn Title: Boning Pains

The real reason why Kirk Cameron turned to Jesus.

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OMG--you just used cocks and cummunity in a headline . . .

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