Most Cringeworthy Camel Toes in Honor of International Beaver Day (NSFW)

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Camel mainedited.jpg
One hungry beaver!
Today is International Beaver Day! And what does that mean? Who cares! As soon as we saw the term "International Beaver Day" we automatically chuckled like Beavis and Butthead because, heh,
beavers are a small furry mammal, heh, forever associated with a chick's heheheheh, uh, Metallica rocks!  Heheh.

And why is beaver a metaphor for a girl's sweet, sweet honey pot? Because like the animal, both eat wood...and apparently the crotch of famous women's pants. So, in honor of International Beaver Day, here's 10 super camel toes. And yes, we realize that most of these may have been PhotoShopped.

 Ice T's wife, Coco

Camel Toe1_Cocoedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating (on a scale of 1 to 10): 8

No hungry, hungry vagina post would be complete with out the reigning queen of camel toes, Coco. So, we honor her with our first, and most obvious, spot. And although the bulge from her suffocating crotch seems to be in full bloom, we actually find her orange tan slightly more offensive.

Britney Spears

Camel Toe2_Britneyedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 7

Opps, she did it again. And again. And again.

Heidi Klum

Camel Toe3_Heidiedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 6

The real reason why Heidi left Victoria's Secret. And really, can you blame her? Not even Seal wants to be kissed by that rose.

Charlie's Angels

Camel Toe4_Charlies Angelsedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 9 (ranked in mostly by Ms. Smith in the middle -- impressive)

Sure, all three of the Charlie's OG Angels seem to be putting forth they're sexiest pouts in this picture, but little do they know, all three are giving us huge vertical smiles.

Mystery Lady

Camel Toe5_beyonceedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 6.5

To the left, to the left, your vagina is pointing all the way to the left. Mmmm.


Camel toe6_solangeedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 10

Not to be outdone or out-shown by her older sister (yet again), Solange shows which Knowles sister has more junk in the...uh, crotch?

Hungry Beaver Rating:
The gold medal!

Lynda Carter

Camel Toe8_Lynda Carteredited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating
: 5

Will vaginal wedgies be included when they re-vamp the new Wonder Woman costume yet again?

Kim Kardashian

Camel toe9_Kim Kardashianedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 7

The text that Kim was sending: "b/c my vagina ate it u r now the only Bush in my life, Reggie <3"

Martin Lawrence as Big Momma

Camel Toe10_Martin Lawedited.jpg

Hungry Beaver Rating: 25 -- Just like Big Momma's pants size!

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this post is offensive ! please fire Ric delgado . 

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John Steria
John Steria

I totally agree with jdo's response.What is the obsession with making articles about camel toes?Like anything that is "fashion" it depends on who is wearing it.So... why do we make a big deal about it?My GF wears clothes all the time that show her vaginal lips, and I love it.My friends agree with me that it can be totally sexy when women "show" a little bit of themselves through their clothes.


I might be coming across like a bitchy feminist here but... why are we dissing camel toes? big packages on a man or big boobs are viewed as lovely (because really, who doesn't love big boobies?), yet women are supposed to be embarrassed by or lips being visible through our clothing? And Heidi only gets a 6? WTF? let us praise the vagina, not diss it when clothing poorly displays it.

Miami Beach 411
Miami Beach 411

HI Elyse,

It feels good to know our comments are taken seriously.

Thank you very much for addressing it so quickly.


P.S. Will you be doing a "walking the dinosaur" follow-up for the ladies? ;-)

Miami Beach 411
Miami Beach 411

Dear Elyse,

I enjoy reading your blog, but I got to say, I find this post very offensive, especially #7 - Sexualizing underage girls is nothing to joke about, and might even be illegal.

Have some class and remove this post, or at least take out the underage girl.

Your readers expect more form you.

Gus MooreMiami Beach 411

Elyse Wanshel
Elyse Wanshel


It would only be fair, but I think we're going to move away from what's between peoples' legs for a bit :P


Hey Gus,

When you go to a link that says camel toes, what do you expect to see? You are the antithesis of douche...


Gus, if it has clothes on it, its not porn so shut yore hole, and go do the dishes before the wife beats you! You little worm!

Elyse Wanshel
Elyse Wanshel

Hi Gus,

Sorry I offended you with the post, it was meant to be tongue and cheek and the girl's photo is features all over the internet. That is not an excuse and if the girl appears underage, I agree, it shouldn't be on this page and it has been removed.


Yo Gus,

Stop crying like a little bitch.

Camel Cigarette
Camel Cigarette

I think you mean the "essense" of a douche. But then again, maybe you mean he isn't a douche.


As we can't verify her age, the gymnast photo has been removed.

Miami Beach 411
Miami Beach 411

Thank you for listening, Amanda.

Keep up the good work!

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