Local News All-Time, All-Star Line-Up

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Did Rick Sanchez make our list?
Matt Lauer leaving The Today Show. Katie Couric saying goodbye to CBS Evening News. Oprah ditching her show later this year. What's going on? How will we ever recover without those familiar faces spewing useless news at us during the morning, afternoon, and night. Eh, we'll get over it. Miamians already know what it's like to lose trusted faces in our local news coverage. In fact, over the past two decades we've said goodbye to everyone we hold dear on our local news broadcasts.

In case you already forgot about them, we decided to put together our own legendary news team. It's made up of a sports reporter, weatherman, anchors, and a wild card reporter. Sure, they were no Walter Cronkites or David Brinkleys, but at least they were ours.

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They don't make them like they used to.
5. Tony Segreto: Sports
Though he covered all kinds of news throughout his 40 years of broadcasting (including interviewing presidents and covering Hurricane Andrew) we like to remember Tony for his sports coverage. He retired in 2009. This is what he looked like in 1974 when not even on air talent was concerned about cool eyeglasses or stylish hair.

4. Ann Bishop: Anchor
The grand dame of South Florida news, watching Ann deliver the news was like having your grandmother read you a bedtime story - it was that comforting. She teamed with Dwight Lauderdale and legitimized South Florida in many respects. She was the first female broadcaster to co-anchor the evening news in a major market. Think the real life Christina Applegate in Anchorman. Bishop retired in 1995 and passed away a couple of years later. But she'll always be with us.

What does he use in his hair?
3. Dwight Lauderdale: Anchor
Oh Dwight, where have you gone. The first black news anchor in South Florida, and one of the longest serving in all of the state (retired in 2008), Dwight could give good oratory. We always wanted to run our fingers through his hair--it just looked so damn healthy.

2. Don Noe: Weatherman
Though this pint-sized weatherman looks the part of the goofball meteorologist, his delivery was pretty straightforward. He spent 34 years talking about heat and humidity in South Florida, like the rest of us, before retiring in 2007. If you grew up in down here, chances are you sat through one of his thousands of Mr. Wizard science lectures when he visited local schools.

Rick Sanchez.jpg
Had to have the Rickster.
1. Rick Sanchez, the Wildcard Reporter
Careful with this Hialeah bad boy. He's just as likely to show up on your doorstep with his sleeves rolled up asking about a burglary (like he did as a reporter in his early days), as he was to run your ass over after having a few too many, or to spew some anti-Semitic remarks at you like he did at Jon Stewart and get his ass fired from CNN. Unfortunately for Rick, he seems to have been the story as often as he reported it. And it wasn't good news.

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spell check queen
spell check queen

A little fact checking and spell-check would've helped you... Matt Lauer would be leaving the Today show on NBC, Katy is Perry, not Couric (who prefers Katie and also worked at Channel 4/later 6) and Segreto has one T too many.... ay ay ay...


Won't someone please think of Bill "Magic Hands" Kamal?

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