New Quinceanera Trend: Mexican Pointy Boot Dancers

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These boots are made for pointing.
We've just spied the latest trend for Quinceaneras (at least in banquet halls in Dallas and Houston): Dance crews in Mexican pointy boots getting down to tribal music. As the name implies, these kicks come to an exaggerated point and can stick out as far as seven feet.

In the video that follows, Mexican dance crews explain that the boots are all about style. For any aspiring Elton Johns, they come in red, pink, and green sequin. And as they also come in plaid and most dancers wear them with skinny jeans, there's clearly a rising faction of Mexico City hipsters out there. Oddly, those featured in the video don't mention the most obvious use for the boots: drop-kicking and impaling Chupacabras. Watch this clip:

Anytime a bunch of men gather and compare length, we imagine an invisible Greek chorus chanting PENIS, PENIS, PENIS behind them. Yet the pointy boots are clearly linked to a specific genre -- tribal music, which DJ Erick Rincón describes as African sounds paired with Cumbia basslines. The Tribal movement started in Mexico City at the turn of the 21st century, but according to the crews in the video, the elf-ish boots have only been around a year.

Dancing in the long boots can be tricky. So if anyone hands you a pair at a Quinceanera, make sure you're prepared by watching this helpful pointy boot dance video:

[via Neatorama]

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this whole article is straight out of the pages of vice. lame for copying. get some original content.


ey is their any website where i can order boots like this?

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