Meet Pepe Billete, Miami's Cuban Puppet Gone Viral

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None other than Pepe Billete.
​There are a few different reasons that will make a video go viral. One, the content is dumb (see "What, What? In my Butt"). Two, there are people in the video getting hurt (see any skater blooper videos). And three, the video is fucking hilarious (intentionally).

Escoria Films, a local outfit run by a Cuban known as Pepe Billete, produces the latter. First, you should know that the word escoria is a Cuban slang term for lowlife. Second, billete is Cuban slang term for cash money. Third, Pepe is a funny bastard. And a puppet.

Pepe's videos touch on the reality of Miami life -- you know, parties, bitches, and cocaine abuse. Some of the most popular videos include a dubbed version of a Rick Ross video and Pepe's recent Miami Heat Fight Song (posted after jump). We spoke to Pepe about La Carreta v. Versailles, Uncle Luke, and the Cuban Army of Independence.

New Times: What part of Miami do you live in?

Pepe Billete: Bueno, I have quatro condominios in the most important spots in Miami -- downtown, Miami Beach, Hialeah, and Coral Gables.

In this economy, how do you have so much money?

Chi-chi, porque eso lo mio. Yo soy de la vieja guardia. Aqui el que no gana billete es un comemierda en panty. (Loosely translated: That's how I roll. I'm from the old school. Whoever doesn't have money is a a bitch in panties.)

Do you have a girlfriend?

Coño mamita, really? What do you think?

What do the Dolphins need to do to win some games?

Hire los tres reyes mago. (The three wise men/kings, or as Pepe calls them the Miami Heat's big three - Wade, Bosh, and Lebron.)

Who is your favorite Cuban ever?

Antonio Maceo porque era tremendo cojonudo. You don't fuck with someone with huge balls and a machete!

Where can you get the best media noche sandwich in Miami?

Coño, that's like asking me where can you get the best blow job on Eighth Street. Que se yo lo que te gusta a ti? You have to try them all out and choose for yourself.

Who did you vote for for mayor?

El Luke porque es tremendo pingu. Ese negro un el bravo! (Luke -- that is one ballsy black guy.)

What's better -- La Carreta or Versailles?

Si las putas son Latina, La Carreta, Si son gringa, Versailles. Las gringas are very impressed with Versailles. (If the bitches are Latina, La Caretta. If they're gringa, Versailles.)

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rum and raisins
rum and raisins

A ver, "Escoria" and "Billete" are not Cuban slang terms. Those are actually Spanish words that you can find in the Spanish/Spanish dictionary, and are widely used in South America.

The Rose
The Rose

This was very amusing. Not the typical article. It is refreshing to read about people like Billete & watch the video. Thanks.


acere tu ere un pingu pero pingu de verda..dale pepe

Cool Cats
Cool Cats

This guy is just to much way to go Pepe Billete


siempre tiene que aver un/una comepinga corrijiendo y criticando en el grupo cojoneeeeeee eso se sabe q esas palabras estan en el diccionario pero son usadas en cuba como slang me apuesto el bollo que no eres cubana seguro eres india jajajaja

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