Miami Cyclist Mario Renteria Starts Forrest Gump-Like Trek Across Country

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Biking across country? That's a lot of rest stop bathrooms.
When Cultist was in college we drove from Miami to Los Angeles and along the way thought, "God damn, this is a freaking long trip. We're so bad ass!" But after learning of Mario Renteria's planned Miami to San Francisco bike trip, we're currently reassessing how bad ass we really are. Cause Mario is going  a lot farther. And it's on a freaking bicycle!

Renteria, 23, took off earlier this week, and plans to ride about 75 miles a day. His route will take him 3,500 miles which means it should take him about 47 days of riding. We hope he has a comfortable bike seat (half an hour of riding for us and the chafing is unbearable). Read on for more details.

It's one thing to pedal your way cross country, but Renteria will also be documenting the trip a la Ewan MacGregor when the latter motorcycled his way around the world in The Long Way Around. Only, Renteria isn't Obi-Wan Kenobi, so he'll be submitting all his photos and blog entries on his trusty laptop iPhone to his For No Particular Reason blog.

Mario 500.jpg
Mario checking out the astronauts in Titusville.
According to an interview he did with The Miami Bike Scene, Renteria said he works as a network administrator for Road America, has time job at cycling shop, and goes to FIU. Although he originally planned to do the trip for charity, it started to get complicated and expensive so he nixed that idea.

Initially, this was supposed to be for a charity but raising a significant amount of money was extremely difficult for myself (I had a hard enough time raising up the money for the MS Bike Ride). The ride has now become a personal goal of mine with little more reason than adventure and self discovery

This puppy is going to have a lot of miles on it.
Renteria got on his Raleigh Sojourn (sojourn? Hardly) on Monday and is 5 days in at the moment. So far he's ahead of his 75 mile a day average, riding 80, 95, 80, and 105 miles. His route had him going along the east coast of Florida until he hit St. Augustine where he cut a left turn and know will go through the state, and rest of the country. He's doing a yeoman like job of blogging and picture taking, though expectedly he ran into some temporary set backs along the way, caused by sleep deprivation.

Last night's post was a result of sleep-writing. I don't remember half of what I wrote so I went back and cleaned up some of the errors. Today's route looks like it takes me through plenty of green areas all the way to Gainesville. I'm late!

Take your time buddy.

mario on mario 500.jpg
We're not sure what's going here, but we like it.
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Congratulation! you did it! a lifetime achivement, we all are very proud of you.


laptop takes too much space, he is using his iPhone to document the trip... 

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