Five Reasons Changing Your Name to Metta World Peace Is an Awesome Career Move

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​So word on the web is that Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest is changing his name to Metta World Peace. Metta. (That's Mr. World Peace, if you're nasty.) According to ESPN, his attorney filed papers a little over a week ago to make this his new legal label.

His new first name "Metta" is the Buddhist philosophy and practice of universal love. And "peace," his new surname, will be spelled out on his jersey next season. This name change has weirded some folks out (especially since Artest is most famous for starting a brawl/riot during a basketball game some years back when he jumped into the stands and started punching fans).

But we think there are actually a few good reasons that this name change is a good idea, not just for Mr. World Peace, but for anyone who wants to take on this, or a similar moniker.

5. Super Googlable
Meta World Peace would have been less Googleable considering we live in a world of meta madness ("that's so meta, man"). That extra "t" just secures his name as being placed at the top of the Internet pile. Unique spellings are almost always web-friendly.

4. Believing
As Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." By changing your name to Metta World Peace, you will actually BE the change you wish to see. Good stuff. Likin' it.

3. Let's Talk
Saying this name is a great way to break the ice. If you need a conversation starter, you're just like, "Hey, my name is Metta World Peace. Great to meet you." Let the talking commence!

2. Press
The most obvious reason for a name change of this sort is that the media loves it. Look at us loving it over here! It's like, yes! Something different than shootings, fuckings, and bad art!

1. It's just fun being different
The best reason take on the name Metta World Peace is because it's really fun to have something different going on. In a world of sames, standing out will get you some negative attention, but it also gains you respect and admiration. So what if there was already a basketball player who changed his name to World B. Free in 1981? It's been three decades!

Mr. World Peace, to you we say congratulations and next time you change your name, hit us up first.

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John Korvac
John Korvac

The entire concept of Metta can be encapsulated in the official Metta chant song... the lryics are also translated into English from the ancient Buddhist scriptural Pali language: (song will play automatically and loop forever)  Thank you Meta World Peace!

Gwen Reed
Gwen Reed

this is FAB!! be the change you seek"metta world peace" google search about 1,250,000 resultsalso isn't it "wierded" past tense?  "This name change has wierded some folks out."

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